Aguero Better Than Bergkamp? You are kidding, right?

TalkSport, or TalkShit as I choose to address them from now on have reached yet another low.

Just when I thought they could not do worse that they already have, Adrian Durham or whatever his name his wrote a laughable piece, one that compares Arsenal’s Invincibles to Man City’s current squad.

I read this article and it is obvious that this man has not even the slightest clue what he is writing about.

He picked Joe Hart over Jens Lehmann because Hart is “younger and more reliable”, but chose Campbell over Lescott and rightly so. I mean, no one can argue that an over-priced average defender is better than one of the best centre backs of his era.

Micah Richards was selected over Lauren because Richards “was inspirational in City’s 6-1 demolition of rivals United”, a game which lasted only 90 minutes. Lauren was consistent over years, Adrian!

Arsenal’s Ashley Cole beat City’s Gael Clichy as weird as that sounds. Both lads were actually Gunners in 03/04 so whichever way you look at it, we win. Durham however thinks Kompany’s “reliability and leadership skills” edge him over the Kolo Toure that play in the Invincibles team. Really?

He picked Silva over Ljunberg and I’ll let him have that just because the Spaniard has demonstrated his class. But to rate Yaya Toure over Gilberto Silva simply because “Gilberto’s talents might have gone under the radar” is extremely poor journalism. Gilberto is that player whose worth we didn’t realize until he started missing games.

Not even Durham is silly enough to pick Milner over Pires, or Dzeko over Henry. I however lost respect for Adrian Durham when he chose Aguero over Dennis Bergkamp!

Who does that? DB10 of 2003/04 is light years ahead of the current El Kun in all ramifications. This is not taking anything away from Aguero’s great start to life in the EPL, but some comparisons just do not make sense.

Aguero isn’t even the best striker in the League! He isn’t better than Robin Van Persie, yet some journalist deems it fit to compare him to DB10? One can only wonder what goes on in some people heads.

All these being said, we cannot ignore the fact that Man City have had an amazing start this season and going unbeaten is not completely out of sight.

But one thing that makes ours special, our first team cost just £47.8m, please call me when Man City (or any other team for that matter) achieves the same feat with a squad that expensive!

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  1. Funniest thing I’d read in ages. Man City may yet equal our achievements, but 28 more games is along time…..

  2. This is adisgrace when i read that article i didnt believe my eyes, 2 start with how can he compare 38 unbeaten run with city who r just 11 matches unbeaten. 2 add more pain he goes ahead 2 say that Arguero is better than Dutch legend, what a cheap cant. I think that guy watever his name is, must b a spurs fan.

  3. He is a big fool ageuro is not half as good as wiltord not to mention king dennis

  4. Yeah! I have also read that article… I was just in shock!! does he realy know about football?? I dont think he know or he will manchity fan to write that sh*ts..

  5. All these so called journalists are anti-arsenal therefore; I decided to watch arsenal games with no sound. They all hate us because we do things better than any other team.

  6. Dumb article by talksports or whatever they’re called. Attention seeking whore. No one. Not one player can get into that invincibles team. Not even David Silva.

  7. I totally agree. Bergkamp in my view is the greatest footballer to grace the pitch (which many will debate) Arsenal’s Invincibles is a hard to team to compare to and your last comment on the 47.8m cost is a unbelievable then and now. There is a long long way to go in the season and I can see in the later stages on the Champions League Man City will be defeated which could start a bad run for them. Nobody wins the Premier League before Christmas.

    Enjoyed reading your comments

  8. That was a very nasty article 4 him to compare king dennis to that cheap mouse bcos they ve played just 11 epl games,what a trash!

  9. berkamp class was secound to zindand…….his elegance on the pitch…..the goals he scored…..his assists…..he is part of folklaw…ageuro will probally leave when real marid or AC milan come knocking……money isnt everything

  10. What a crazy & useless comparism by an idiotic Andrian,go to hell Andrian…..

  11. What a tw*t….there’s only one Dennis Bergkamp, one Denis Bergkamp, walking along singing our song, walking in a Bergkamp wonderland!

  12. lol. OUR TEAM COST LESS THAN TORES. Arsenal is class that cannot be bought.

  13. How daft.. Micah richards?? Over Lauren? They’ve been smoking serious pot there.. Aguero is an exciting player.. Buh Sweet Baby Jesus!!! Over DB10??? That’s disrespect.. Some Legends shouldn’t be compared.. Cuz Iniesta is Great doesn’t mean you should compare him to Zidane. Aguero clicking IMO is a function of the City team. DB10 was the definition of Class and individual Brilliance.. Arsenal was a fucntion of his play. I’m irritated.. The Goal against Newcastle just popped up in my Head. Not even the Hottest striker in the world would do that not even to think of it.. Not the likes of messi or CR7.. That goal was like WTF!!! Banging in Goals only means u prolific.. U gon say Mario is a better striker than Robin.. Yes? Hell fucking No.!!! The brilliance DB10 had Aguero will never have it. These people need to fear GOD..

  14. Hahahahaha. Kun better than the Dutch master. Hahahahhaha

    Talksport is Talksh:t. Any credibility they had left is surely gone now.

    Hahahhahaha 11 games is 38 games now… What a load of sh:t

  15. D guy is a racoon!!!

  16. The only way for arsenal to proof that the invincibles is incomparable with any goddam teams is to please beat the mancester out of city this season. Moreover, journalism has been left in the hands of mediocrities like adrian that is why sh*t is coming out of it this days. Talksport my foot, you wil get an unfollow from me in twitter, punishment no 1.

  17. To compare Joe Hart to Jens Lehman is rediculous, to compare Micheal Richard (some one that is not in England Team) to Lauren is Madness infact to compare The so called Aguero to the Great Dennis Begkamp is totally unacceptable to a Mad Man. please tell him to see his Doctor before its too late. Thanks

  18. Some journalist can be soo soo dumb!

  19. must have been out of mind when writing this nonsense

  20. when Robinho came to man city he played like world best for half a season,what of tevez,james,please dont bring this kind of topic again you are insulting DB10

  21. Adrians piece is the joke of the year,infact its the joke of the century

  22. I mean there needs to be an end to hypocrisy. Aguero even on his greatest day cannot match up to the shoe laces of Dennis. its not got to do with the no of goals he scores, how he scores, when he scores or against whom he scores, simply put no one can be as good as Dennis ever. Comparing this city team to the invincible’ s itself is a joke. .

  23. I laughed when I read that article, the comparison in the first place was stupid, very stupid. I stopped reading it when I noticed how stupid it was making me look. Comparing Legends with wanna be legends.

  24. sunday hinmikaiye

    i belive andrian durham is a joker.he wrote d most unreasonable article of d cud he have compared d alltime invincibles with dat no body have matched their record with a useless mancity side.he has no point in his article.

  25. Aguero emphasises on aggresion but DB10 is a touch of class n technique

  26. There will only be ONE INVINCIBLE ever. And there will NEVER be any comparison. Period. ManCity will soon crumble like sand is the next few weeks – watch the space.

  27. He is definitely a hasty journalist and a bad analogist. He should have waited till May and see if his bizzare opinion would still hold sway. That journalist needs be sent to the battle field reporting war events, or @ best be promoted to Kindergaten than reporting soccer. Rating Aguero over DB10 is a disgrace to global sport reporting.

  28. He needs to have his head examined by a brain surgeon

  29. what a thrasy article! i think the writter is sooo stupid! TH14 compare with dzeko? our king is best! DB10? all of you know who are the best. someone must teach him how football working. i think, he doesnt know football at all.

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