Cahill on his way this time?|Wilshere out for a month|J Campbell on life in England

Morning gooners! I know it’s really hard to find anything good about this morning on the Arsenal front. But what can we do, except hope, and wait for our fortunes to turn around for the better.

As if we had not been dealt enough blows with player departures, our best midfielder won’t be available for the crunch tie in Italy tonight.

Wilshere suffered a setback on an ankle injury he sustained in preseason and looks certain to be out for around a month.

“He had a setback. It’s a hotspot on the bone of his ankle that if you continue to play, it can lead to a stress fracture…He’s in a boot again, so that means he will at least be out for two or three weeks.”

Even though Arsene was quoted as saying he thinks Jack will only be out for a further two to three weeks, we know the way these things are with Arsenal. So barring any miracle, expect him back in the squad late next month.

One player who is ready to play for us is new signing Joel Campbell. The Costa Rican striker is fully aware of the physical aspect of English football but is ready to work hard and learn from his team mates.

“[English football? I know] it is a physical kind of football, it is very difficult to win the title but I am here to be a good player and give my contribution. [A loan spell?] Everything depends on my work rate and if it happens, I hope one day I will play for Arsenal. [My hopes and dreams?] I want to earn a place here at Arsenal and score many goals for such an important Club of the Premier League.”

So we play Udinese tonight in a game which has the potential to decide what direction the pendulum swings for us this season. We succeeded in persuading UEFA to delay Wenger’s suspension, and as such he’ll be in charge for tonight.

Predicted Starting line up: Sz53; Sagna, TV5, Djourou, Traore; Song, Rosicky, Ramsey; Walcott, RVP, Gervinho.

Reports making rounds indicate that a couple of players we are linked to want to be sure we’ll go through before signing.

It makes logical sense to me and I don’t see how we’ll be able to attract the calibre of players we need if we miss out on the UCL.

Players leaving and injuries have left us with a much smaller squad to choose from and we are particularly short at the back. The fact that Bolton got Man City’s Boyata on loan has even led us to think they might be ready to part ways with Gary Cahill.

Having said that, sadly I DO NOT expect Arsenal to sign a defender on or before August 31st. Judging from Arsene’s comments yesterday, he seems concerned about only the midfield. Said he:

“We brought in [Alex Oxlade-] Chamberlain – you will see that he will be a great player… We are short in midfield at the moment and that is where we want to strengthen.”

No matter what he’s said, now is not the time to determine if Wenger is a drunk, a blind man or a just flawed genius.

Now is the time to get behind our team (Wenger included). The team needs us now more than ever. Once we’ve completed our Italian job, we can come back to complain about whatever!

C’mon You Gunners! Put a smile on our faces…we are due one.

P.S: No mention of Nasri? Yeah, he’s dead to me now!

Any thoughts/predictions? Do share them below.


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  1. I hope they get Cahill, but I still believe Arsenal need the power of Samba at the back.

  2. Emmanuel, Nigeria

    I Love the last statements u made.. Hes gone – for good i hope

  3. @Hashim: I’m with you on the Samba point. I just seem him as the perfect player for us.

    @Emmanuel: Thanks mate! That’s exactly how I feel about Nasri.

  4. We reallllllly need a creative midfielder without wilshere im afraid nobody will be able to bring rvp into the game. ramsey is good but not the type of player to dictate the game and rosicky is way past his best. The link up between the midfield and rvp just didnt work in the previous 3 games. i think the wingers should be an additional thread in our attacking game but right now it looks like our only thread. One more defender cahill or samba plus a creative midfielder(sneijder maybe why not we got plenty of cash) and were set

  5. Kingsley Efetobor

    Please Arsene we really need a defender and Gary Chill is not bad considering the fact that he young and good defender and he can score goals as well,i just hope this transfer come to be true.

  6. Arsene wenger should sign atleast 3 or 4 players to give us a go ahead in the season, Players like Samba, Eden, Cahill and Kaka to remove pressure on Ramsey before the tranfer window closes.

  7. I will be happy to see cahill in our squad if wanger do so

  8. In my whole life have never encountered hard times as a gooner like this time. I feel like somebody very dear to me just died. come on Arsenal, do it tonight, lets prove we are the same same Arsenal. we are behind you guys just like always.

  9. @ballaballa……nail on the head

  10. Nice article mate. C-mon thge GUNNERS.

  11. What was he doing all this time…offloading the track and not replacing with quality that would make a different squad from last season. The truth is we are getting weaker and weaker by the day. can you really compare the midfield of Flamini,Hleb,Rosicky and Fab to the present line-up?

  12. well fellow of both cesc nd nasri it a big blow but there is notin unreplaysable.

  13. Same with me sam, i am almost warnout, i pray we qualify so that we can look atractive to some good players, just hope.

  14. I think it should be Tim Cahill and Arthea we sign and Samba.

  15. i am just sad that we pick up unknown names turn them into worldbeater in the end they insult us n walk away the likes of flamini n so on n now nasri

  16. Feeling negative eh. Desaster I predict! No champions league I think. What is the point we don’t have a hope of winning it. No epl title I guess we deserve it. The three past years we were one or two players away from winning the Epl even had a chance to knock off the likes of Chelsea, Man U and Barca! We didn’t Add the needed players a striker for one season, a defender and goal keeper on other seasons. Now Mancini is dismantelling our team off the pitch and soon Man U and Chelsea will dismantle us on the Pitch. Win or lose in Italy tonight Sad sad day to be a gooner.

  17. Guys,this pain is too much.I have been a gooner for the last 15 years and yes even my first break up was not as painful as this. Arsenal is my life, every 10 minutes i log in to see my team transfer news and prospects and yet am met by the same sad reality.AW is officially becoming a liability, a dreamer, illusionist and a loser.U ever thought of the proverbial mule?.It beats logic y a manager would invest a young team for the future and yet sell the best before the team matures and is successful.The concept, has become a vicious cycle in arsenal for the last 8 years and now its time Wenger stressed his allegiance, is it based on competitive football success model or economic model.Y the hell cant he see what even my half witted dog can see, we are weak and the players are demoralized(crises),why then cant he wake up and do something?.Based on the silence portrayed by the Board i therefore deduce my theory that , those lying, greedy bastards could be holding Wenger at ransom,if not so why the hell are they so silent in the midst of a crises?.Gooners boycott those matches, i bet thats democratic.

  18. we nid d hep of God in dis issues over mr wik Prof Winger. We nid up2 3=>4 players @Emirates.Cahill,Samba,Jagieka,& 1 other creative midfider 4 we gunners.i wnt Prof 2kno dt, d fans Joy is d joy of d Team. We fans do everytin wit money,& mr prof collects his cash,& wages. While we fans develop so many heartbreak. Do sometin very fast,afta d return of Italian job.let’s kip our fingers accross d globe & pray 4 2nit crakers btw Udinise & we Gunners.b’coz we fans play d game.

  19. Wenger please we need new exprience midfielders and defenders,go for samba,cahill,arteta,yann M Villa.

  20. Wt did u tink we Fans can do now.plz,suggest a way out now.

  21. plz,suggest a way out now.By Eje Jesu.

  22. We Nigerian fans shld try 2do somtin now.lets gather oursefs 2geda & visit Emirates oursefs.

  23. cahill as a defender is a step backwards he is very good in the air and poses a threat going forward but our problem last year was defenders too far forward and leaving us exsposed
    kos and verm are our best option with scot dann as back up people underestimate kos but when he went off against liverpool we struggeld to get the ball out to our midfield gibbs attacking is a much larger threat than (what i cant shoot or cross clichy) gibbs will get 4/5 goals
    if he stays fit we have strengthened at the back with verm coming back and gibbs replacing clichy
    and we have strengthened attack with chamberlin ryo gervino with the emergance of frimpong we have also got stronger in holding midfield wilshere will be the new fabregas type of player
    and given time ramsey could be world class so with two more signings i will leave that up to wenger i think we will do better than last year IN ARSEN WE TRUST

  24. Wenger will not spend .. Period .. He has f*cked the club up and we are no longer a top 4 side .. He spins the same spiel every year. “we are working very hard in the transfer market” (Yes, to sell a quality player to please the accountants and board) and then no re-invest and the same old lyric comes out at the end of the transfer window “we were close to X,Y&Z but the deal fell through” !!! Funny, the successful clubs every year do their business early doors and allow the team time to gel during pre-seaon. We don’t and that the proof in the pudding .. Next year this lunatic will sell Rvp or Wilshere !!!! Mark my words … F*ck Wenger he has lost it !!

  25. Benig an arsenal fan 4 today i feel bad. Arsenal of past make me a great gunner. Term like liverpool beatin arsenal with 2 goals it’s too bad. Arsenal board and mr wenger should find somethin to do.

  26. Nawa o 4 winger wu called himsef our coach.

  27. I will charge mr coach 2court.

  28. in my whole life i have never felt so bad , i am much concerned about what will happen in December if wenger is not ready to strengthen this squad , it pain me that both the management and wenger are not concern about the feeling of our fans all over the world, here in my country majority of fans no longer watch our match because no body want to be hypertensive , they don’t know the the free flowing soccer arsenal is known for brings people, please wenger do something

  29. Come one guys Jesus Christ!! We lost nasri and fabregas, BIG F*****G deal. We will win tonight, we will get the signings and then we will be back!!! fans are too quick to write Arsenal off when they do badly. How many other perm teams loose games. All of them do at some point. I’m not giving up hope on the team I support And I never will. Red is the colour that runs through my veins, red is the colour of the team I support ARSENAL TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Mr prof, It sadden my hrt if i c teams lyk manU after finishin top of d epl last season nd even comin closer as far as runer up of d champions legue after masive performance last season stil sign gr8 players 2 strengthen der squad. Bt wat dos my team ‘arsenal’ dos, lose 2 an ill traind and relegated birmingham side at d final of carling cup, drop down 4rm 2nd postn to 4th wit jst 5matches 2 finish d premier legue. Mr wenger u dont sell ur best legs tryin 2 strengten ur team witout better replacemnt… We fans r tired, we wnt trophies. Our carbinent has grown cob webs. Plz wenger do sumtin..

  31. Pls wenger give us creative midfielder like kaka and one defender

  32. I aint watching Sunday’s game… that’s all I know! No use having all that money added to what we had as transfer budget already when all that’s done with it is bring in more inexperience!!! we probably’ll scrape through tonight before SAF n his boys skin us!

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