Cesc Finally Gone, Nasri to follow + 2 new injuries for Arsenal

Adios Cesc

Adios Cesc

Granted, the Fabregas to Barcelona deal has not been officially confirmed by either club, but after yesterday’s reports, we know that barring a major miracle, he won’t be playing at The Emirates next season.

It had been coming, and for seasons we have endured countless disrespectful comments from the catalan camp on how the Barcelona players feel about the prospect of having the Cesc join them.

They seem to have finally got their wish; and I think for us, it marks the end of what has been an extremely humiliating episode with the Spanish Club.

He’ll move for a fee of around €40m, equivalent to approximately £35m, same amount Liverpool paid for Carroll. The height of desperation displayed by Fabregas gave Barcelona our best player for way less than we value him.

He is the best attacking midfielder on the planet, but his “love” for Barcelona blinded him and even pushed him as far as funding his own transfer from the club that made him who he is. While it cannot be argued that Fabregas gave his 100% to Arsenal every time, he has failed woefully as a captain!

Nasri’s is a different case. He’s been with us for 4 seasons, we were patient with him to come through. He’s had a big season now and he wants to leave. While it is questionable why we didn’t sign him on earlier, he is about to betray a club which tolerated his mistakes as a growing footballer.

With City reportedly ready to offer him £185k a week, it is obvious why Samir’s refused to sign a new contract till now. And if the words of his national team coach, Laurent Blanc are anything to go by, he won’t sign.

No matter what anyone says, losing Cesc and Samir, if both transfers go through is a disaster! It will be really difficult, if at all possible, to replace Cesc in particular, who brings 15+ goals and 15+ assists each season.

We have to try nonetheless. As at the end of last season, we were 3 (an attacking and 2 defensive) players short. Now we’ve lost Clichy, Cesc and Nasri to follow. We’ve brought in Gervinho, Jenkinson and Oxlade-Chambs.

Good signings in their own rights; but now we need signings of intent. If those two leave, we’ll have enough money. Sneijder’s astronomical wages mean we cannot sign him, but Mata is available. He is a Cesc/Nasri hybrid from what I’ve seen, and will really flourish at Arsenal. Get him now Arsene!

We cannot afford to wait any longer. We bombed at Newcastle last season with a better starting XI than what we currently have. We do not want to start the season on a wrong foot.

Add two of Jagielka, Cahill, Samba and Dann to Mata and we won’t look too bad. An extra attacker would have been ideal but I’m hoping on the likes of Arshavin and Rosicky to consistently bring their A-games this season.

Arshavin and Ramsey were added to our injury list after yesterday’s friendlies. I expect Arshavin to be back in no time though. We’ll also need a new captain, who should lead the team next season? Vermaelen looks like the ideal choice for me, but for some reason I hope RVP gets it.

It’s not been the best of summers for us, it even has the potential to be worse in a couple of days. But we can make the most of what fate’s thrown at us. If we re-invest and sign the right players, we will have a great season.

More importantly, we would have put out a statement, that NO PLAYER can hold the Arsenal to ransom.

Keep the Faith!

Let us know what you think.


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  1. Please Mr. Wenger! you are the man for us and with you arsenal can stop all those stupid remarks about our flamboyant team….so go out there and Juan Mata, a central defender and we silence our critics and ungrateful players like Nasir and Clichy…

  2. The gunners will endure!!

    I seriously hope it is Mata that comes in because he is exactly the style of player we need, both young and experienced! I would still like to see biglia, though he has dropped off the radar, but so did the ox and then bingo he was a gooner! And of the defenders, I would rate them in this order: Samba, Cahill, Dann, mertesacker then Jags, of them i only think Jags doesn’t improve the squad, he is too similar to kozzer, TV5 and not as good as them. Samba is the big beast we need, Cahill is good but a bit pricey, Dann is very handy and cheaper and Mertesacker is big, a good marker, good on the ball but he is coming off a bad season and he is slow!

    2-3 more signings and thing will be great going forward. Mata to replace the out-going playmakers, a defender and a DM (although 2 defenders would do the job as Koz, TV5, JD could all deputise at DM, even Jenkison if you believe what he says). A big striker might be handy too, but i still cannot see Benzema coming, although wenger is crafty!

    p.s. please please please let it be mata!!

  3. @Cupsui: Samba seems to be the defender everyone wants. I doubt Wenger will sign him, plus Blackburn are under no pressure to sell. You reckon Biglia will do a good job?

    • from what i have seen and read biglia looks a perfect addition to arsenal. Compact, very technical, good passing range, can hit a long shot, great positioning, comparisons to makelele. Apparently he has some issues with self confidence but seems to have sorted them out and he is now in the Argie line-up. And he captained argie U/20s alongside messi among others.


      If wenger went for 2 defenders i don’t think he’ll sign him and either way i’d be happy. Cause as i said TV5, Koz, JD and jenko could all play DM (we might lose both Frimpong and Song to ANC).

      Though Frimpong looks pretty dam good so far! but as i just said a worry if he gets the call up for ANC.

  4. i dnt rili d way cesc wil lve d team nd move bck to barcelona.barcelona know dat cesc is d man of arsenal so they av to take him cux they knw dat we’ll surely meet again at uefa champions league.They knw dat wit out him arsenal will neva av victory ova dem arsene u nid 2 stp diz transfa pls.

  5. Cesc was nobody before we signed him. We will survive. Good riddance to ‘Cashmir Nasri’. He’s not all that, he won’t be missed, Cesc will be. If we don’t bring in 3 new players, there’s no point.

  6. Arsene buy players!!! We need them now, more than ever. Mata + Benzema + Cahill + Samba + maybe a DM and we are good to go!!

  7. Let Fabregas go mr wenger because even if he stays he will not play his best for the club again wenger it all your fault when alavrez was there to get you never made your move but now we will fall to the bottom of the talbe champions league we are out

  8. i still don’t understand the “DNA” stuff they kept saying @ camp nou. Cesc joined Barce @ age 10 and left them wen he was almost 16. he has been with us ever since(8years), nurtured by one of the best managers on the planet. Now, he suddenly remembered that he is a cataluyan. he would have turned out to be another Bojan Krkic considering the fact that guy that plays in is position never loses form(Xavi).

    let him go. Another sensation will come along guys

  9. Let them go perhaps we are going to hv a good season but hadly we need matta,samba an cahil arsenal will win the trophies again!

  10. I dont regret in anyway to let Fabregas go. am sure and certain that if he leaves, there will be a way for many good boys to come in. Fabregas is good yes but very disrespectful and to me, he is a devil.

    Let Mr Wenger bring in Garry Cahil, Samba and Mata. The story will be over. About Nasir, he should immediately leave because he thinks Arsenal cannot be without him.

  11. By the way guys, Mr Wenger ought to examine the DNA of both Fabregas and Nasir because we might be thinking that this African (Algerian) immigrant may actually be having a psychological disorder related to DNA status (i mean Nasir). hehehehehehehehe let him join where there is money but surely they will miss out on the four trophies that they believe they need.

  12. I agree with you @Bataaze. all we need is an additional central defender and another creative midfielder but if Arshavin can come out of his shell and Rosicky can be as good as he was during pre -season, then we need not be afraid

  13. Im sad to see Cesc go, but im my view, he leaves a legend. 7 or 8 years he gave us. Clichy, I think he’ll realise the mistake he’s made. Nasri? Can we just put him in a box and post him to Citeh? What…. Errm yes of course it’ll have air holes! *Cough*

  14. Let them go and let’s get replacements for them ASAP.. We are #ArsenalFC not Nasregas..

  15. why wont they leave when a coach is not ready to bring in world class players . we don’t need to buy like man city or man u look at what Liverpool is doing looking in ward in the premier to get the best but have wenger done , we are saying find good back four who are in mould of vidic , puyol, terry, nesta , zambrota , Samuel , samba, cahill , and so many others out there . so we can no longer throw away 4gaols lead ,

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