Fantastic Robin Van Persie Seals Victory : The Player Ratings

Bottom of the table is where we would be this season without Robin Van Persie, a captain’s performance and man of the match game saw him seal all three points after putting us in the lead with just 28seconds on the clock before Seb Larsson equalised with a well taken freekick. But anything the former gooner can do, the current idol can match if not better. Below are the player ratings.

Second best player on the pitch today, knew nothing and could do nothing to stop the goal. But was alert and strong enough to be in the right position to prevent us from falling further behind.

Jenkinson 6.5
Making his home debut, the young man put in a good shift and wasn’t all that troubled. Needs to improve his offensive output.

Mertesacker 6.5
For someone so slow, he ventures forward too much for my liking. Did not have much to do as Sunderland had no striker on the pitch.

Like his partner had little or nothing to do, covered well whenever Gibbs went missing.

Playing a full 90minutes or back to back games is fast becoming a taboo for the young Englishman. Withdrawn at half time after pulling up injured.

Another poor game from the spaniard. For someone so experienced in the EPL he sure doesn’t play like one. Needs to up his game. And quick

Just maybe his best position is at CB, wasn’t impressive at all today. Coquelin should have started.

The only one of the midfield trio to play well. He needs to be more authoritative with his play and shoot more often.

Walcottminus 10
Oh my was he poor today. I’m running out of excuses to give for his on-and-off performances. Surely Oxlade can do better than this as he’s on form. God knows why he wasn’t even in the squad.

High rating because of the assist. He can do better but doesn’t show it. He went for power over placement when faced with the goal alone. Needs to improve as well.

Van Persie100
God bless RVP. Captain Marvelous. They say no such thing as a one man army but he defeated that today with a wonderful performance. He deserves better than he’s getting.

Arsene WengerIdiot Of The Match
Poor selection before and during the game, poor tactics since 06/07. Walcott should have been withdrawn yet he lasted 90 minutes. Park continues to decorate the bench. He continues to baffle me.


Ran at the defence with real purpose when he came on. Should have grabbed a goal.

Decent cameo from the brazilian.

Stan Kroenke, break the bank and do whatever you must to keep RVP at the club, I hope you watched today’s game. God bless RVP and Arsenal.


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  1. There is a reason that Arsene is the manager of a top club like Arsenal F.C and you are sitting here writing articles about him.It shows Arsene is doing something good.Grow up kid.
    As far as the idiot of the match is concerned i will say yes ARSENE is an IDIOT(I DO IT ON (MY)TERMS) and be a brilliant manager.So learn to support the team and the boss than degrading them.Its Arsene who has brought in most of the top players since 97…so shhhhhhh..dont speak…i am talking…We lose…u cry and say sack him..we win u run the same shit sit and analyse who needs to get his brain checked.Definitely not Arsene that’s for sure…since our signings..we have been on the upward curve………….
    Played 8 won – 5 lost – 2 and drew 1..that’s an improvement and a sign that we are moving in the right let Arsene do his job and yeah learn to support the team.

  2. I support the team. I won’t exchange words with you as its obvious you’re an AKB. Thanks for your comment.

    • Good for you.Being AKB is the reality and that’s the reason he is the boss.Anyway i am glad you do support the team.Enjoy the season ahead.Cheers.

  3. I must disagree with some of your rating.I think Kosc6 deserve a 7.5,he was almost every where on the pitch doing the work of the whole back line.I’ll give Song 7.5 also,though he was a little wasteful at the start but he buckled his boots later in the match.Walcott should be pardoned because Sagna who Combos well with him wasn’t on the pitch.AA23 mesmerised me with his cloth control effort though he wasn’t able to convert it,Carl 7,the tension of the Epl and right back spot affected his game but he later found his feet,wish him good luck and quick recovery to Sagna.MERT4 is a mistake in the defence today,his overall game ranging from his positional sense,tackling and passing ability was below par compared to an epl defender and a German international,wish he improve with time as I expect the come back of TV5 for an Immortal combo with Koscielny.

  4. Am sure u didnt watch d match, apart from song no other midfielder was tracking,there were many timely interceptions by him and he was the only one that was covering for always missing in action,gibbs. Pls let us be objective wen ratin our players

  5. Stupid post 4rm stupid man, dude hw can u rate Song 5 in dat match lolzz mayb u watch ur own 4rm black nd white Tv for me Songo is second 2 van persie in dat match. Nd our goal keeper positioning wen taking freekicks is very poor

  6. in all the years i have never sworn in script but bthere is only one word for you
    W_ NKER

  7. Hi guys. Just good points. I think these player rating is really unfair. Have no idea what kind of game u were watching! How on earth can u give Alex song 5. He was everywhere, made huge difference to da team. How many one o one had he on. Very strong. Didn’t misplaced a single pass. He is de best defensief midfielder on de pl by a country mile. Anyways give it save give it arsenal. Come on arsenal. Top 4 is on

  8. mate wich game wer u watching,song atleast 6.5..stopped colback 4m scring
    And yossi also came on 4 quarter of an hr

  9. The lot of you are dull. Song was poor in the first half. Sunderland offered zero threat in the second half so you can’t saay he was everywhere. Some of you need to rate players without bias. Jenkinson, RVP, Rosicky, Gervinho & Sczcesny were the only sensible players out there. You want 7.5 for aa centre back that did not face a striker? Surely you’re a clown. And to those of you that typed awful english shame on you.

  10. i thought song was our best midfielder today and only outshone by van persie for man of the match.
    the one who shouldn’t have been on the pitch is rosicky, just like man utd games he abandoned the wall during freekick and not interested.
    i am happy with the win but we should have done better, we made things difficult for ourselves we won so many freekicks and corners and wasted them

  11. Why no oxo Walcott must be dropped wenger has no idea any other club would be playing this talented kid oxo

  12. Time to unleash the beast

  13. Exactly Steve. Oxo needs to at least start one league game. Let Walcott know he’s not untouchable or go with Gervinho and Arshavin. As for Park I can only shake my head

  14. hey dis is a rong n stupid rating song deserve 9points or even 90 percent,he was everywhere on d pitch

  15. plz do us a favor and stop posting about our club

  16. This rating is COW CRAP. You must have been listening to radio.

    Song was awesome in defense.
    Santos came on and stuffed Sunderland right wing like a dinner turkey.

    Remember you are a fan, not a Manager , not a player. I am sure you never played the game, not even with your sisters.

  17. Escobar or wot do u call ur nam, U re 1 of those ppl who don’t deserve 2 b an arsenal fan. 4 u 2 av come wit dis kind of post, u re a disgrace 2 d community of arsenal fans. Pocket ur ratings n mind ur language. IN ARSENE I TRUST.

  18. Hey guys! No need to exchange insults! Ratings are subjective and we cannot all agree. The writer supports the club, just like everyone of us. He can choose to support the manager or not. Arsene Wenger is not Arsenal…nuff said!
    I also feel Wenger’s selection is questionable, I mean what manager plays Denilson game after game (I know that’s in the past), plays Bendtner on the wing, plays Chamakh over the in-form Park or continues to ignore an in-form winger (Oxo).
    Granted the new players may need more time(we should have signed them earlier), but PLEASE don’t tell me we have improved since we signed players! We’ll get better though!
    Keep The Faith!
    Arsenal Til’ The Death Of Me!

  19. jenkinson is a also a kid but played 90 minutes why not chamberlain? and he doesn’t believe in rotation meaning next game we will have the same line up and same benchwarmers.
    arsenal badly needs a strong finisher to play alongside van persie and its about time we see what park chu young can do. or is he protecting him because he’s a kid like he’s protecting chamberlain.
    we won but its the same old stubborn arsene, he will pick his senior players first even if they are half fit or they were c**p during last game. gervinho and walcott was c**p last time he started with them it mean he picks players according to his preference not based on performance. how dahell did rosicky get picked ahead of coquelin? well apart from the 2 runs he made that won us freekicks nothing more.

  20. @sam and qed14:Arsene’s decision to leave AOC out of the team is understandable,AOC though young and talented is yet to add an essential ingredient to his game,(helping to defend or cover a Rb that went forward).We knew very well that Carl is not a Sagna nor Mert4 a Kosc6,I believe that is why Oxo was left out and experienced W14 and Yossi was used.

  21. @Odili8: Haha…you just repeated everything Wenger said so I won’t even take you seriously! Even against Spurs when we had Sagna, was Oxo on the bench? What we need now is results and Oxo has got 2 goals in 2 starts…asides his goals assists for the U-21s. It’s Sunderland we were playing at home! I’m sure you applauded when this “young boy who needs to add an essential ingredient to his game” was handed his debut and sent on to rescue us at Old Trafford. NO?

  22. Rubbish.Go to sleep kiddo.

  23. Must be one of those song bashers…. Or have very little knowledge about the game, how could you rate him with a 5? He was among the top five today

  24. @qed14..Read a lot of Escobar post and i think he shudnt be allowed to post for dis site again..Hez far too negative and uses curse word in a blog..tx

    • Maybe you’d like to post for us instead. With a name like Romeo you’re sure to do a fantastic job.

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