Arsenal 3 – 0 West Brom : Player Ratings

WHO NEEDS BATMAN WHEN YOU’VE GOT ROBIN read the banner at the emirates. And they were right. One goal one assist means the in-form dutchman continues his red hot form. I might have to get a ‘Van Persie’ tattoo so everyone knows my love for him is real.

Wenger made just one change to the team that played against Marseille and that was RVP for Park. He rewarded that with the first goal, then went on to lay an assist for his vice captain The Verminator and for Arteta later in the second half to win the game. Below are the player ratings.:


Wasn’t really troubled by the West Brom frontline. Was called to action a couple of times but held his ground. Good outing.

Jenkinson 7
The young right back was highly impressive as he provided some good balls into the area going forward

Vermaelen 8
The Verminator is back Ladies and Gentlemen. Excellent outing for our assistant captain with a goal Vaan Persie would have been proud of.. Was also on hand with a delicate tackle against Tchoyi. Good game. Let’s hope he stays injury free

The Frenchman wasnt really troubled as his combination with TV5 was amazing. I think this is the start of aa wonderful relationship. Maybe we can use Mertesacker for Champs league duty

Probably his best defensive showing, not that he did anything note worthy. The brazilian claims his second clean sheet in succession

Started the game a bit slow with his side passes and two-dimensional game play. Was able to get a goal after a lovely lay-off from RvP. Really needs to step up his overall game play

Another good game for Song. Brilliant in coordinating the midfield & defense. Good news for Arsene as we won’t be losing him in Jaanuary

Matured performance, without doing anything wrong, had a lot of delightful passes for Walcott in the first 45 mins. Grows with every game

A better game than the one against Marseille, needs to improve his jekyll and hyde finishing. I think he needs a breather.

The Ivorian seems to be enjoying himself with every passing game, no longer staggers on the ball he’ll be missed in January but till then, let’s enjoy him.

Van Persie9
I’m sorry, I’ve run out of adjectives and superlatives to describe RVP, unless of course I use Yorùbá which is my native language but I’ll hold back on that. Super Super player.


Benayoun 5
Helped in starting the move that led to the third and final goal.

Rosicky N/A

Arshavin N/A

Another win, another clean sheet. Happy times at the Emirates again.


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  1. Arsenal has made my because today is my birthday……………………Lol

  2. A wonderful game for arsenal and Asen wenger. Their parformance is beyond words. RVp has been unstopable.

  3. Nice outing

    Up gooners

  4. excellent win by my love gunners

  5. First of all Great game and a massive win. Sweet revege for me 😀 . I loved to see our defensive displays despite an error from Santos. Another talking point is Gervinho’s first touch.. Its horrible for a player of his calibre. I’m impressed with Carl Jenkinsons performance. Put a few headers to his crosses and it would have been 5-6 nil. Anyways Congrats to all gooners and to me too .. RVP gave me 24 fantasy football points 😀 .. L8r Y’all

  6. Robin fantastic is a great player…fine performance by d gunners

  7. Gud work from my darling team arsenal up gunnerssssss

  8. Nice display from the gunners.nice van persie plus fantastic vermalen now added to great arsene equalls win.

  9. rosicky contributed more dan benayon.

  10. he made 2 changes
    Kosher in 4 per..
    And robin got 2 assists..

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