A Red Letter Day: Where Arsenal FC Goes From Here.

As much as we will like to put this behind us, we have been scarred by the result of yesterday’s game.

We lost to a team we are expected to claim the title from. And even if it’s no valid excuse, we had a lot of players missing; United had men out too but we barely noticed that. One thing was underlined yesterday, our squad is a very small one, not numerically but in terms of quality.

We played a younger United side and lost out flat. That being said, we had our moments and who knows how events would have turned out had RVP converted that penalty. It’s no use singling anyone for blame, we were poor as a team. If it’s any consolation, we are only 3 games into the season.

This defeat was accompanied by varying reactions which could be divided into 2 broad groups, #TeamWengerOut against #TeamArseneKnowsBest.

Both camps put up some pretty reasonable arguments. One that struck me is the comparison with Nottingham Forest and their legendary manager Brian Clough. Clough brought extraordinary success to the team, winning Championships and Euro Cups.

Then the team started to decline rapidly, but the board and fans were so beguiled by this great man that they could not imagine a replacement. That act of hesitation is arguably what put Forest where they are today.

We are at that same junction at our club and we have to be careful what decisions we make, whilst also considering the consequences on whatever action or lack of it.

Which begs the questions: Does the club need change? Of course! Will getting rid of Wenger change anything at the moment? I don’t think so. I may be very wrong.

Arsene has not just dismantled a title winning side and though the team is in a mess now, the events of yesterday will have an impact on what happens at the club before the transfer window closes on Wednesday. A couple of new faces will lift team spirit and take us closer to success.

Make no mistake about it, I’m no AKB (fans who think the sun shines out of Wenger’s ass); I just don’t see how we’ll bring in a manager 3 days before the transfer window and expect him to sign new players and blend them with what we already have.

I won’t forgive myself if I don’t mention this. The traveling fans were awesome yesterday. They stayed behind at OT, and kept singing 20mins after the game! That act of solidarity brought tears to my eyes and everyone of them is (in Wilshere’s words) “a fucking legend!”

Today should be more of looking into the future than dwelling on the past. No matter what side of the divide we are on, we are still Arsenal fans and ultimately, we want the best for the club.

Whether Arsene Wenger will, as he claims, do what is best for our darling Arsenal in the coming days remains to be seen. Failure to do so might just mark the beginning of the end of an era.

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  1. I believe Arsene Wenger should be stripped off his control over who should be bought. He has too much power at the club. His decisions have put us on at the mercy of “luck”. We are at a whole new level of low now. If by Wednesday there are no signings, Arsene Wenger has to go, because it is glaring that we can’t compete with a team like this. I don’t even believe in Wenger anymore. Lemme be frank and sincere. I thank him for everything he has done but he has lost his way. L8r

  2. That game yesterday was d hardest I have had to watch. We showed no sign of really wanting the game. This is what you get for signing cheap and useless players. How wld manutd (bear in mind they won d league last season) go out to buy a midfielder and a defender for about 18 n 16 mill pounds respectively and Mr Wenger went for the same positions n bought players of 1mill and other lousy figures. Who are we kiddin here? There’s no way the output wld be the same for both teams. As for the so called “future talent”, our only literal “big name signing” alex, he was invisible thru out. So was rosicky. The defence was abysmal! Koscielny n djourou shd never open their mouths to talk about football. We dashed dem the first goal asif we stood a chance from the beginning only for them to run riot. Yesterday’s message was just too clear- u spend gud money to sign gud players. God would not be harder on us again. We already got the message. Hope Arsene got it too

  3. What if he brings in the players we all want? We will be able to compete once again. Arsene is virtually unsackable and we have to accept that. How far the board is willing to put up with mediocrity is what we do not know.

  4. In my own opinion,its dangerous&delicate 2sack wenger nw..wat I tink d board nids 2do is 2make him sign players&giv him targets cos I feel d board is makn him comfortable.afta d end of dis season,if arsenal doesn’t produce quality results,den I tink arsene wenger shld jst leave humbly.

  5. If the duty to buy or sell players is still entrusted to Wenger, then expect no new signings. the guy sucks and believe me, if this squad is the one to compete this season, expect to see arsenal in championship next season. lets hope Bolton will beat us by 2-1 atleast.

  6. I did said it at the beginning of the season on this forum that we do not have a team , i was not taken serious, rather people started asking ,playing man u or the big four is it advantage or not i said why do we leave real issue and be scratching the surface, i know we will finish 10th in the table, because of the obi is a boy players wenger always go for in the transfer market when other teams are fortifying their squad we kept talking of balancing the book.so it not surprise what happen on Sunday, wenger must change his philosophy of football, he should know that the only that is permanent is change,it beat my imagination that when other teams are going for well establish players wenger still believe in OBI IS A BOY players. it is no longer as usual in English football, the days of man u arsenal, liverpool , chelsea, is over, so any of this big teams who do not dance to present drum will surely find his self in the arsenal situation,every there are rumours of arsenal buy big players, all lies, Henry left because of such promise that never come through , fibrigas, nasri. clinchy adebayor , eboue ,all left because of this kind of unfulfilled promises.wenger need to change.

  7. Steve of Chiang Mai

    I feel a little sorry for Kolscielny – he came up against a team playing very confidently and surrounded by some quite inept individuals. Whether marking Wellbeck or later Rooney Djourou showed how inferior he is to Kos and TV5 when man marking. Traore…..well QPR would take him on loan – that says it all and Jenkinson, after some encouraging performances came back to earth with a thud via the best Left winger in the EPL. Compare 16M for Ashley Young and whatever we paid for Walcott 4 or 5 years ago and I know who did the best business. The final insult was the youngster forced into making a rash challenge at the end and red carded in the box. God knows where Djourou was hiding at this juncture!

    Our midfield and especially the wider men Walcott and Arsharvin did nothing to hinder the forward raids on both wings and as a result …..well we all saw the score.
    Up front we failed to take most of the chances that came our way. I swear, Fabregas and Nasri both leaving at the same time , is the only thing saving Arsharvin from running around on the icy fields of Russian football this season.

  8. Who’s deceiving who when same club that’s deemed it fit to pay £15m for AOC refuses to spend such on experienced players such as Defour or Vidal (who both cost their current clubs a cumulative sum that’s around that used to get AOC)? Arsenal’s problem is bare, solution’s even more so!

  9. to Swansea

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