Tottenham vs Arsenal : The Player Ratings

“Our little brother, all grown up” was the tweet I sent as the final whistle went inside the Lane. What used to be our stomping ground has now become a no-go-zone for us. From certain 3 points to not even certain of one point.

AW sprung a surprise by starting Coquelin in one of the few changes to the squad that saw Walcott, Gibbs and Gervinho return. Below are the player ratings.

Where would we be on the log without this 21 year old with Bulletproof confidence? Someone said in the championship and I agree. He was a beast. Doesn’t deserve to be at Arsenal on this form

Sagna 5
Was asleep for the opening goal as he did nothing to prevent van der vaart getting an easy goal.

Mertesacker 6
Handled the threat of Adebayor well, played the offside trap to perfection on every occasion. Decent game

High rating because of the surging run in the build up to the goal. The assist made him look like a winger. Also immense at the back and made sure Defoe had a frustrating afternoon.

Still looks suspect when defending. Left the defence exposed in the first half. Got better as the game wore on but was no where when Walker scored.

This kid had an old man’s performance, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was 28. Absolute beast in the middle of the park. Won the ball repeatedly, broke down attacks and passed well.

Poor signing so far. I don’t know what to blame, he hasn’t changed us in anyway. My only prayer is he gets better.

Yes he scored, yes he gave us a lifeline to build upon but my oh my was he poor. One would think he was playing with a blindfold on. Gave away the ball repeatedly.

Poor. Abject. Invisible(watch out, I’ll repeat these words with Gervinho). Had two efforts on goal and did nothing after. Did not defend and was rightly subbed off. Capello needs to stop coming to watch him. He never plays well when that happens.

Poor Abject. Invisible. Sh*t. I can continue. How he lasted longer than he did on the pitch is beyond me.

Van Persie6
Continues to suffer alone upfront. Lack of proper service makes him look like Chamakh on occasions. At this rate forget him signing a new deal.





Another poor weekend. How many more? How low are we gonna sink before changes occur?? Surely Wenger must go? Or buy new players? Let’s know how you feel in the comments.


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  1. It’s a shame to see the systemic demise of such a great club…with a greedy board and a stubborn coach the future of arsenal is gloomy and this current tailspin has no end in sight…the fact is shocking it may be but it is not unexpected after the united debacle and the panic but of mostly leftovers.all these consecutive losses takes a heavy toll on the morale of these players and I don’t see RVP sticking around much longer..teams will continue to take our best players as we cant afford to keep them or give them quality support..though some might say the players should take some blame,I say whoever puts together mediocre players should not expect anything better.The likes of walcott and ramsey are highly overated and though might show the rare case of brillance lack the consistency and skill to play at top level.Waalcott especially is not getting better…the ‘same old walcott’ cary is so very true.I predict a mid-table finish as the team is too scarred to recover and the coach has nothing new to offer.

  2. Ramsey needs to be dropped. Now. Terrible player. Apart from the goal he did nothing all game. Oh wait yes he gave the ball away FOUR times with sh*t passes. He was shamed by the excellent Coquelin today. Walcott and Gervinho were so ridiculously bad I think your criticism is an understatement. Walcott can’t shoot a ball for god’s sake. When Sagna was taken off(as always, becoming a 65 minute man now) I was shouting when I saw that retarded face of Jenkinson. I mean, I’d rather play Andre Santos there than him. How he proved me right. Caught out of position, sloppy passes, sh*t reaction time, torn apart by Bale.

  3. Spot on, the last bit on RvP

  4. Walcott and gervhnio, had an awful game, ramsey the worst by a long mile, subs didn’t even make an impact,

  5. A frustrating afternoon watching Ramsey give away the ball over & over again. It was more than 5 times in the second half alone. He’s a great lad with potential but he’s not good enough to be in the Arsenal 1st team.

  6. Na wao! Every tough team that Arsenal meet nothing is expected than loosing. Our problem is well known by even a lay man in football. First class signing, not average players. It is not normal to expect high profit with little capital. I dont think if the board of Arsena FC cares about the feelings of their fans.

  7. Walcott should be given his chance as a striker. He’s failed as a winger so why not play him where he feels more confident? AOC can be our new winger – he has proved he can cross very well. Right now we look lost & nothing is changing – every week we look the same, some weeks we might scrape a win but the problems are still evident. We’ve become a Mid table
    team now. Robin will be off soon & i expect Theo to follow. This season feels like a toothache.

  8. Really I don’t knw what to say anymore arsenal is a shadow of its self beserking in its former glory with likes of henry viera now we have a bunch of mediocre players walcott , ramsey who should not be wearing arsenal jersey I’m pained to see arsenal like this I blame the board and most especially Mr Wenger his tactics ,player selection,man mangament skills are suspect as for the board members they are just a greedy lot they like d manager should be replaced. That is the only solution I see now replace wenger asap Inter did we need to do so as well

  9. gervinho and walcott deserves better ratings. we lost the game when gervinho and walcott were substituted. WENGER, where’s the strengh in depth! wenger is not the only 1 to change but the greedy board as well.

  10. As far as AW remains on the bench not talking while is lads are playing rubbish, Arsenal will continue to lose matches of this nature.

  11. This is a freefall with which there is nothing we can do

  12. personally i blame wenger for this defeat.
    gervinho and walcott had late fitness test meaning they were not fully fit.
    where is park? where is chamberlain? he scored 2 goals in 2 games he gets dropped.
    only to start the game with another toothless attack. sometimes i think wenger does things on purpose.
    we lost 2-1 why didn’t we score 3 or 4? because we are still useless upfront. we got away with it against the greek.

  13. I am quite suprise dt we were nt up 2d task bt y blaming wenger?did he ask song 2play wel nd ramsey 2play badly bt i tnk mor players shd b tested nd nt rely on v.p,artetar nd walcot,ramsey we hav d players dt can replace them.wht AW needs nw is a player 2support VP nd nt only hm

  14. Bosun.. Our midfield has lost class,period.. Teams are meant to concede once in a while, but the team who scores more wins the game. My question is where are the chances to score. Song seems to be the one passing the balls for us to score these days. Arsene is messing up big time, we can’t get him out but he has to change and get us someone who can match the passing ability of Cesc. I miss seeing defence splitting passes. Ramsey shouldn’t play for a while. Walcott should break his leg.. L8r

  15. Why did ramsey even start d second half wen thomas was on d bench, am realy dissapointed by wenger, is like he’s comfused.

  16. Let’s be honest. NO one can say this current team can win the title at this rate. The manager is at fault – team selection, team tactics, strategies, and especially inability to build up a strong spine in the team (been in decline for 7 years now), makes poor decisions with substitutions. Is he really good at talent-managing? Good players brought in seem to have stagnate or decline. WHY WAS NOT ALEX OXLADE CHAMBERLAIN given a start? Ramsey’s been sh*t for the past few games. What’s the use of buying Park when he’s not even played yet? How much time does wenger actually need to rebuild…another 3 years? Kroenke still believe in wenger; of course, the money’s good, what does he knows about soccer? Wenger still wants to be the world’s best – based on what? Dont be surprise RvP goes like cesc and nasri.

  17. for those who still siding walcott and talk about his potential, FARK YOU!
    Since nothing can change our season now, bring on the those who are hungry, OX, and Coquelin etc. Drop Ramsey.

  18. Adeniran can u speak human language? I will stop watching Arsenal next game if i see walcott play..

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