Something worse than the Swansea loss.

This is not a rant, just the result of a series of calculated thoughts!

I was sat in my living room as early as 3:00 p.m (believe me that’s early in my books), waiting for the game, waiting for my darling Arsenal to put little Swansea to the sword.

They didn’t disappoint at first, RVP got a well-taken goal as early as the 5th minute, and my mind was set on a big win, the type we had at Wigan.

For God knows how, Swansea found a way back into the game, and won a penalty (maybe it wasn’t a penalty), to draw level. Terrible defending from Arsenal then gave them the lead.

We leveled matters through Theo Walcott and amazingly, we gifted them another goal even before I was done “processing” our equalizer. We couldn’t fashion a way back into the game and we were beaten, fairly.

A few individual performances spring to mind. Miquel shouldn’t have been playing that game had we brought in a left back. Ramsey was not up for it and Mert4 made a bad decision for the winner. Bar a well-taken goal, Walcott didn’t do a thing right, Szczesny is beginning to falter and we missed Arteta really badly.

Now to what really bothers me; there I was a few minutes after the game, feeling normal. I mean we just lost to Swansea after the game and I shouldn’t feel normal, I should be livid!

But for some reason, I wasn’t! I logged into my twitter feed and I was greeted with varying reactions to the loss. While some were venting their anger, others were searching for positives in what was an abysmal performance.

We have the worst away record for goals conceded and it is as though we need to score two goals to draw games away from home!

We were beaten at our passing game, and that’s quite worrying. Swansea seemed to want it more and that’s pretty disturbing.

I think I was somewhere in the middle of those two groups; and with time I concluded that the reason I felt that way is because I was gradually becoming used to Arsenal screwing up things.

You may have heard this before but I just wish to reiterate that Arsenal finishing in the top 4 this season will be Wenger’s best achievement to date. That in itself in enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

We cannot maintain the pressure that accompanies a run of good form without messing it up. Look at this, we had a very poor start, recovered well, but the moment people started taking us seriously, we began to falter.

Injuries? Look at Man United and get back to me. I think it’s something to do with the mindset of the players, they are just not up for it, even Cesc said it!

They don’t see themselves as a team capable of winning things, and if anything that’s the major positive I see from Henry’s return to the club.

Arsenal players are like that kid in high school, who knows the pass mark is 40%, but he needs to study hard for 85% to get an A+. How well do you think he’ll perform? My guess is he’ll party hard and target 50% which in all fairness is a pass grade, and move onto the next one.

For all the talk about contending for the title, I just think they do not believe it. They just look to be in the top four every year, get into the Champions League and “do well” in the cup competitions.

Yesterday’s loss is just another on a long list of unbelievably poor results, and what’s worse is that us fans are settling for it.

Slowly, the same Arsenal fans that celebrated titles a few seasons ago are the same ones “celebrating” a Champions League qualification. Yes, that’s how bad we have become.

The club posts profits year in year out and neglects what really matters, the football. If you told me (with concrete evidence) Arsenal have no money to spend, maybe I wouldn’t have written this post. But apparently there’s some money to spend, we just don’t think it’s ‘necessary’.

“I think it will be stupid to drop points simply because we don’t have full-backs.” – Wenger, two weeks ago.

The talk of sacking Wenger now doesn’t even begin to arise. He gave a reasonable argument for why he’d rather wait for the injured players to return than bring in new faces.

Whether or not this loss will change Arsene’s stance on winter transfers will be revealed in the coming days.

That’s all I can take for today. Apologies for an unusually long post, I only felt the need to share everything I was thinking with you. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

Keep the faith wherever this post meets you!



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  1. classic stuff this post! All your points are… on point!

  2. “Missing out on UCL is not necessarily a bad thing” was the quote from the board before the season started. so I guess the players are settling for that. Just a few points.

    1. Arteta is an indispensable member of the team and for those that believe he’s going to sit when Wilshere returns, you all are pretty stupid.

    2. THANK GOD I’m not the only one that thinks Szczesny needs a kick up the bum, he’s been very erratic for the past 3 games. Needs to do better.

    3. I regret celebrating Mertesacker’s signing. We spent 10 million and Cahill joined Chelsea for 7M. Way to go.

    4. Van Persie would not sign a new contract at this rate. 15 days into the window & replacements haven’t been made for injured players, & the desire isn’t there from certain players. Miquel was our best defender yesterday, Song was poor & all our offensive players bar RVP were disgusting.

    5. Wenger has lost the plot but does the board care? No.

    6. Kroenke remains silent. Talk about ambition.

    Let me stop before my comment is longer than the post. If things don’t change, take a look at liverpool, that’s where we’re headed. Wenger Out? Let’s wait and see.

  3. Don’t you think one mistake can cause you to lose a game? Compare that penalty to the one which was not Ferdinand Vs Ba.
    For Christs shake why did they change our game from Saturday to Sunday! Do you have any idea? We do ask and you will learn.We have 11 guys injured do you want the Prof to buy 12 more players? Thank GOD we are having Dowdman for Man u game do you wana bet on this? RED card Penalty and 6 yellow cards the only good thing we wont have Dowd,Webb or Foy with Milan,lets call a spade a spade and not beat around the bushes. And the power that be will fight tooth and nail for us to be in Europa do you know why? Ask and you will know.

  4. Very nice post mate…Didn’t knw the importance of Arteta in d team till yesterday’s game

  5. Nice one. I love the arsenal but hate the squad

  6. We shouldn’t be blaming our players cos its the result of lack of competion among them, when the dnt have good players to fight 4 a place with how then wil they be serious. Wenger to be blame 4 every tin we are going tru cos we have problames n they fool is doin notin about it, he just don’t wanna add quality to the squard. What on earth are injury prone players like diaby still doin in a club of arsenal status wen he can’t play 3game comsecutively n all wenger does is say let january window be scrap wat a fool when good manager sees that as an opportunity.

  7. Dats true,man people are getting used to Arsenal fumbling,while Arsene Wenger keeps to his transfer legacy

  8. Mates I think Wenger has done a good job for the club but that’s in the past, back then we have David dein as chairman, viera pires gilberto, bergkamp the greatest, henry original,campbell, keone, edu, seaman, lehman,lauren,toure, fab, wiltord,vp,ljumberg,reyes, n many of their likes we were on top of the world bt now is diaby, gibbs,almunia. Ramsey, gervinho, arshavin, benayoun, rosicky, mertasacker,djouru as top contendin players how then do we expect any tin gud. May be wenger has grown old n his brain is shrinking he just have to Go, so that we can start all over again with a good coach cos A̶̲̥̅♏ afraid totham is bigger than us now n its clear

  9. Y iz wenger neva unda threat from the board for undapeformance?wats d use of a club wit no trophy ambition?I TINK KROENKE SHULD GET D HELL OUT of dat board wit his dickward partners.wenger shuld b killd 4 dis

  10. There’s something definitely wrong with the club at the moment. The players have all lost their passion to play. Unless they regain their confidence and fire, their performance will continue to be sloppy and abysmal.

  11. Ramsey really sucks,n he always prove 2 us he’s stil a school kid. 2 b candid wit ourselves,can a player lyk ramsey,chamakh,diaby,walcott,gibbs,jekinsson,benayoun etc,play in a team lyk man u,barca,madrid,bayern,ac milan,even chelsea or spurs. Seems arsenal is classing ourself as a mid-table team.

  12. Supporterfor55 yrs

    Whether it is football, or any other team game, or any business, hearing the same story from your ‘leader’ becomes boring and unispiring after a number of years. Changes are very often needed to re-motivate a team. I agree with Francis Angrey “there’s something wrong with the club…….” For example, why is Arshavin simply a ghost of his former self: Why is Chamakh no longer the player he was. And whatever happened to the promises and our dreams

  13. Jay Said I Love the Arsenal but I hate the squad.. I kinda agree.. I don’t hate tho. I’ll say I don’t like the squad.. Most especially our Wingers .. They’ve Cost us too much (>_<) .. I miss the time arsenal used to lament about missed chances .. Our striker were well fed.. Now its not the same as before.. RVP or Chamakh get only 2 chances per game .. I'm sad.. Wenger's views aint working and I'm tired of his off the pitch administration.. Later Y'all

  14. You complain about Ramsey…….. you try to run a midfield against 5 talented ball players with Benayoun, Walcott, Arshavin and an off form Song for company. Arsene keeps getting this bit wrong. If you are going to roll sides over like we used to- Ben, Arsh and Wally are no good. They do not protect the ball. Swansea know this. ALL their midfield 5 do just that. With Rambo.,Jack, Song and the Ox plus one more ball carer- we may have a chance but ticky-tackers need to be both mobile and carers. Gervinho/ Arteta types are just not good enough to play like that. Gerv can move and Arteta can pass but you need BOTH. Also the full backs need to be able to join in and support. Swansea know this and theirs do. It is back to the drawing board I am afraid.

  15. I couldn’t agree more. Arsenal is almost my life now and I don’t think I can come to terms with any more frustrations….on the other hand a team is more like a child (you are stuck with) than a beer brand (that you can drop and pick up another). So when I get mad…please guys let me be mad…because that’s how I survive….but unfortunately for me I can’t get use to it and I hate it when you fans see my reactions as repulsive rather than the truth…the truth that we need to build on.

  16. AW should buy a natural playmaker,do away with arshavin,squillaci,diaby.Get a creative winger nd not just a pacy winger with no direction nd get d lads to work on dier finishings.our goalscorer will get tired soon nd he needs baq ups..I Wonder if AW ever has an ambition of winning a trophy,cos if he does he wuld av changed his shitty,stupid,annoying transfer policy..only God knows where Vela his,wenger destroyed dis young lads career paying him off position all d time wen dier r no players to play such position.RVP shouldn’t sign any contract!!! RAMSEY should be loaned out(gosh),dat boy Is a mess,disgrace,shame to himself,his country,arsenal nd worst of it all,he still feels like he’s Good….ryt now am not xpecting nytin from d club,am only supporting d club I love.peace y’all!!!

  17. it is a shame that most of us supper fan are living with today the taught of other fan of man u ,Chelsea f c, liver pool , even yesterday man city,i don’t know why wenger and management are insensitive to the plight of the fans .just as you said the are average players, that why our bests are always on the move arsenal is now the breeding ground for other teams . it really surprise me the lack success in the mind set of the players,this stubborn wenger should see reason with the fans. every qualifying for champions league and going out in the knock stage is it an achievement ? no it is as good as not qualifying for it champions league is very far , let win the carling cup , or the f a cup and the problem.this bunch of mediocre should be shown the way out of the club including the prof. ,

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