Emirates Cup: Arsenal 2-2 Boca Juniors.

Fabianski (6): Did not have a lot to do.

Jenkinson (6.5): Showed no effects of his own goal in the previous game. Did well going forward as he had little to do at the back.

Koscielny (6): The Boca attack offered little going forward, so he was rarely troubled. He put in a brilliant tackle
on one occasion though.

Djourou (5.5): He’s been shaky all season. Let’s hope it’s just something temporary. Was at fault for the 2nd goal we conceded.

Traore (6.5): Took his opportunity quite well with an assured performance. Still not sure he’s what we need at LB.

Frimpong (7): Very good game, showed great physicality and broke up attacks quite well.

Wilshere (6.5): Did his job quite well, controlled the midfield and got on the end of a few crunching tackles as a result.

Nasri (6): Another quiet game from him.

Gervinho (7): Saw 45mins of action and got an assist to his name. He was very lively and seemed eager to get the ball. Good display.

Arshavin (6.5): Hustled and bustled all through, albeit with little end product.

RVP (7): Linked up play nicely, took his goal quite well. Needs to work on his free kicks though.


Mannone (5.5): was not at fault for any of the goals. His defence should have helped him.

Ramsey (6.5): Came on and scored with his first touch, and a very good goal at that. He really impressed.

Vela (5): Did nothing of note.

Squillaci (5): Did his part as usual…nuff said.

Chamakh (4.5): Another terrible performance. Are we really sure we want to sell Bendtner and keep Chamakh?

Eboue (5): Great to see him play in what’s probably his last game. He attempted a shot even though it went well wide.

There you have it, we were 2 goals up, but in usual fashion we conceded two. It’s really becoming a habit, isn’t it?

Let us know what you think.

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  1. Gervinho deserves far more better than that..lets say 8.5

  2. haha! truly, squllaci did his part. what he does best. wonder how long Mr Wenger wld remain oblivious to the fact that the teams that finished above us last season still feel that they should reinforce their teams. oh well, he shd jst ask for lots of water bottles to throw along with his tantrums.

  3. SOA – Same Old Arsenal. Great start but no end game. If Wenger cant see the issues in back after today he is truly gone mental. Squillaci is total rubbish and Djourou is super inconsistant. We need Two CB’s brought in to compete this term!

  4. Vela did nothing of note? How about the dribble and assist for the second Arsenal goal?
    Apart from that he did nothing of note!

  5. Obyno arsene nwankwo

    Chamack is a goat! Squlaci is squirel get lukaku n samba!!!! Sell chiamaka n sqirel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Vela did nothing of note? Don’t be bias, he brillantly assisted ramsey’s goal and was lively

  7. Chamack and squallaci are both waste of space to b honest i’d rather see brendtner in that position IMO…pls Get cahill!!!

  8. Thank God its happen like that, djourou and squillaci again

  9. Arsenal will NOT win the title with this defense. Only Vermaelen deserves to be in the squad, the others average and mediocre (Squillaci), not even Djourou is good enough. If Jagielka comes in, them there are only two class players.

    Why is Eboue playing when there’re intentions to sell him? Diaby..what the hell is going on?? INJURIES –> POOR GAMES —>MORE INJURIES –> MORE POOR GAMES, ONCE OR TWICE GOOD GAMES –> INJURIES AGAIN!! What SH*T is Wenger doing?? Same thing as WHY??? Denilson was on the Asian tour when HE WANTED TO LEAVE, AND WENGER WANTED TO SELL HIM??

  10. Biu keme washington

    I hope wenger gets the message 4rm d defence. Nasri wasnt lively at all. Fab4 from the bench showed passion and was full of smile for gervinho’s nice dribbles and runs 2ru out his stay. Hope those smiles wont turn 2 pains soon in a years time by begging 4 a return

  11. Just finnished calculating how many points we nonchalantly threw away this past season.please prof wenger sign more players so that the present ones will sit up.

  12. Did you even watch the game, awful ratings. Why even write on a blog if your totally ignorant to the game.

  13. RodGoonerInTtown

    Vela did nothing??? do you have something against Mexicans foo’?? LOL JK but dont be blind, Vela was in the game through the 2nd half, or did you just watch the highlights??…probably

  14. RodGoonerInTtown

    oh and Gervinho and RVP deserve more dont you think? I mean they combined for a goal and an assist in one half, which to me looks like they did their job…but yeah ESPN highlights were great huh?? I watched the game

  15. Here are my own ratings. (As co-author of the blog I’m allowed…

    Fabianksi : 6 ~ Hardly touched the ball

    Jenkinson : 6 ~ needs to work on his final ball and needs to sit back at times instead of going forward.

    Kozzer : 6 ~ not troubled at all

    Djourou : 4.5 ~ poor showing. He’s back to the djourou of 2008/2009

    Traore : 4 ~ If this is back up to the crocked gibbs then we’re in for it next season. Can’t defend can’t attack. Should be offloaded

    Frimpong : 7.5 ~ absolute beast in the centre of the park. Won every challenge, rarely lost the ball. Good backup for Song.

    Wilshere : 6.5 ~ 45 mins of heart & brilliance.

    Nasri : 6 ~ Rather lethargic performance but did OK.

    RVP : 6.5 ~ Barring the goal, he was rather absent.

    Gervinho : 8 ~ full of tricks and energy, was everywhere, and bagged an assist. Looks the buy

    Vela : 6.5 : brilliant piece of skill for the 2nd goal. Faded after

    Ramsey : 6.5 : took his goal well but taainted that with his poor passes in our half.

    Chamakh : 4 ~ nothing to note down

    Squillaci : 1 ~ awful, useless, pathetic, can anyone else add some other adjectives

    Eboue : barring the wide shot, nothing else.

    And as for you @Dix don’t be a rude prick ok. Vent your anger on defenders or help yourself to some muscle relaxants.

    • you don’t think kozzer deserved a little more, he made some key interceptions and started a few moves too…
      vela has the skills but i still think he lacks commitment, and determination. He must also have some sorta issues we don’t know about off the pitch too…
      Good rating for squilla, he sucks. will make a handy 6th choice defender behind Kozzer, TV5, New Defender, JD and Bartley…
      I don’t really have too many concerns about the game lots of chances, good creativity, soft goals by a french goon who seems to have a bad influence on anyone he defends with…signs look good! Gervinho is a da man!!

  16. Wenger buy defenders and stop keeping rhe cash in ur pocket,wirh squillachi,djourou,arsenal cannot win anything apart frm 7th position wenger go in for cahill,samba,jagielka,mata hazard!!!! stupid fool wenger!!!!

  17. pls let mr wenger brought 2 or more centre defence,so dat we can concrete the defence

  18. RodGoonerInTtown

    EScobar…thats my second last name as well 🙂 where you from..hey Djourou had an ok 1st half, its the second half that killed him, and how do you all expect Vela to do more if he barely plays with this uniform (Arsenal) defence and holding midfield choked, couldnt even get out of our own half midway through second half

  19. Forreal?? That’s cool. Its my nickname.I’m Nigerian..I’m not blaming Vela I blame wenger for his development. Why do we still have Squillaci. Our defenders asides Vermaelen and Sagna won’t enter any top 4 team in all of Europe.

    • bros the whole blame goes to wenegr the man is deaf , what is squander or what ever you call him doing in that team or konceiky doing , let this man buy samba and three more good defenders then arsenal can talk of been in the first five but if it is with this OBI IS BOY defenders they will finish tenth this season i bet any body .

  20. @RodGoonerinTtown, @Escobar you see? That’s the problem with player ratings. Each person has his own opinion. We should just learn to agree to disagree and if possible reach a common ground. That’s way better than hurling insults.
    Thanks for your comments by the way.;)

  21. Opeyemi adedeji

    Is a crazy game for djourou& squillacc.i think they ought to be picking the ball@ d throwin line!hip of rubbish

  22. RodGoonerInTtown

    it wasnt meant as an insult, I promise, I live in the US and thats just like a tease to us Latinos in America, I didnt think about cultural diferences and I apologize…but yeah thats true, just stating our views of our beloved team should be enough…I hope Mr. Wenger solves the defensive problem soon or we are screwed…thanks for the reply Escobar

  23. how about not wining this cup this year as it seems we r empty handed since wining every to some people in here traore was good today he did his job without a single mistake

  24. RodGoonerInTtown

    wheres Kierran Gibbs?

  25. You fookin’ clowns………..where do you get off whining about everyone? Squillaci and Djourou will never be our first CB combination, it will be Kos and Vermaelen so stop shitting your diapers you sorry lot of moaners! Tomorrow against NYRB you’ll bee Verm and Kos together and Sagna,Gibbs in the starting back line . That will make all the difference.
    I felt Traore showed a good deal of attacking skill and defended well most of the time. Djourou was very weak on the 2nd goal and in my mind is NOT a true CB. He was a midfielder converted to that position so maybe AW will use him as a defensive midfielder to support Song.
    Frimpong really impressed me as did Gervinho and Arshavin. Our attack was incessant in the first half and we dominated Boca totally, as we usually do. Once the changes were made we dropped a level and made our usual mistakes, allowing them 2 goals.
    Ramsey did not have a great game but he did score a cracker. Wilshere, in the first half controlled the midfield very well. Jenkinson did well for a neophyte and his attacking skills, once polished, will be formidable. He is a strong,solid defender with good crossing ability and he worked well with Gervinho, who by the way was all over the front line causing Boca no end of grief.
    RVP,Vela, Nasri and Chamakh didn’t really shine, especially the latter two but there were so many changes in the 2nd half that AFC’s entire pace and control altered significantly.
    Now for your gloomy moaners, here is another important point: We didn’t have Szcesny, Fabregas, Sagna,Vermaelen,Gibbs,Ryo,Walcott and Rosicky playing and that is 8 players who can make a huge difference. So stop whining you sad lot of shiftless plastic fanboys and enjoy tomorrow when Henry returns.

    • i like this guy! he talks sense! Kozzer and TV5, No 1. combo and miles ahead of JD and squilla well it was a fark-up to sign him but as 6th choice he is probably handy. Wenger has said he will sign a new defender so he will he knows he needs one. As Weedonald said there was a lot of positive attack and they barely threatened in the 1st half with Kozzer in, he was immense and he is quality!
      PEOPLE STOP BUYING INTO THIS TABLOID BULLSHIT THAT THERE IS A CRISIS. Gervinho is looking like a great signing already. People will come in if cesc or samir leaves (hopefully mata, he won’t go to tiny totts he’ll only leave Valencia for a BIGGER club and one in the champs – i still really hope on this one)
      Again give chamakh a rest people he gave arsenal a shot at four titles but he was always going to struggle after because RvP was back and in the form of his life. But everytime he came on in a late game change of formation and played alongside RvP in 442 he changed the games because he ran like crazy and was committed. He is a determined committed player the type of squad player you want and he’ll score important goals for Arsenal this season

    • weeddonald , let me tell you that ,of the truth i tell you ,if arsenal did not buy good back four they are not going any where this season , i will bet any thing they can not make any head way with this every year OBI IS A BOY defenders.the whole blame goes to wenger..we need defenders in mold of terry , vidic , puyol , nesta, samba, cahill ,caregher , samuel, ETC, these are match winning defenders,.just imagine how they concede two quick goals ,like last season against newcastle when they where 4gaols up only to falter in last minutes to concede 4goals . it is a shame, it have become a re-occurrence decimal,

  26. S_O_S (SAME OLD STORY),we started like arsenal team we finished like derby county of 2007_2008 .if arsene don’t do anything to this center back before benfica mathes ,we will win not again this season .

  27. FoolishgooNer

    I HAVE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT: Arsene Wenger’s idea of good defense is great offense. That is true but has major problems attached to it. Once opponents have nothing to lose and pressure our defense we fail. If we go up big we fail. If we take out one of our few feared offensive weapons ( theo, robin, cecs, arshavin) we fail. Honestly it is time Mr. Wenger build a defense that can hold their own and don’t rely of our offensive and possession game. Cheers!

  28. Everyone on here can’t be wrong, so i guess i made a mistake rating Vela a bit low.

    @RodGoonerInTtown: No worries mate! Thanks for your comments once again.

    @Chidi: I have done the same thing a few times myself, and the number is scary. Let’s just hope we don’t repeat those mistakes this season.

    @Biu: We all hope Wenger sees his defence is in trouble.

    @1960’sGunner: That’s why i’m surprised we are in for Jagielka whose injury record isn’t quite convincing.

    I still think keeping Chamakh and selling Bendtner is bad business.

  29. I just hope & pray that Le Boss has seen & has heard our plea for centre backs,

  30. @RodGoonerInTown oh not at all. Insult?? No way, its cool. We’re chasing the same things so no qualms.

    All we need is a CB and believe it or not, we need a centre foward, chamakh has proven he can’t do the deed when RVP is missing

  31. @WeeDonald: i get your point, but you seem to forget that the season will be quite long. We won’t play Verm-Kosc combination all the time…and that’s even if they both stay fit. Squillaci is poor, even as 4th choice! We don’t expect us to be scared whenever our 4th choice defender comes on, do you?

  32. RodGoonerInTtown

    @Weedonald…Calm down, no one is here dooming and glooming, but just remember Diaby and Walcott are already out of the first month of the season, great analisys of the game though, I agree on how the team progressed through the game and how the changes affected the performance, so tell me one thing…wheres is the depth in the squad?? I dont see Man U, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Barca, Juve…etc giving up leads all over America with their second squads…I live in Seattle WA and saw Barca destroy our second team in the second half, because Seattle Sounders have no depth, but we are Arsenal dude, not the Sounders, got me? or are you happy with how we collapsed last year…I still support the team but I want to see them enjoy a season and lift some trophies. So fook you too

  33. RodGoonerInTtown

    @Escobar, Chamakh is a sad sad player right now 😦 keep Bendtner pls Arsene

  34. Biu keme washington

    I hope we win 2moro’s game and let our defence 2 be exposed badly, so dat wenger wud sit up on the transfer market. We need d likes of djourou,gibbs,traore and squilaci 2 go out on loan to madrid, so dat mourhino cud teach dem some hard cover-up as defenders. 4 now we ve only sagna,kos and tv5. Pls bring in bartley and lansbury

  35. @Rod trust me, I share the same views. Bendtner over Chamakh anyday. Chamakh can’t use his legs apart from running and walking with them. His body language is poor. I praay we sign another forward.

  36. RodGoonerInTtown

    @Escobar The second half showed how much we lack center forward coverage, once Gervinho and RVP went out, Chamakh showed no link up play or nothing at all for that matter Escobar. I pray we get this sorted out as well mate, but hey, let’s just enjoy real footy again, Arsenal is back and that makes me happy, here we had Copa America, and Copa de Oro (Gold Cup) and that was great…but now back to the real thing…and lets give it up to all the Mexican and other latinos making it in Euroupe 😀

  37. Koscielny was sharp today and deserves a much higher rating. Everytime the ball went anywhere near his man he jumped in & stole possession. He also made a penalty box last man tackle perfectly timed so how come you give him a low rating? Squillaci came on & looked a mess – his presence also seems to make Djourou mess up too. Frimpong was also heavily involved breaking up play & winning most of his tackles. Nasri did sod all and messed up a chance through on goal & he gets a 6 the same as kos??!! Your ratings appear heavily biased towards your own favourites.

  38. OMG arsenal is screwed,if we dont buy another center back then we might end as 7th in d epl,squillaci is crap we shud nt even rate him,if we dont buy a left back we ar doomed,arsen wenger wake up,wake up man

  39. Guys, everyone needs to calm down and bring the negativity down a couple of notches. the season hasnt started yet and everyone is all over Wenger with crass and agressive opinions. yes we are frustrated, yes we havent won anything in 6 years and yes we are all aware we need a new CB adding. but part of the problem we’ve had the past 2 seasons is the fans joining the media`s slating of team and manager. end of the season is the time to assess and be negative, not during and certainly not before the season starts properly. its pre season and we’re not supporting out team

  40. @Rod good point. Good to have footy back.

    @stafs 6 is a good enough rating for someone that played only 45 mins and let’s be honest the attack of the opposing team had no bite

    @adamski : no one is being negative, read the comments well, everyone is just stating the obvious which is we have pathetic defenders and the same problems from last season.

    • granted mate that ppl are having their opinion and there are some great views and honesty but you cant deny that a lot of fans are X10 anything that happens which is not only unfair but detrimental to our team and their confidence. the fact that ppl where booing us conceding the first goal was a joke, that is (in my opinion) fickle and doesnt benefit anyone, especially the players and has to contribute to the mentality afterwards. the fans are meant to be the 12th man and recently wit us its like we’re like the 12th opposition. too many paper fans coming out of the woodwork and will inevitably lead to more mistakes in the future. players are only human and need suppport, we’ve got lots of fans but we need ‘supporters’

  41. Its not all doom n gloom because koscielny & vermaelen will be ok at the back but 2 more for cover would be good. The reason a lot of fans are losing patience is because this severe defensive weakness has been costing us games for a year now. We all knew we needed a new defence back in january but nothing happened. We knew all summer and here we are still waiting. It sounds like we’ll get a couple more defenders next week but it would have been more wise to get them in sooner to play in emirates cup and give them time to settle in.

  42. Fabianski played 45 mins & also got a 6. A rating should be based on performance not minutes played don’t you think? Just my opinion but I think 45 mins of good performance deserves a higher rating than 90mins of poor performance.

  43. @ Stafs Fabianksi and Kozzer helped contribute equally to a first half clean sheet. So you might see my reason for giving both 6. I get what you mean though

  44. For me,Mr Wenger is a complete CAWORD.What are the likes of Schillaci,Djourou,Chamakch,Ebue etc still doing in Arsenal.sombody should help me tell the caword that he needs two more CB & a LB as well as getting Chamarkch replaced at once.

  45. Ekeugbo chiwueze

    Wenger!wenger!!wenger!!! Learn your lesson from this i beg you. This is just the E cup,what about the EPL,UCL,etc. Please get defenders and take note, mata may be heading to your rivals totenham. Rubbish

  46. *coward

    Poor ol’ Chamakh. I really wanted him to get a goal today. It was at the Emirates cup this time last year he arrived with a goal. He looked like a great asset but then Santa did something mean to him at Christmas & he just isn’t the same player since.

  47. Kudos to Frimpong,RVP,Gervinho,Wilshere,Carl,Kozzy.Arsenal should not be a place of learning football but a place to play football.Where has Frimpong been on loan or when did Gervinho acclamatized? A foothballer is a footballer any day any time.To hell with Wenger & the likes of Chamarkch,Djouruo.Ebue Schillachi & co.I hope God will seriously PUNISH wenger 4 inflicting us with pains.

  48. @Stafs LOL at the santa comment. Good one mate

    @Adamski you would be angry/frustrated if u keep telling a child not to do something and he/she continues to do the same thing for over 6 years. Surely. It doesn’t mean you don’t love or support thr child. Its the love that frustrates you in the first place

    • maybe i’m just wenger-biased (we all have our crosses to bare lol). the goals we let in typified us of late but i have faith the black whole that is our defence will be filled before the end of August. personally i’d love Big Per to be the man to do it but i doubt it will, either way when we go to Newcastle there will be no repeat of 4-4

  49. I think d purpose of this games(preseason matches) is for player to gain match fitness and the coaching staff to look for loop holes..pls, let us stop putting blame on players. I believe there is room for development….what are going to say of liverpool, that consided 12 goals in four matches of the pre season?????

  50. Mentally I think this squad of players are f**ked. No matter how comfortable they look in a game its still very likely they will throw the game away. Once we concede 1 goal you know another will follow.Its actually quite amazing when you look at it.

    It really feels like last season never ended and I am dreading the start of the season, we look very shaky right now and I imagine our CL qualifiers might be a disaster for the club. 2 big players like a Mata or Jagielka might just lift the spirits of the team and give them abit of belief back.

  51. To finish things on a good note:
    1. There will be at least 1 new defender on his way into Arsenal within next 2 weeks!
    2. Gervinho! Played 75 mins so far during which he has provided 2 goals and an assist, plus looked good throughout and has shown a great attitude in interviews so far.
    3. Denilson sent away on a plane far far away.
    4. Nasri departure now doesn’t seem quite so bad with Frimpong playing impressively & Mata on his way in next week.

    All we really need (after the above) to complete preparations for the new season is to sell Squillaci and develop Djourou in the background for a season – or sell him aswell. Harsh but fair.

  52. Spot on Stafs but 1 important thing is missing, we need to replace Clichy, the current duo of Gibbs & Traore are not good enough. I’d rather Nasri go and hopefully we can play Wilshere there. He’s replaceable, its Cesc that won’t be easily replaced. Thanks for the comments and viewing.

    • partner Kozzer and the new defender in the middle and TV5 on the left and make him captain. Then if something happens to kozzer or the new defender TV5 into the middle gibbs/traore on LB…this has been my opinion since about feb last year. TV5 was playing mainly LB for Ajax and as we saw in his first season he is great going forward, fast and a very strong defender…the perfect LB no?

  53. The Arsenal man

    Wow! the portion of the article i love most is “Squillaci (5): Did his part as usual…nuff said.” very interesting…I wonder whether it’s the same Arsenal scout that scouted Squillaci & Chamakh…the worst signing Wenger has ever made. If we hope to put up a strong challenge coming season Wenger must buy more two strikers, two strong defenders, and then sell Squillaci and Chamakh, let Bendthner stay rather.

  54. True Escobar. Maybe Enrique will be one of those coming into the squad soon. And I agree with you regarding Cesc – he seems to always see those cutting passes through defences. I guess we have to move on & hope the new guys will bring different qualities. Thanks for the article & creating a place for us all to debate. Lets hope tomorrow we keep a clean sheet.

  55. Waiting for another season without a trophy? if Wenger doesnt buy players shld be sucked the earlier the better Squillaci is not a defender

  56. Fair ratings…Djourou looks worse with Squillaci, so we know where the problem is. Chamakh also needs to pull his weight or risk the wrath of the fans.

  57. One annoying thing is Wenger did not stand up for 90mins. Maybe bcos it is preseason. Let us hope he is not stubborn and he buys. Cahill + Mata + Benzema and i will be happy. Thank you.

  58. We just need a few more players and we’ll dominate the League and possibly Europe.
    Thank you all for the comments guys. And even if we disagree, we all want the same thing for the club, success.
    Do call back more often.
    Keep it goonerish!

  59. @Cupsui I couldn’t agree more. Gervinho is da man. Yeah the game was a good one asides from Squillaci. He’s like some double agent or bad wind that corrupts wherever it blows.

    • oh yeah and does anyone know if Jenkinson can play CB i heard he can, and he could be another number to stick infront of Squilla in the CB race? he is dam tall and looks good. Seems like a great signing from Wenger!!

  60. Crisis?? What crisis?? We’re most def going to sign a centre back that should limit our errors, not completely but at least to an extent. With Mata and Gervinho we should have a formidable attack next season barring any major injuries. And who knows, maybe knowing Fabregas is not going to be there to bail us out might be a good thing for the other players.

  61. Oh Cupsui I’m feeling your comments tonight. Lovely stuff. I keep saying the new CB should play with Kozzer and TV5 at LB. I’ve been saying it myself. But many say since he’s our best defender he should play centrally. Jenkison looks a bargain. Smart move by wenger, his height would come in handy but I doubt he’ll play CB especially if Eboue leaves as we have no other right back. I’ll fancy bartley to play there or as a DM like he did well for rangers.

    • TV5 is obviously good in the centre but I feel Kozzer is a better marker than him, he does have a slight tendency to lose players and this is much harder to do at LB (i don’t think its a big issue cause it doesn’t happen all the time). I think he is a top class CB but i don’t feel Traore or Gibbs are quite there yet and with TV5 at left back we will have a solid left side that we haven’t had since cashly and Tomas is a better defender than cashly. It was a bit of a weakness last season so putting him out there will sure things up and we’ll be solid across the back four (of course as long as we sign a good CB).

      And just out of custom now…please please please come Mata…(funny how that means “he kills” in spanish…i once signed him in champs manager for arsenal and nicknamed him ichi the killer (after the legendary and crazy Japanese movie by the same name…sorry that was all a little obscure!!))

  62. Ogida Seun; Nigeria

    I dont know if my fellows gunners will observe that anytime we paired Squilaaci and any of our defenders, we always had a miserable and poor defence, Wenger should offload this man and use his money to get Cahill;…..Wenger should also give this Frimpong chance this season, he could turn our to be a world-class defensive midfielder

  63. Dattijo Aliyu

    I think this is what we should expect in the upcoming season, as long as wenger prove stubborn. Everybody can see we need a good central defender, a good left back and good goalkeeper. All our goalkeepers cannot lead us to winning any trophy, watching shay given in aston villa shirt against chelsea, i conclude that wenger is just trying to protect someone’s share in arsenal. We need a goalkeeper who can repose confidence in the team, who can rescue the team in eminent defeat and not docile and inconsistant goalkeepers we have. I advise that wenger should as a matter of urgency allow cesc and nasr to go and quickly look for experience players and replace them, seeing nasri playing yesterday, i saw a player whose spirit is no longer in the team and it shows in his performance. Finally, i want all arsenal fans to know that without buying a good goalkeeper, we should forget even winning carling cup. I rest my case

    • thank god that case is rested cause we don’t have to hear that drivel anymore…
      WOJ!! he is our GK nothing more needed in 2030 he’ll still be between the sticks and an absolute legend!

  64. JD is a good CB but he needs to read opposition games faster.i did prefer a JB and Verm or Kosc combination becouse JB guards the keeper well as the last man while the other love being involved in the attack. Anyone agree

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