Wenger on Wilshere + Why this week might be Different.

Top of the Morning wherever this post meets you! The football fest begins in less than a week, and while we’ve not had an exactly perfect preparation, we still have a few reasons to be positive.

Granted, we fine-tuned our habit of throwing away leads this preseason, but we cannot exactly measure the readiness of this team based on a few friendly games. Plus, our starting XI looked the part a times, we just need to work on their backups and strengthen at the back.

One thing we need to worry about is the rate at which our players are picking up injuries so close to the start of the season. As I write this, we have fears over the availability of Nasri, TV5, Van Persie, Walcott, Wilshere, and Koscielny for the opener at Newcastle.

This excludes long term casualty Diaby, and unfit captain, Cesc. Only glimmer of hope is Rosicky and Arshavin who look fit and ready for the season. Gervinho also showed his versatility and he’ll be an asset.

It then came as a surprise when Fabio Capello listed Wilshere as one of the players to face the Netherlands in a friendly this week. But Le Boss was having none of it. Said He:

“They can include him all they want, he will not play [because of injury]”

Wilshere is out, He missed the Benfica game, and it won’t make sense for England to lose him for competitive games just because of this friendly. It will hurt Arsenal more to lose arguably our most consistent player last term.

It’s just over 3 weeks till the window closes. Every Monday since July 1st has seen me raise my hopes, thinking “this is the week”. My hopes are even higher today following Wenger’s comments on fans’ impatience over signings.

“We hope to give you some news soon. Next week (this week, that is), something might happen”

While it should be noted that “hope” and “might” are the two most important words in the above quote, a few tabloids seem “confident” that this week will see the arrival of a new face or two. And the fact that Arsene has sort of set a time frame makes me very positive that this week MIGHT just be different. I’m not holding my breath though.

I watched the Community Shield game yesterday and I must admit, that Man United performance sent shivers down my spine. They set a standard yesterday and you would be forgiven to think they were not champions last season.

Got me thinking, can this Arsenal team can match such, or even set higher standards?

Keep believing and have a great week ahead. This MIGHT be the week our “dreams” come to fruition.

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  1. As I have always said. The only solution to our problem is for us to sign 2 defenders 1 midfielder and one attacker or striker or else its doomsville for us.

  2. We’re screwed. Instead of buying two centre backs, now we’re going to buy one or maybe its the other way. Look how wonderful united were in the 2nd half against city, without vidic, ferdinand, valencia, berbatov, park, chicharito and fletcher and they still destroyed city with an averagee age of 20.3. That used to be Arsenalm we’re never going to win anything with Wenger if he continues this way and our rivals continue to prosper. The imbecile should stop signing foolish kids and sign established premier league players even if they are young. Arsenal is pathetic and they don’t deserve the fans they have. Fcuk all of them

  3. wenger, should stop this procrastination , go to market buy defenders ,league have not begin you started complaining , please do something now.

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