Racially Abused?? Stupid Blatter Says Kiss & Make Up | 40M bid for Pato | De Rossi & Vertoghen Linked

Stupid Clown

Stupid Clown

    He should say that “We are in a game, and at the end of the game, we shake hands, and this can happen. On the field of play sometimes you say something that is not very correct, but then at the end of the game you have the next game where you can behave better”

This is how Blatter wants to kick out Racism. Oh wait, he said there’s no racism anymore in football, and that the colorful words being thrown around are just ‘part of the sport’. When I first heard these words, I tried to see reason with what he said and I saw where he was coming from. What he probably meant was, most of the players who abuse others racially aren’t racist, kind of like someone who steals something once isn’t a thief. Right?

BUT a line has to be drawn somewhere, make a scape goat out of someone and see if they’ll ever make a racist remark. Who knows, maybe blatter himself is a closet racist. Time to get him to resign and never be associated with FIFA again

Transfer News

40M for Pato? Surely this would send ripples into English football as a whole because of the quality of the player & the amount being quoted but to be honest, it won’t happen. Would be great if it did.

Two further names have been added to the mix this morning with word having it that Jan Vertoghen of Ajax is available for transfer and we are interested. I say forget it. Why? Wenger won’t sign another defender unless the team is struck by injuries is what he said earlier.

De Rossi on the other hand is a very very interesting player and available one too. His contract runs out in the summer and I’m sure Roma won’t want him to leave for free. 15-20M would get him and is the kind of signing that might interest and tempt RVP into staying. His a World cup winner with tons of experience and current skipper of Roma.

I still prefer M’vila so here’s what I suggest. Move for De Rossi(Mancini of City is a huge admirer) and enter negotiations, if City falls for the bait, they’ll enter as well and probably get him which frees up M’vila for us in the summer(he already said he’s not leaving in the winter window because of Euros)

Walcott, Gervinho & RVP
RVP says Theo is to blame for his goal infested 2011. The young english man has upped his all round game and the dutch man is the one benefiting from it. This season he has only assisted 2 but since January I’m sure the figure is more than that. The dutchman shouldn’t have singled out only Theo the way I see it as Gervinho has helped him as well as other players.

Speaking of the Ivorian, Walcott can’t stop swooning over him and has gone to praise how quickly he has settled in to EPL life with 2 goals and 7 assists. Good to see the bromance developing strong & fast too. Pray they tear Norwich to shreds. From wherever you are, have a great day.


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  1. If Wenger signs all those targets i will be delighted as a fan!

  2. .i hope we get de Rossi.that would give us further depth in midfield.Vertoghen is also possible because Squillaci is not likely to be part of AW’s plans for the future. 40m for Pato?.the stuff of dreams.we might go for him if the price comes down tho.

  3. thank you Seb, for the raciest thing! when will the black race ever wake up from their slumber and realize the fact we are black and stop intimidating our self for being black?

  4. Top targets, personally I’m an admirer of the Italian rossi, haven missed out on mata, Rossi would be a great buy, but this is arsene we’re talking about y’all, careful not to get your hopes high. About the cunt sepp, I don’t buy that with a statement like that he aint racist,He should go. ( by the way did anyone see henry train with arsenal!)

  5. Vertongen would be great pick out of the lot.A very technical player,good understanding with vermaelen,could make the best pairing if he is signed.40m for Pato would be complete waste
    of money,i always think of him as the most overrated striker.De rossi would be a great addition to our midfeild.

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