Mata deal off?|Barton wants Arsenal|No Benzema contact

So a bit of stories in the news to report on.

Firstly, after being told He can leave Newcastle, Joey Barton has apparently set his eyes on a move to Arsenal. His agent revealed that six English teams have shown interest in Barton, and Arsenal is believed to be one of them.

His signing will definitely divide opinions among fans. I think if we can look beyond his volatile personality, one will discover a very good player. People who slate him are probably blinded by his quite controversial nature.

Last season, he masterminded arguably the greatest comeback the League has seen; and the fact that Newcastle won 0% of their games without him says a lot. Plus, he’s a lot better than Denilson IMO.

We have been tagged soft and immature atimes because our “saints” have won nothing in 6 years. If we could bring in Silvestre who was an absolute liability, signing a “bad boy” is surely worth a punt.

Benzema, one of the over 5000 players linked to us this summer claims Le Boss has not contacted him over a possible transfer. He is a player I rate quite highly and I’m confident he can do a great job for us.

Also, with Bendtner leaving, we are just one “likely” injury to RVP away from starting Chamakh week in week out. And if the Moroccan’s preseason form is anything to go by, we’ll definitely struggle with him leading the line.

A brief examination of the clubs we’ll be competing with next term reveals something quite worrying. Man United’s 3rd choice striker is Berbatov, Chelsea and Citeh have Anelka and Balotelli respectively as 3rd choice strikers. Ours is Vela. Why not sign another world class striker we are sure can step in should RVP get injured.

Arsene is too concerned about how signing a top player will kill the career of the youngsters. I doubt he ever thought that the presence of this world class players can actually help improve the younger players.

So for all of last week’s hype surrounding our supposed signing of Valencia’s Juan Mata, a move to the Emirates looks very highly unlikely at the moment.

According to his club manager, Unai Emery, Mata will be staying at Valencia for at least one more season. Said He,

“Mata has gone through a process of doubts about his future, but now we all believe he will stay”

We all expected some positive news concerning Mata before the Emirates Cup, but due to some clauses in his contract, He now costs at least £30m, much more than we thought.

I’m not too bothered about Emery’s comments. I think he’s just trying to calm things down a bit, and get the best possible deal for Valencia. This implies that should He leave, it will be to the highest bidder.

Will Arsene be willing to pay £30m for a player? Do we even need him that much to warrant paying that price?

It’s yet another day and we are still waiting for a new signing.

Do let me know what you think.


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  1. just like you said m8, another day without any real transfer movement for us. i’ve even noticed that the past 2 days the amount of gunners commenting on mata articles and joey bartons availabilty is dropping. are we all just getting bored of news that isnt news? i’m tempted to shut myself off from the remaining 3 weeks of media bullshit and just see who lines up against Newcastle on the day, doubt there would be too many surprises.

    • Its gonna be the same old story to our beloved Arsenal. Wongggger will just wait till the dead line and tell us that he believeth in the current squad (may sign one or two unknown teenagers).

      Next season’s squad is likely to be: Woj, Gibbs, Verm, Kos, Sagna, Song, Jack, Ramsey, Walcot, Gerv, RVP.

      Most players of the above ‘best 11’ will frequently get injured and a couple of them will play the African nations cap…exposing us to the likes of Squiii, Vela, Djouru, Diaby, Rosisky,….

      End of Season….no trophy and out of top 4….God forbid this but I am afraid……….

  2. If we were to spend 30million, i would rather have them spent on two players. (Cahill and Samba) Our weakest link is not our midfield. Its OUR DEFENCE. Bring in the pair, and we’ll probably stand a chance to fight it for the crown. Stop the leaking goals. Everyone has already seen it in the Emirates Cup.

  3. Wenger is full of crap:@

  4. Wenger is full of crap:@chamahk is crap.eboue is crap,vela is trying to be crap
    God help Arsenal!

  5. Wenger is not after winning trophiese but he’s a committede businessman always after money. our best players will the worst when they go to another can arsenal excel with the like of chamak that can’t even score when left with empty net.wenger&board are the problem of the club.

  6. Wenger is not after winning trophiese but he’s a committed businessman always after money. our best players will be the worst when they go to another can arsenal excel with the like of chamak that can’t even score when left with empty net.wenger&board are the problems of the club.

  7. Each day I read the News its just one Heartbreak or the other.. Honestly I dnt know where the problem is from.. Its one thing to be linked to so many players, its another to actually bid for a few outta of em. I really want to knw Wengers plans for this Window. Is there a problem why he isn’t signing anyone or hs he seen smthng to want to keep some horrible players bck in the Team? I just want a serious and valid excuse y we aint goin hard in the Market. Does he think our current crop is good enuff to win titles.. I really just want to understand his reasons and actions… Cuz this bullshitting is unbelievable. I doubt we’ve spent £15M yet. Our mates ve spent way over that.. Regardless of the fact they’ve always had a stonger squad than we ve even before the window opened. Its weakening, cuz acts like this dnt say we are title contenders. Wat good is the money we’ve gt if we cannot use it to take care of the team and also strengthen us. We are d 3rd richest ‘footballing’ outfit.. What the fuck is stopping us from spending?… If pastore can go for such a huge amount to a way lesser club then wat are we waiting for. Honestly there are too many things involved with Arsenals Dormancy in d transfer market.. Until they tell me Y we have a problem signing players.. Any player I see on the headlines linked to Arsenal wld just be a waste of my time bothering to read.. Barton is free.. Watch us lose him.

  8. Without signing new mildfielder and defender i dont belive that Arsenal can win anything comes may, next year.

  9. @Don: I totally agree with you. A defender is of higher priority at the moment. But don’t you think one top defender will be enough?

    @Smky: We get linked to more players than any other team, yet we’ve signed no one. I’ve actually decided to ignore any story until the club confirms it.

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