New Signings, Same Old Arsenal: The Player Ratings.


Szczesny (6): Unusual performance. Wasn’t too assured and his defence should have helped. Nothing he could have done about the own goals and made a crucial save with the scores at 2-2.

Sagna (5): Had a tough afternoon against Hoillet. Started brightly but faded as the game wore on. Went off with an injury.

Koscielny (4): Crazy game, Samba bullied him all afternoon, an own goal only made it worse.

Per (4): He was missing today, should have been the one marking Samba at set pieces but for some reason he didn’t . His lack of pace was somewhat exploited today.

Santos (5): He was solid at one vs ones, but suffered at set pieces. He played Yakubu onside for the 1st and 3rd goals.

Song (6.5): I think he had a good game, did his job quite well, the own goal was quite unfortunate.

Ramsey (7): Played well, did his job quite admirably.

Arteta (6): Nothing spectacular, went about his job quietly before a well-taken goal and returned to his shell after.

Arshavin (6): Good start, was involved in most of the attacking play. His influence reduced as time went on.

RVP (5): Quiet game, didn’t get involved as much as he would have loved. The few opportunities he got, he met an inspired goalkeeper in Robinson.

Gervinho (6.5): Lively game, good goal, he worked tirelessly all afternoon. Got into some great positions but his decision making let him down.


Djourou (3): Terrible cameo. Looked out of sorts and really needs to get his head right.

Walcott (5): Came on for Arshavin, offered a lot more pace but not a lot in end product. Could have had a goal at the end.

Chamakh (5): Got a goal and that’s about it.

We lost at Blackburn in a game we took the lead twice. Zonal marking our undoing once more; we mark spaces instead of players, spaces don’t score goals, players do!

We’ve managed 4 points from 5 games! Words have deserted me, I’ll just leave you to find the right adjectives.

See you in the comments!


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  1. Sack the ficker now..we been crying out loud for past two years..sack that stubborn moron now..I guarantee u if he had bought Cahill,jagielka,baines we could have avoided defeat like this..but that French moron don’t want to buy English players..
    Sack him NOW.

    • I’m surprised you haven’t been flamed for this remark. I agree with you 100 % though. Wenger’s time has come; he has no plan B and plan A is very old and transparent to all. Scouring Europe for ever more French and French speaking African kids when he should have bought the personnel as you wrote. To that I’d have added Micah Richards, Scot Parker and some young attacking talent like Scott Sinclair. AW clearly has his team together now, it’s his goalie, defence etc and they were shit.

  2. Can you please change this theme…..too dark….no words for AW.

  3. Didnt notice Ramsey do anything to merit the high rating – he seems to lose possession too much & makes predictable passes.

  4. “We’ve turned the corner”… we’re some way from the ‘corner’, let alone making the turn. Team needs to gel fast or it’s gonna be a horrid season!

  5. I luv wengs nd knw hes a gud coach bt stil thnk his stubornes is y we ar whr we ar…y do we get injuries evry game nd concede sch boy goals? These ar questns begn 4 answs amongst odas dat he has refusd 2 addres ovaa d yrs… D head always tk blames nd he shld tk this…he has gvn his best yrs 4 ars…pls resign nd dnt let ur gud name b trampld upon

  6. It is becoming difficult to support arsenal as every week its one embrassing defeat after the other, the tell tail signs were there very poor game against swansea we were lucky to have won that one now a team struggling to survive in the league just beat us 4-2. I think there is a fundamental problem with arsenals tactics, transfer policy and man management…… I am lost for words but still hoping for the best

  7. AW shld av changed tactics when blackburn took d game to 4-4-2 take ramsey of play song nd arteta in d midfield,play gervinho nd arshavin on d wing,bring in chamakh to assits RVP up front…..played well in d first half but dint take our chances.AW needs to start to change tactics in games nd nt just relyin on 4-5-1 if not we wuld cont to suffer defeats.

    • Yes I agree. Wrong substitutions forced substitutions, what is going on. It is not players it is who put them there…. I am jumping off the wagon but game with games must be won. We keep droping points…. Keep outing the wrong players in wrong positions… I would have put Gibbs on left back then JD… Sanga was having trouble why JD? own goals our defenders let the ball play them instead of playing the ball! Where is the ball
      pressure? We are definately in trouble…..

  8. Wenger and the board please go now

  9. I have been asking for wenger sacking for more than two seasons ,most of gooners thaught I’m crazy and they called me all the names u can imagine.wenger can’t read the game,he has no plan B.his tactics is the same and any manager can read him so easy,he is so stobberner,he never believed on english players he likes only french sheap mercenaries .he never made any substutition during any game to make the difference.he is the only manager who keep faith on mediocre players like arshavine,bendtner,gallas,silvester,squilaci,koscienly,denilson…….look at his lately recruits:we got koscienly last season who got red cards very often,he use to play for a second division at the french league than he played only one seaon with lorient and mister stobberner paid $8m for his service.squilaci another disaster who was on the bench all time for seviella ,he signed silvester at 33 years of age for $3m and what a waiste.he let the best diffender kolo toure leaves the team bcuz he wanted to keep the idiot gallas and bcuz he is a french shity player.wenger wone some trophies not due to his tactics ,no due to great players.if u have a player like king Henry who scores 23 goals and up every season u should win some alla players have a lack of confidence,and I’m wishing the best bcuz I’m afraid we will be playing for relugation with this performance.we should get rid of wenger as soon as possible ,we have quality of players but they need motivation.they need new management.they need fresh start with new unstobborner manager.we should protest and ask for him to leave b4 things going to worst .we should get rid of arshavine in january.we should sign cahill.and a descent midfielder ,ramsey not harsh enough ,.good luck and ask for wenger head .enough is enough.enough is enough .

  10. agree with most of the ratings but ramsey’s score is too high..Its abt time wenger wakes up n does smtin abt his obssesed 4-5-1 foramation which is flawed n clearly nt working..
    DJOROU-my goodness what happened to his form?

  11. Its bad enough when man utd scored at will and humiliated us, but now Blackburn. Blackburn!! 4 goals conceded against Blackburn. Its beyond a joke. We are lucky we didnt face Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc… If we had played a decent team we could have surpassed the 8 goals conceded against Man Utd. Where do we go from here? Arsenals entire team has capitulated and crumbled beyond all recognition. We were poor, consistently shit since the end of last season, all through pre-season and now into the 5th game of the new season – NOTHING has been addressed or fixed. Incompetence is what that is.

  12. AW is increasingly becomin a pain in d ass.oh my God what a dissapointin game,i felt ashamed to b calld an arsenal fan at some point today,we lack force,determination and motivation.i tink its high time arsene wenger leaves d club so dat we can hav a new start,style and technique wen it comes to attackin and defendin….arsene plssss go

  13. wat can I say?

  14. no words to explain what went wrong with AW

  15. Untl JW and Vam comes bk we wl continue 2struggle.AW shd play 4-4-2 nd nt 4 3 3 or 4 5 1

  16. alireza fayyazmanesh

    May i ask al fans, do u realy think our problem is just to bring in Cahill or jagielka ? i don`t think so, we are suffering of bad managment, i don`t think they work on the fucking diffence at all, ooh, i am so tired to loseing to every team fuck Wenger

  17. let us be honest to ourself the present arsenal team is a complete mess, we lost to samba wenger refuse to sign and went for a leggy per who can not run . i think wenger has lost his technical ability , did he not train with santos,per, arteta, before this game ,how come arsenal is doing zonal marking instead marking man to man, look at that corner kick that result to yakubu’s gaol all the players mass in the box marking no body . it is a same, this man wenger is coursing arsenal fan heart brake. he should sign samba in jan window.

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