Vermaelen Out For Two Months | Oxlade-Chamberlain hits 4 assists || Wenger Loses Appeal

Just when we were preparing to get our season back on track following the transfer deadline frenzy, we’re rocked with devastating news that our best defender is going to be out for two months following surgery on his ankle. How convenient seeing as our star midfielder Jack Wilshere is also facing similar time on the sidelines. “Oh to be a Gooner”

Oh yeah Morning to you wherever you are, hard to call it a good one seeing as I was up all night thanks to this new coloring I got which makes my right eye red(I think its called Red-Eye, we call it Apollo). Let’s move on to more important matters. Surely AW & the medical team saw this coming either that or their continued incompetence with player management has to be addressed as this is a recurring event every year since 2008 when Gary Lewin left us.

For those that have been quick to point the finger of blame at the physios, I’d have you know its entirely Wenger’s fault. Reports from inside the club are that his training methods are too rigorous and how he hardly changes them believing if you stretch the players past their limit, they’ll be fitter. Where’s the logic in that? Take Wilshere for example, the new GPS technology put in place showed last season that he was in the red zone(kinda like my eye this morning only my eye is sexier) but Wenger ignored it and continued to play him. We all know the end result of that.

I’m just glad we made those deadline deals when we did if not I’d be pissed and broken right now. We should be able to manage without them, I don’t see us going into a free fall, I expect Arteta & Ramsey to pick up gauntlet and lead from the midfield with Mertesacker and Santos at the back.

Arsene Wenger
He just lost his appeal after flaunting the rules of his touchline ban and in so doing, got a two game touchline suspension. Platini’s witch hunt against our boss continues, shame, you’d think as country men they would get along nicely.

The wunderkid picked up from where he left off on his U21 debut(where he grabbed 2 assists) by coming off the bench and changing the game for England. They were a goal down when Stuart Pearce introduced him & Lansbury off the bench, AOC was quickly into action by providing a cross for the equalizer. He did not stop there, he provided another assist then won a penalty which was converted to make it 3-1 and like in the last game, he provided another assist for Lansbury. The kid is more than alright, I can’t wait for the Carlin Cup game against Shrewsbury to see him & Ryo.

That’s about it for now, let’s pray none of the other players on international duty pick up knocks or injuries. Till then, do have a great day wherever you are. Cheers


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Oxlade-Chamberlain Brought Down For England Penalty

Oxlade-Chamberlain Brought Down For England Penalty


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  1. adeniji abdullahi

    Where did u get d info of wilshere proved to be on red zone by gps tracker b4 his injury?

  2. From Wenger himself. He said it.

  3. bad news

  4. Our medical aspect of the team’s always been suspect. TV5’s out again??? Last season started this way for him n he didn’t play till d latter stage of d season. Bringing Cahill in January should now be top priority for us. Plus there is, he won’t be cup tied.

    Wow! It’s good to see AOC’s progression so far. And I’m looking forward to see some of d other Gunners play from tonight.

    Good one red eyed one! Stay clear of Wenger’s med team else….

  5. Carmelo Pace malta

    why is it that you cant wait for the carling cup,to see ryo,and aoc?ryo is a proven player( and as things are,most probable he will be sent out on loan,and in not a distant future you can kiss him goodbye ),the trouble with you brits you still consider yourself as tops in everything( somethings which you are not ),you still persist with,arshavin,walcott,gibbs,and truly promishing players are cast aside or discarded.these players should be the back bone of future ARSENAL szscney,miguel,frimpong,ryo,afobe,landsbury ramsey,( already loaned out) koscielny,bartley,aoc,wilshire,these lads with the assistance of seasoned players,( van persie,tv 5,gervino,arteta,benanyoun ( just to name a few.can reached an exceptional level

  6. Haha @punkenstein I don’t plan on going anywhere near them. Yes Cahill has to be priority. We can’t keep waiting for TV5. As far as I’m concerned, he is now a crock

  7. @Carmelo you sound angry. Well Arsenal is a british club, we are not british. Furthermore, all the players you mentioned are still at the club asides Lansbury who wanted to go out on loan. And as for the arshavin & theo you want out, two of them were involved in over 30 goals directly or indirectly last season. So you might wanna get your facts right before you lash out

  8. We shld take a good look at our medical team as it appears they are not doing something right, this injuries are becoming too much to be brushed aside.

  9. Bad news indeed. I was shocked still shocking at presernt as my favourite verminator got injured for two months. What a sad news for we fans! I prayed he should get back soon.

  10. Anyway we just need to move on,hopefully by jan.we’re still in the race then we can add some new players

  11. Pray they get better soo! Gunner 4 life.

  12. fuck! AW he nvr buy a good buy…what are we going to do without valminator he is out for 2 m0nths means atleast 5 mönths,..mark my words we will nvr make it even at the 7th plåce in the table ths sesn…. God must be crazy on us..lets pray for the death of AW,ivan gazids and stan krönke..they are our main problem

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