Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool: Match Review and Player Ratings.

“Booooooo!!!!!” was the scream after 90 minutes at the Emirates as Arsenal fell to two goals at the hands of Kenny Dalglish’s Liverpool. Abou Diaby, Tomas Rosicky, Kieran Gibbs, Jack Wilshere, Johan Djourou, Sebastien Squillaci and now Laurent Koscielny are all on the injury list with Gervinho, Alex Song and now Emmanuel Frimpong all suspended. We can only keep our fingers crossed as we face Manchester United next week with 11 days left in the transfer window.

It was a slow start to the game as the strike force of Arshavin-Robin van Persie-Theo Walcott looked weak with the trio failing to muster a shot on target all through the first half. The team fell apart after going down to 10 men with Frimpong’s sending off, leaving the midfield and defense with no coordination.

Reports coming in say terms have been agreed with Lille playmaker Eden Hazard but then again its Arsenal so we can’t be too sure. Below are your ratings.

Szczesny 7 – made good saves in the first half with shots from Carroll and Henderson. Came under a lot of fire in the second half after the red card and could do nothing to keep out both goals.

Sagna 6– wasn’t exactly comfortable starting on the left but later adjusted well enough although it was from his flank the own goal was conceded.

TV5 8.5 – Took over the reins in defense after Koscielny was taken off. Brave enough to charge into the Liverpool half and put in some shots. Pocketed Carroll and was an absolute beast. Needs a better partner.

Koscielny (N/A) – Another one bites the dust. Looked in major pain as he hobbled out of the pitch in the 14th minute. Replaced by Miquel.

Jenkinson 6 – Was rarely troubled by Enrique down the left flank. Lost his footing once or twice but overall a good debut.

Nasri 7 – fairly good game from the Frenchman. Was applauded by the Emirates crowd during some good plays. He would surely be missed.

Frimpong 7 – The 19 year old was full of energy given that it was his Premier League debut. His lack of experience got him yellow carded in the 7th minute though he went on to have a good game offensively and defensively till he was sent off in the 70th minute for another ‘Balotteli’ moment.

Aaron Ramsey 4.5 – Had a quiet game as his presence was felt much in the midfield as he was caught napping on the ball. Really has to step up to the plate if he plans on staying in the first team.

Walcott 4 – As always, full of energy with bursts of speed but no productive end result. Taken off in the 79th minute for Nicklas Bendtner to cap a poor outing from him.

RvP 6 – Had a quiet first half. The Dutchman clearly needs a worthy strike partner to do damage with and was unfortunate not to hit the back of the net in the 67th minute after some good play from Arshavin.

Arshavin 5 – Unfortunate to miss a sitter after just four minutes on the clock and phased out as the game went by.


Miquel 6 – Put in a solid shift after being thrown in at the deep end and was unfortunate to see his attempted clearance ricochet off Ramsey for the first goal. Otherwise, he did good.

Henri Lansbury – (N/A)

Bendtner – (N/A)

A very poor game from the Emirates and it is now glaring that new blood needs to be injected (and by new blood and I don’t mean another 16 year old). From wherever you’re reading, keep the faith alive.

Faf says so… (P.S – Sinma, see all the work I have to do? Love you still)


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  1. Nasri_isaGunner

    Finally some objective player ratings. Ramsey’s perfomance was even poorer than last week against newcastle. Maybe wilshere’s brilliance has been cushioning his perfomance. The only +ve for me is that we finally have a better keeper than our competition. Scezsney was amazing.I hope wenger saw jagielka’s perfomance today, not inspiring at all. Not deserving a place in a title chasing team.

  2. Can someone pls. Tell wenger that we ned new players in that team.

  3. Think that your ratings are a little harsh overall and not harsh enough in two instances. So on net they are probably reasonable.

    RAMSEY is looking lost our there and really needs some help. He is too inexperperienced to be the Director of the team from the midfield. No question he misses his partner, Wilshere, who provides him with stability and confidence. Watched Hazard play on Friday. He would be a nice acquisition. (4 at best)

    WALCOTT such an inconsistent player. Seldom uses his great speed to stress the fullback and as a matter of fact I thought Enrique looked as fast as him. Enrique, hmmm $6million buy for Liverpool when MR Dithers was supposedly considering him as an acqusition when Clichy first left… Another good buy disappears.. (4 at best)

    ARSHAVIN sigh just looks so slow out there. Contributed little offensively and we know how well he supports his fullback(Sagna) defensively…. Sigh (5 at best)

    I saw Jaqielka play today. He would not be an asset to this team. Merseker would and wants to come from MR DITHERS is still considering it… MATA would have been a dandy at a great price but MR DITHERS blew that deal as well, “forgetting” that the price to buy him would go up by $10million if a deal was not done by a certain day. The young man was ready to come and we had submitted our first bid BUT the date slipped by and at the new price MR DITHERS, well,, he is still considering it…


    Cmon you GUNNERS…

  4. Fuck you wenger after wasting my laboured money to watch arsenal match best thing for you is to line up crap players on the pitch to play fucking football, i hate you wenger all the arsenal fans in London you are too dull to my likene lets strike and stop paying for their fucking highly inflated match ticket and lets see how much they will lose per week

  5. to hell with u wenger u are such an indolence coach. I think u should be sacked. And finally a mediocre coach and infact i realy hate u. ‘TO HELL WITH U WENGER U ARE DISGRACEFUL TO THE FANS’ I HATE YOU!!!

  6. Another blog peddling shit written by someone who wasn’t even at the game.The booing was at the ref not the team who were actually cheered and clapped off the pitch. Everyone knows we have some major problems and if AW doesn’t fix it sharpish he can jog on, but don’t create more upset by posting bullocks that just isn’t true. Serves no purpose.

  7. Wenger . . . you cunt, DIE!

  8. Point in case, the tosspot above, should get a grip.

  9. @Block93 you’re a glorified idiot who can’t read. A daft one at that. The author did not state that the team was booed. Read well before you comment

  10. @ Henry Hawk I agree with you, I don’t blame Ramsey, he’s missing wilshere most def and the burden of replacing Fabregas or playing wilshere’s position seems to be too much to bear. Hopefully we’ll sign a couple of players.

  11. Stop being so unappreciative of Arsene Wenger. OK he needs to act and I’m sure he will but give him the respect he deserves for everything he has done for
    the Club

  12. what of importance is the rating of each player than the teams it self? we have a bunch of local OBI is a boy players in the present arsenal team,the team lack depth like man city and man u, even Liverpool wenger and the stupid management should spare us heart brake this season. i said it right from when this team went on pre season tour, that if this is what we will us to play 38 matches forget it ,arsenal will finish 10 on the table , ever before the Liverpool match i predicted 3.-0 in favour of Liverpool cos we do not have a team wenger should learn from this and buy players, for the Uefa league we are already out unless miracle.

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