Arsenal rue missed chances: The Player Ratings.

Szczesny (6): Not a convincing performance. Looked under pressure with the ball at his feet. Did well to stop Ngog early on, and Davies late on.

Sagna (7): Good comeback, won his fair share of tackles, and almost grabbed an assist. Showed what we were missing at RB.

Mert (6.5): Good game, stood up to pretty much everything thrown at him.

Kos (6): Difficult first half. Struggled to cope with the strength of Ngog. Slightly better 2nd half

Verm (6): Decent shift.

Song (5): Poor game by his standards. Kept losing the ball due to a lack of concentration.

Ramsey (4.5): Clearly overplayed and out of form. Kept trying but it just wasn’t happening for him. He needs to rest.

Arteta (7): Very impressive game. Kept things ticking in the middle.

Walcott (5): Missed a great chance in the first half. Squandered another good chance late on. He should be scoring those. Did not do enough to impress me. I wonder why Arsene keeps him on for 90mins.

Oxo (6): Good performance, looked to do something special each time he had the ball. Lasted 66 minutes.

RVP (7.5): He looked fired up for this one from the start. Hit the post twice with amazing efforts. He deserved more.


Henry (5): Came on, didn’t do much.

Rosicky (5): Not enough action.

Another chance to close up on the top 4 squandered. More points dropped. Sad, really.


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  1. Utter utter fucking shambolic this is now getting serious without van persie we would be down I call for the bourd and manager to step down ASAP we need to stand strong together and stop this now.

  2. Pure shit no options at all and guess what to late to change it now, Wenger is an idiot we all sore it coming with wilshere same as ver5 but didn’t act last year didn’t do it this year what a knob

  3. Fuck Wenger. He needs to die. seeing as that’s the only thing that can cut his association with Arsenal. #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT.

  4. Ahhh … Now i understand just why we didnt buy another striker, What an absolute joke our great club is becoming with our outdated manager at the helm. Time to go Wenger as much as i hate to say it. You just aint capable of change & we so badly need it… fact!

  5. Fucking embarrassing performance. Love how the day after the window closes it’s confirmed wilshere is out for the season. Wenger thinks the fans are stupid. No creativity no one can finish except rvp, defending is awful… Absolutely zero chance of top 4.

  6. We dropping points easily, and that gives me the negative on qualifying for the champs league next season.

    • the worst part about this current team, is that they need other teams to drop points to gain, and painful for us fans is to watch in despair as the team cannot even take advantage when others drop for all its quality. at one stage they did look like they were through and then it all broke down again with three straight losses. a draw is better than a loss. but surely if they were going to lose against fulham, swansea and manu why couldnt they just play the reserve team instead. some of these players are found wanting and lacking in concentration to step up their game. what do they need – to be bottle fed by Wenger. Grow up!

  7. U people shud stop defendin ramsey he cant score nor make a good pass,he holds on 2 d ball 4 too long imo he is not a good player and 4 theo he is useless.d ox deserved 2 stay longer on d pitch dan d clueless theo

    • His movement is too slow at times and he lacks consistent finishing skills; but he is better than Arshavin. He is a good player and so is Theo. But the question really is are they good enough. Time will tell.

      • I think we all know that Theo and Ramsey would not get in all the other top four clubs(Chelsea,ManCity,Manu and Spurs) first eleven. I mean what does Ramsey adds to the game?He is supposed to be our creative outlet but not even a cutting,decent through ball last night. I can’t he is Bale’s captain. I must not hear Walcott say that he wants to play the striker role ever again, the way he wastes opportunities is sickening!

  8. Cannot believe it, so many chances..too much reliance on RVP. Song was tired…not his norm….offensively very bad, defencively we were very lucky. Arteta brilliant, as was ox and good to have Sagna back. Wenger should have signed a striker, but too late now. We cannot afford to loose and draw anymore to get that champions league spot…must win situation. chelsea and spurs not goin to give up that easily so that 4th spot is not a walk in the park. I really hope we can improve and get some wins soon.

    • Crap team.

    • Chelsea and Spurs? what about Newcastle and Liverpool? Newcastle bought reinforcement,what if they go on another winning streak like at the beginning of the season?Liverpool are playing great!They beat Manu and Mancity(what we cannot) and Suarez coming back. they sure have more chance of a top four than us!

  9. We had o the chances to the game.when wil Ramsey hit è bac of the net?

    • Ramsey is too slow, thats his problem. Modric is fast just like David silva. Ramsey is like a turtle so is Song. Cesc fabregas was fast and silky in midfield – thats what we are missing. lets all watch now as Arsene starts all his dancing moves on the touchline. I dont know why he puts needles in his own pants. can anyone tell me.

      • I mean that boy is been missing forever,cannot nail a single opportunity! and nobody even try to shoot from outside the box!

  10. Clear off and take that shit team with you

  11. kroenke, wood hill and co out ! bringing this club down, bleeding it dry and not reinvesting anything back, raising the ticket prices to the highest in the prem, selling our star players each season… lining there pockets ! sick of this board ! they dont give a toss about the club or supporters just interested in money, Fck them we need Usmanov and david dein to bring back the glory days !

    • i wouldnt go that far. as even chelsea are stumbling.& look how much they spent on just Torres. What a big joke imagine. if we get past chelsea and liverpool. Wenger will be knighted.

  12. Perfect rating…Pls what is special abt ramsey in wenger face

  13. Arnese wenger need must die…….very greedy man. Fuck you, fuck your family. Mad man….

  14. Arnese wenger need must die…….very greedy man. Fuck you, fuck your family. Mad man.

  15. Ramsey,walcott shld be dropped!! A lot goin tru my mind now buh dey kip scattering all arnd my brain,tank yu!

  16. Winchmorehill gooooner

    Why take the OX off ?
    Why even have Theo in the team,
    I have to stop watching Arsenal play, don’t get any pleasure from watching them anymore, just get angry and frustrated,
    Most the players look like they don’t give a F••• !!!

    • I think we all know that Wenger never take off the shitty players off as not to affect their confidence. well fuck that! Ramsey is useless!is he supposed to be our Modric?VdV? mata?I do not know what he is supposed to be doing because he does not create! The,o I mean that one just seems to be brainless!Look how Bale and OX use their pace and if you take away his pace hes rubbish,not technique,tricks,finishing skills.Rubbish!

  17. Hope Shawcross gets to break Ramsey’s other leg in the next game, Ive never seen such a sh*t player!!

  18. Wenger, Walcott, Mertesacker, Ramsey, just get the fuck out of this football club!

  19. Walcott only deserves a 2 for me. What a looser! How can this man stay on the pitch for 90min when he loses every ball, misses nobrainers over and over again and then he claims he could play as a central striker? Replace him, get rid of him before everbody sees he’s the most overrated player ever and you can’t get money out of him! Horrible!
    And then there is Ramsey. Some call him Rambo. I call him clumsy rumsey! What a performance was that? A total lack of control, stupid decisions, clumsy passes… again and again and again… And of course Wenger had to substitute the Ox! Wtf is goin on here?
    Once again the only one who was worldclass was robin! Prepair to see him leaving this squad of douchebags…

  20. in bolton ,cold for my embarrassing fc club arsenal

    Sad very Sad for Arsenal fc once We were invincible today We hv become a laughing stock, even spuds are mocking us!!!
    We r stuck between an incompetent out touch dictator manager & a pharisiens board willing to sacrificed the club’s glory for their own profit , selling all good players and replacing them with cheap no experience injuries prone youngesters, not giving a monkey about fans feeling and pride…
    A club without ambitions We v become out of touch my season ticket Will be sent back and I expect a reimbursement ***

  21. Alagba from ejigbo lagos nigeria Please help me tell wenger ramsey look tired let roscky play along song arteta result will cowe

  22. Just break another leg will you ramsey

  23. I was going to post something constructive and helpfull but drowned in the teas of so called cry baby fans who actually are old enough to type and go on the internet yet still suffiently imature enough to write the drivel posted above, if thses are there views then they should find another club or even sport to follow because these are not opinions of sensable rational folk, rather escapees from lunatic asylums.

  24. Ivan gazidiz says we are not going to buy talent, well I see that and today’s performance the clear indicator that Robin van Perise will be leaving us in the summer and honestly he does deserve better..

    • I think he should leave. He is so good and he doesn’t deserve this because he is 29 and deserve some medals!He would fit at Barca!The guy created more opportunities than the whole midfield and he hit the post twice!If RVP does not score, who will?Poor

  25. I think Koscielny was underrated. Later came in2 d game. Best defender of d nite

  26. If anyone still think we are making d CL next season dat person better wake up cos it aint happening cos we ar still gonna lose more games. Even when other teams drop points we would still mess up. Did anyone remember wat happend last season when we crumbled from feb and neva recovered. Dis will happen again, why can’t ramsey start dis game 4rm d bench d guy is tired and wenger keeps using him. A lot of thing is wrong wiv us and if wenger is still @ d helm of affairs @ arsenal dis won’t stop.

  27. Lost abit of faith for the first time today!! I see fans after every game calling for Wenger and I didn’t agree and was always confident we would finish top 4, but with the news of Jack Wilshere and no new faces, today’s result I feel it’s slipping away!! Calling for someone to die or for a player to have their leg broken again ain’t right!!! Need Gervinho, Gibbs and Wilshere back asap.

  28. RVP deservs sumthng beta,it wil b painful to c hm go,yes!bt wit wat iz hapenin he has no choice,nasri n gael clichy so ths cumin,n sympathy has kiled vanpersie..wat more do u want hm 2do 4us?..alone?as if he plays alone the other syd of da pitch? ramsey,walcot,gibbs,ox are al gud playerz(to b honest)bt the r not fit 2b ful tym starterz 4 a big name club lyk(as) arsenal..thy hv 2 cum 4rm the beanch n add pace in da game…we need people lyk..zerate,dyer,hazard,hulk,tiago-silver,ayew,ribery,kagawa..ths wuld b nw we suportn ass-anal(sry bt i had 2say ths)wenger jst daznt hav da playerz bt hz agud manager..

  29. Arsene wenger should pls sale wallcot,ramsey,arshavin,charmark,djourour and buy an xperience player,cos dos player can’t help d team 2 achieve anything

  30. why cant arsene get better players than song, ramsey and theo….they are so inconsistent, even arteta is better. this reminds me of what happened to george bush. his party lost because of bad policy and in came Mr Barak Obama. some things which are so plain to see – arsene cant.

  31. I never even watch the match cos i know we r just gon messed up as usual but all i know is that wenger and the fking board arent gon change, imagine ivan saying we dont buy stars we made them, funny we made stars for other team to buy, rubbish, stupid bunch of ppl and some blind fans too will be supporting this set of ppl that are not doing anything good to our health, well they all know what the solution was but fk they arent gon solve it, instead waiting and campaigning on the financial fair play to begin, shit , wenger has lost it, he is the only manager that talks much abt the fking financial fair play in the world, well if we can all raid and stand together and protest against all these bastard, i think alot gon change, even for once let risk it, wenger risk it, buy stars and see the different

  32. why ramsey and walkott play every game-they are championship players not Epl ,our youngs
    ters play more better .

  33. Alagba from ejigbo lagos nigeria Please help me tell wenger ramsey look tired let roscky play along song arteta result will come

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