The Curious Case of Andrei Arshavin.

If anyone told me on April 30, 2009 that a day would come when an Arsenal fan wouldn’t want to see Arshavin kick a ball for Arsenal, I’d have told them to have their brain checked!

30th April was the day after the magical night at Anfield, a game in which he single-handedly took the game to Liverpool, scoring 4 beautiful goals. Most fans (including myself) were probably thinking then that our messiah had arrived.

Arshavin’s transfer to Arsenal was as protracted as they come, but we managed to beat the deadline for his signature. He joined at a time we were struggling, we were outside the top 4 and then ran the risk of missing out on UCL football.

But his arrival was like a breath of fresh air, the unbridled enthusiasm that accompanied him was there for all to see.

He didn’t disappoint. From January to May he gave us good game after game and took us back into the top four. I think it’s fair to say we couldn’t have made it without him.

His next season was not as explosive, he could not replicate the form he showed the previous term. As time went on, he began to lose form and his performances began to drop. He complained about being played out of position but nothing changed.

Roll on 2011 and people were beginning to complain, his commitment was even questioned atimes. Many felt he didn’t care about playing for the club, a claim I think emanated from his demeanour on the field of play.

What do I think? Arshavin is a honest individual as evident in his comments and he criticizes himself more than anyone of us does.

My fear is he’s done this to the extent it has affected his confidence. This is probably why things rarely work out for him. The cloud of invincibility around him has evaporated, the belief is missing.

What happened yesterday is sad and unfortunate. A player steps on the pitch on his home ground, and he gets booed; even the man who is supposed to be his strike partner questions his introduction.

We can all think the boos were as a result of The Ox going off. Granted that was a tactical error, maybe Theo Walcott shoud have gone instead. However if we look at it critically, it works both ways. What kind of message are we sending to the player coming on?

The second goal was not his fault as he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Vermaelen was found wanting, Arshavin tried to help, he did, twice! But because he wasn’t successful, people blamed him for the goal. It just doesn’t make sense to me!

If his own fans and captain won’t give him a chance, how do we expect anything productive? For all our noise about Andrei, he got two assists against QPR and Swansea; two great passes I doubt any of our other forwards (apart from RVP) could have executed successfully. Moments like these are why Arsene persists with him and I understand.

Arshavin has not been in the best of form and he is always the first to admit he isn’t pulling his weight; even Wenger agrees. Fans pay for tickets so they are free to express themselves in whichever manner they deem fit.

However, the manner in which he was made a scapegoat in yesterday’s game is totally unfair and I just feel no player should be subjected to such treatment, at least not in a place he calls home.

Have a good day wherever this post meet you. Do share your thoughts with me in the comments.

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  1. Any1 who disputes what was written above needs their brain to be checked.

  2. I really agree with you. Even as a chelsea fan, I have this likeness for Arsenal. That being apart, I think the treatment given to Arshavin was unfair because Arshavin has been fantastic for Arsenal in many games.

  3. As far as am concerned, Arshavin is part of the dead woods that is holding the team back and the likes of (DIaby, Denilson, Squillaci, Almunia, Bentdner, Vela, Rosicky, Chamakh, Walcott, Gibbs, Djourou) and the idiot AW has refused to open that is blurry eyes to see. Fans pay so much to see games only for AW to justify his stupid ideas. All I know is that as long as he is the Club manager, we are not going to win anything, the man lacks ambitions and you could see from his back up satffs that they too are fed up with his regime, watch out for what will happen at the end of 2011/12 season when Arsenal will not qualify for CL.

  4. I’m arsenal fan and i disagree with u. Arshavin is costing us more.

  5. Arshavin started well at arsenal but now we all know he has drop form. The fans should have throw stone to wenger because he knew Ox was our man of the match. Why Ox, instead walcott. Let pray we have our injured player back quickly.

  6. Its wenger’s fault for playing him out of position. You’d have thought he’d get a chance in the hole with fabregas gone but nooooo…le prof had other ideas. Sack that fucking fool now!!!

  7. Arshavin needs to be given a chance. Yes, he is out of shape but if he starts a couple of games i think we would see some more magic from the russian.

  8. Fantastic Post Memoirs…Spot on..But Arshavin’s work rate and attitude isn’t anyone’s fault..He plays like He isn’t interested..even if he dosent start, wen he comes on, he is meant to show his willingness and Ability to fight..but he dosent

  9. Much as i understand your opinion…i think Arshavin’s presence in the club has done more harm than good…
    Let’s forget about yesterday’s game…his performances in other games have been abysmal.
    He shows no motive to score/win when on the pitch, he can’t even beat a defender again…i think he should be sold.

  10. Yam & Egg > Arshavin

  11. Everything has a sale by date;and I am sorry to say Arshavin and some other players including AW are in that package of expiree date.
    Arsenal seems to breed more injuired players than any other PL team.Why is it that Nasri,Clichy and Fabrigas are not at all injuired this season?
    AW manager has let the palyers down by not spending money on good quality players.So I dont blame the players taking the piss out of Mr AW.

  12. Top post Yemo!

    Well it’s disheartening to see what as become of Arshavin in the last year. Remember, he was the heart behind Zenit St. Petersburg’s run to the UEFA Cup trophy, along with Pavel Progrebnyak. We all know the menace that Zenit team was against Man U at the subsequent Super Cup and there’re moments as that from Anfield mentioned above.

    What I miss most about Arshavin? His countenance during celebrating a goal by him. It had that cocky “well what did you think” expression… think that attitude cost him and as you’ve pointed out, he is his biggest critic… morale killer judging by how the last year has turned out.

    Honestly, a run of games in d starting line-up likely is what he needs to get that confidence back as evidenced in his assists against QPR, Fulham and the Swans. Either that or he’s out I’m afraid.

    Finally, the boos weren’t overly for him coming on but it works both ways as you’ve said. However, I want to believe RvP was shocked & disappointed at Ox being taken off rather than Arshavin coming on. Deep inside, I’m sure the boos got to Walcott himself.

    Sorry for the mini blog for a comment…

  13. Couldn’t have written anything better….and I’m so disappointed and disgraced by the way OUR OWN fans behaved. I am one of those who believe that we’ve not seen the best of Arshavin yet. And that he-s going through a rough patch and desperately need our support…not rejection. I also believe that RVP has gone too far and that his reaction is something that Wenger needs to address before we start seeing divisions in the dressing room.

  14. It’s sad what has happened to Arshavin’s confidence much like Chamakh!They have shown tremendous skill in their earlier days at Arsenal but now nobody ever gets excited when they warm-up to come on. Blame Wenger for consistently playing players out of form. Theo for instance is out of form but he knows Wenger will play him regardless, so why would he improve to fight for his spot that is secure?


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  17. I was 1 of Arshavins biggest fans wen he gt 2 d Emirates.His style of football & skills were Magical.Its just so sad that he lost his Salt wn he was goin 2 hit his Peak at Arsenal.He had dropped form treamendously and dis is costing us a lot cos its always bn Obvious dat Wenger had high hopes in Arshavin.I tnk he shuld be given a Lil more time though.He kuld still buckle up

  18. I do not know why u r holding brief 4 team anywhere in d world retains a player based on past performances.d boos 2 my mind was not 4 him but 4 d mgr,n d substitn of d trophy minded club keeps players like him, djouru,squilachi,bentner,denilson,diaby etc.

  19. i really feel for arshavin tho, buh he brought it upon himself. His performance has bin appalling to say d least. The fans like u said pay a huge money 4 d tickets so they were right to vent when they don’t like wat they see…

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