8 Things To Expect in the 2011/2012 Season.



A new season begins in a few hours, and every Arsenal fan is really anxious as to how the season will pan out.

Football pundits, huge Arsenal fans themselves, as well as contributors to this site, Faf, Punkenstein, Ita, and qed14 give their opinions on what to expect during the 2012/13 season.

Should be fun…enjoy!

1: Where will Arsenal finish in the league this season?
Faf: 3rd or 4th. Sad
Punk: Right now, I’d say 3rd.
Ita: 4th at most!
QED:1st! We’ll win the League!

2: How far will they go in the UEFA Champions League?
Faf: Round of 16
Punk: Another quarter-final on the cards.
Ita: Quarterfinal
QED: Final

3: Which player do you think will surprise everybody this season?
Faf: Wilshere
Punk: Andrei Arshavin.
Ita: Gervinho
QED: Squillaci

4: Should Arsene Wenger prioritise the FA Cup more highly this season?
Faf: Definitely!
Punk: No actually. It’d be great to win it though
Ita: Yes, and Carling Cup as well
QED: No, we still won’t win it.

5: Who would you play in defence if no defender is signed before the window closes?
Faf: Djourou + Kos
Punk: JD and Koscielny. Verm at LB.
Ita: Koscielny + Djourou. Verm at LB.
QED: Squillaci + Miquel (Experience + Youth)

6: Theo Walcott’s season appears to be a bit make-or-break, which way do you think it will go?
Faf: Sadly, I’m not expecting any thing out of the ordinary.
Punk: A make season. His finishing and technique would be key to that
Ita: In front of goal, Theo will shine.
QED: Same way previous ones have gone.

7: What about Arsenal’s biggest new name – Gervinho – how will he fit in?
Faf: I think he’d fit in well enough.
Punk: He’ll fit in. He’s quick with good stamina and composure.
Ita: He’ll fit in well, have a good 1st season.
QED: Just perfectly – 20+ goals.

8: Who do you think will finish as top goalscorer?
Faf: RvP as always.
Punk: Robin van Persie!
Ita: Robin Van Persie
QED: Chamakh

What do you make of these opinions? Any thoughts? As usual, let us know in the comments!


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  1. lol. i see qed14 is thinking like arsene wenger. Squillaci is not an experienced player. He was never good and wld never be good. Walcott is just an average player and would remain that till the end of his career. Arsene should prioritize any trophy other than the EPL title. at least he would have a shot there. as for position we would finish, i say 4th. This is the first time in my life that i would admit that we cant finish first. As for surprises this season, i place my money on Chamakh

  2. This season will still remain like the other seasons for the wenger side.i can vow they will finish in d top 4,but not in the 1st/2nd position.Wenger’s philosophy is quite unbearable.They can only win some matches.But they will still disappoint when you least expected. they might endup trophiless again.Thank u

  3. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaahahahahahah. Apologies for not submitting my entry but they did quite well without me.

  4. LoL…Obviously 1 Pundit has taken a light-hearted approach to the Q & A session…sooo, iif Gerv scores 20+ goals, QED expects chamahk to score just how many exactly to become Top scorer?? Anyways, Arsenal’s league position (come end of may) will depend greatly on how well the Top 6 have done. It’s not really in Arsene’s hands anymore.. i see them finishing anywhere btw 2nd & 6th…Yes! The surprise Player will be None other than the re-energised Rosicky (carlos vela shld be there/There abouts too). Defence is Djourou + Vermaelen for the Long Term and Gibbs @ LB when ever he is fit..Keep up the Good work Guys

  5. This Yemi is just a wacko…………….Chamakh for highest goal scorer…….you must be nuts……LMAO

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