Oxlade-Chamberlain Scores Hattrick || Wenger & Gazidis are Idiots

Feed The Ox & He’ll Score, this seems to be catching on fast with the gooner faithful, and why won’t it, with 5 goals in three competitive games, Arsenal may have hit jackpot with young Alex. He was the star performer yesterday night for the England U-21’s as he scored a treble.

The first was after he collected the ball in the midfield, embarked on a solo run beforea finishing beyond the Icelandic goalkeeper. The second came after a gaffe by the goalkeeper who could only parry it into his path for the easiest goal he might score this season. The third was brilliant as he received the ball on the wings, went past four challenges and buried it. We all know Capello is looking at him already so we could see him in the senior set up before long.

Ivan Gazidis
This man here is an idiot, and I have no idea why he’s still at the club. Yes I’m angry and with good reason. We’ve gone from a club that aims for Champions league qualification every season and then sell off our best players to a club struggling to hold on to the remaining players, struggling to put up a run of wins this season, only to have the man blurt out yesterday that the club can afford to miss out on Europe for one season. You can read about it here Guardian

How can a top club where fans pay top money to see the team play well and give them good value for their money say such. Since when did we become Liverpool & Tottenham, underachievers?? How did we go from Invincibles to Shambolic and poor?? This madness would continue until Wenger and the board with Gazidis are gone. Usmanov might not be the answer but surely he can’t be as useless as Kroenke has been so far

Look at Man United, that’s a great club with great expectations every season, to win it all and be the best at whatever cost. They’re in so much debt yet they spend & they win like there’s no tomorrow and keep getting sponsorship deals that are mindblowing, little why they’re the second most valuable sports franchise in the world. Right now I’d take Usmanov and his money and his well renowned business expertise and turn this sinking ship around before its too late.

The international games are tonight, let’s hope all our players come through them unscathed and hopefully pick up some form. Do have a swell day.


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  1. Hvnt read an Arsenal post in weeks.. Thanks to my Fragile heart and Arsenal. Buh I cldnt hold back the utter nonsense that came out of The Ceo’s Mouth. I was stunned.. That was a heavy slap to d face of the fans. I dnt pay a dime to watch arsenal buh I’m sure I felt it as much as Pedro”legrove” must be ve felt it. What nonsense.. From being in the top 2 to being last in d top4 to being 15th on the table.. Like that’s not annoying and frustrating enuff some bald mo’fucker comes out to talk about how we are ok if we dnt go to europe nxt year. Fuck economics.!!!!. I dnt bloody need the shit load of money we have*waste*.. Barcelona aint as rich as we are… They struggle to pay wages. Dnt dnt ve willing fans as much as we have.. Yet they win errfng that matters.. Even almighty madrid cnt still match em. Honestly I dnt knw where d problem is from.. Dnt these fools see the club be sinking if we dnt spend. O’shit!! My chest.. I cnt continue ranting.. God help us at the groove

  2. It really was a stupid thing to say from Gazidis, confirming our fears that the board’s not the least bothered about matters on the pitch so long as the finances are green. Good finances’ a good thing yea but a balance has to be reached between success and money. Right now, the scale is tipped so much against the team on the pitch while blood sucking Goons at the board get richer as a result!

  3. Good form from AOC by the way. Begs the question why he didn’t start the Spurs game though ahead of Walcott who it turned out wasn’t fit enough for the match… besides, unlike most of our players, AOC has impressed his daring nature of play on me. He takes on the opponent & comes out the better. We need more of such gut in the starting line-up week in week out!

  4. great article and you like to use my fav word for gazidis and wenger, they are idiots!! what arsenal supporters have to look at is this club has hiked season ticket prices by 6%, we pay the highest in the world, only to watch a team that could barely beat shrewsbury, what does that show, then we have had the games against tottenham,blackburn,liverpool,etc etc and to be honest if anybody saw the game against swansea we should have not won they where brilliant, then we have idiot gazidis make the staement under 2 weeks ago ” we want to build on our fan base, and build success on the pitch” wait a minute what a contradiction, ”we can manage if we dont qualify for champions league, we dont rely on that” wait a minute what you are showing is the lack of commitment you have to success, it also shows between gazidis,kroenke,wenger you have no clue about football, you have taken this club so far back it would take a few years to steady the ship, and to challenge for honors, also when you sell world class players, only to buy has beens or to be blunt bargain basement buys from tesco where the sell buy dates are going, your a disgrace to arsenal gazidis you have shown what you mean by financialy fiable is to line your own pockets and as a club you have shown this from the transfer policy you have adopted in the summer, you knew fab,nasri,clichy where going, you did nothing until you saw out of date bargains to be had, how you can blame the players for their perfomance is below me because the saying is, ”you pay for what you get”, and we sure have by the perfomance since march last year, also any buisness man knows to ascertain to success and building bigger blocks in a buisness for future viability you have to spend in order to keep growing, you have stumped the growth and taken this club backwards in the process of over charging arsenal supporters, it is about time supporters stand up and get these baboons or idots out of a club they have destroyed, they do not have a clue about football only how to make money to line their own pockets, and you arsenal fans who believe we will buy in jan wake up and smell the cheese it is not going to happen, the only players he will buy is kids, it is about time kroenke, gazidis and wenger get out, you have killed a club that we have all supported and you have killed that passion, a final note to gazidis words about building a bigger fan base, you have to have success and winning to do that as he will find soon or later the stadium they talk to much about with many empty seats is that building a bigger fan base?

  5. I’ve said before & still gonna say it now Ivan Gazidis is stupid worthless CEO, the Juan Mata deal shud tell everything about him, what an idiot is he!

  6. Wenger and Gazidis combination is a total failure and frustration to the fans cos they are only working to enrich the purse of stan kro and other big shareholders, they have no good vision for the club. Where is Park? Ryo Miyachi? and why did they refuse to allocate transfer fees when they wont spend it. Indeed they re complete Idiot. The board are rogue, cos they re just try to reap plenty with little or no sowing at all they are a failure.

  7. Okay now, they really are idiots! Gosh!! I sometimes wish I could forget everything Arsenal, I can’t! I hate that I love the club so much but the people’s whose actions matter don’t seem to care. FUCK IT!!!!!!!!! Gazidis or Gazidas whatever his name is should be tied to a stake and shot!!

  8. A w is only a wel known fool,Gazidis or wath ever is only an idiot with passion 4 money. FUCK EM ALL ND I MEAN THAT.FUCK EM

  9. Y’all have said it all, these guys are idiots, I never liked the dude Usmanov cos I was scared he might run the club like a Russian oligarch or a mob boss but the way things are going, I won’t mind a complete overhaul of the board including Stan Kroenke who I thought as an american will understand the need to pump in funds since it is undeniable that that is the new rule of the game but it is apparent the dude is feeding off Wenger’s (who I think has already gone senile) plate or prolly being ‘blowed’ by AW and that “bald mo’fucker”. I think we should boot these guys out before our Dear ‘not so great anymore’ Arsenal finds itself playing Championship football.

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