Arsenal fall to Man United: The Player Ratings.

Szczesny (7.5) : Made a couple of good saves. Not at fault with the goals.

Djourou (2.5): Wenger rarely makes changes before the 60th minute mark. I guess that says it all.

Mert (6.5): Good game, his lack of pace left him exposed atimes but he more than made up for it with fantastic tackling.

Kos (8.5): Amazing defender he is. Started the attack that led to the goal, after an excellent tackle. Right up there amongst the best CB’s in the world. My MOTM!

Vermaelen (7): Had a tough game against Valencia, but did his bit. Maybe he could have done better for the first goal.

Song (6): Average game, sluggish most times, but won his fair share of tackles.

Ramsey (5): He should not be starting. His form has dipped and it’s so evident. He needs a breather.

Rosicky (8): This game showed us the Rosicky we bought from Dortmund. He was at the heart of every good thing we did. Top top performance.

Ox-Chamberlain (8): What a game he had. Did not have the best of starts, but he grew into the game. He always looked a threat and got a delightful assist. A star in the making for sure.

Walcott (4): Terrible game! Very very poor performance. Did not do one thing right!

RVP (7.5): Not the best of games. Anonymous in the first half due to lack of support from the midfield, miss an almost open goal, but made up for it. It wasn’t enough though.


Yennaris (6.5): Encouraging performance. Should have started ahead of that Swiss pipe!

Arshavin (4): His introduction created a lot of controversy and he didn’t help his case with some terrible positioning and defending for the 2nd goal.

Park (4): Came on for his EPL debut but didn’t have enough time to impress.

Arsene Wenger (*insert lowest score possible*) : This man probably gets a hard-on from annoying fans. Good call to start Ox, but why ruin it by taking him off when he was at his best? He practically handed United a lifeline. And I’m not buying that fatigue story, that’s an insult to our intelligence. Terrible decision!

There you have it guys! Any thoughts? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. Vermaelen was caught out of position 4 the 2nd goal he was supposed to play left back NOT Arshavin

    • Valencia was playing full back at the time so actually arshavin was supposed to Mark him. Vermaelen had his man. To be honest ox might not have done any better but at least he would have been a threat going forward. Ridiculous decision

    • Sjeille, learn the game before you post, arshavins fault all the way.

  2. Wenger is a load of shit


  4. Mertesacker does little wrong all game long and gets 6.5 while Vermaelen looses his concentration, allows a cheap goal and gets a 7? Im a huge Vermaelen fan but he was off pace today. Per had a great game, and the one time he was out of position he öade up for it by clearing off the line. And why you gave Park a 4 i will never know. Give the guy a chance!!

  5. park is a good player, better than arshavin and chamakh.
    did you see van persie’s face when ox was subbed? oh no!
    then arshavin came in, not again!
    and guess what? when miyaichi will have a chance he will show us he’s better than walcott.
    but the stubborn one is obsessed with bad players, arshavin had to come in and spoil things for us

  6. Thoroughly disappointed with AW decision:(

  7. AW is damned. Arshavin is a crap. Big ups to the Ox and Kos6.

  8. Was shockd at d substitution. Had we sold arshavin long b4 nw dis might neva hav happened. I hope walcott breaks his leg and is out 4 6yrs bt u know wat WENGER WONT GIVE UP ON HIM. If walcott has an xcellent season and big clubs come 4 him he wud leave us I hope d ox gets more playin time he deserves it

  9. I hope Yennaris plays till Sagna comes back Djorou shud pls go and get a life I wonder wat Henry is doin 3games since he came arsenal hav lost al but one COMPARE THAT 2 PAUL SCHOLES! ITS 3 OUT OF 3!

  10. Next few years ArsenaLoser will have the chance to win the Championship when they are knocked out from EPL..

  11. Your ratings suck! Arshavin a 4? Fuck you! That lazy piece of shit cost us the game. 2.5 for djourou is too much! Hopefully, we never see them in an arsenal shirt again. Great game Ox!

  12. I love Arsenal FC .. We lost our bragging rights along time ago so no need for pride here.. We have reached another low this season.. I pray we bounce back at some point .. Amen

  13. Rubbish ratings for some. Vermaelen a 7? Who yer kidding? He was shite, admit it. Mertesacker deserves better. RVP was rubbish apart from the goal, 6 at best. Park was on for 5 minutes, rating him 4 is stereotypical. F djourou, get a 0.

  14. I always enjoy your posts but I’ll have to fault some of your ratings.

    2.5 is way too low for Johan Djourou. It’s true that Nani gave him a torrid time but he didn’t deserve 2.5……5.0 would have been better

    In my opinion, this was Per Mertesacker’s best Arsenal performance and he deserves an 8 to say the least. He won almost every header and he cleared that ball off the line to keep us in the game.

    Vermaelen didn’t deserve a 7 too. 6 or 6.5 at best. Valencia got the better of him most times.

    Park entered the pitch in the dying minutes. He shouldn’t have a rating.

  15. AW is a great coach but his glory days have diminished at he needs to go, the worrying thing is that with the reputation Arsenal is building no world class player would want to go there. Its sad but i cant blame RVP for not wanting to resign also.

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