Arsenal in 2011: The Defining Moments.

First up, allow me to wish everyone of you a prosperous and fulfilled new year.

Last year was defining in every aspect of the word, it was a terrific 365 days and if we look back on all that went down, you will agree with me that it was pretty difficult reaching this position on the first day of the new year.

2011 gave us our best chance yet to end our trophy drought, it is without doubt Arsene Wenger’s most trying year since he joined the club. As much as it served up our worst start to an EPL season, 2011 saw the emergence of another Arsenal hero!

This post seeks to share my best and worst moments of an amazing year for football.

2011 was a year of “if onlys”, a year of ruing missed chances and wishing we had just a little more luck. Quite a number of moments could easily pass as my worst game of 2011; the 4-3 loss at Blackburn, the 4-4 draw at Newcastle, the 2-0 loss to United in the FA Cup, a game United lined up with 7 defenders!

The summer departure of Fabregas, the 1-1 draw with L’pool at the Emirates, the 3-3 draw at Shite Hart Lane, the 8-2 loss at Old Trafford are also moments I will like to forget very quickly. But none hurts as much as the loss to Birmingham in the Carling Cup final.

That was the height of it, as we practically gifted Birmingham the trophy. That loss brought tears to my eyes and made me believe for some time that we were under some sort of spell.

Away from the doom and gloom; 2011 also served us some of football’s most beautiful moments.

Vermaelen extended his Arsenal contract, a very big boost to the club. Did I mention the emergence of another Arsenal hero?

Yes! RVP came into his own in 2011, banging in 35 goals in 36 league games all around the country; that name sent shivers down the spine of defenders all year long.

At the end he came up short of Alan Shearer’s record by a single goal having played 6 less games than the English legend. 2011, the year of RVP100!

We witnessed some great moments on the pitch too; the 1-0 win against United at the Emirates, the big win in Udinese which put us in the Champions League, and an even bigger win at Marseille which all but ensured qualification into the knockout stages of the same competition.

While the 3-5 win at Stamford Bridge will be remembered for years, as it confirmed our resurgence this season, no game in 2011 gave me as much joy and pride as the 2-1 win against Barcelona.

I rank that game on par with, or probably higher than other magical nights like the historical victories in Madrid, Villareal and Milan.

I saw the Barcelona game in a pub and I really cannot accurately describe how I felt as Arshavin struck the ball past a helpless Valdes. All I know is that I walked out of that pub half naked!

So there you have it, my memories of 2011. You can tell it has been energy sapping for me as I’m sure it has been for you. Why not share your special moments with me? Something I missed out on perhaps.

Here is to hoping 2012 turns out to be a year of far more positives than negatives, the birth of another hero, and finally a trophy to cap!

Have a great start to the new year, play safe and keep it goonerish!

See you in the comments!


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  1. 2011 was certainly a year to remember. My best Arsenal match of the year still remains the 2-1 win against Barcelona.

    I went nuts that day. I broke my glass with beer filled up in it but I didn’t care. I shrieked so loud that my screams could be heard in the Moon.

    As for the worst game, the 4-4 draw with Newcastle was unfathomable but the 2-1 Carling Cup loss to Birmingham actually made me cry!!! 😦

    Our best shot at a silverware was gifted to a team we beat home and away in the league.

    This is a great article. Keep it up.

    Feel free to check out my review of the year “20 Positives Taken from the First Half of the Season”


  2. I am wishing a decent season to both arsenal players and the supporters.

  3. Great write up no mention of the great buys forget about the player$ who left! 2012 must be better we need to be prepared to lose Rvp reality and bring in new players who are not second tier players who can’t impact epl

  4. Spot on post!!

    Definitely has to be the Barça win. When Arshavin scored, mother had rushed into the room. There was great concern in her countenance… I’d screamed a couple notes higher than I’d done for the first goal. An orchestra at peak had nothing on me that night; as regards loudness only though, I’m no vocalist.

    Worst moment would be the 8-2 at OT. Would’ve been the Birmingham loss but there’s something about watching your beloved team get stripped bare at an arch-rivals. I shed a tear then and I remember not knowing how I’d go about posting the post match stats n analysis… turns out it was to be Escobar’s start to his writing shift -____-. I’d chosen not to watch the League Cup final vs Birmingham… guess not watching it didn’t drive the hurt home well for me.

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