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Oxo For England | Theo To Hit 25 | Mega Tour Lined Up For Summer

Some of us are still replaying all 7 goals from the game against Blackburn while some are just happy about certain individual performances. I’m part of both parties.

Word in the press is that Oxlade-Chamberlain is set to be included in the England squad for the friendly against Holland coming up soon and if I must say, he’s earned it even if its a short time. Its not like the other left sided wingers in the country have done better than him, infact the only legit two(Ashley Young & Downing) are not fit & misfiring respectively so why not.

For all of Oxo’s dazzling displays and being put alongside household names such as Rooney & RVP when they were 18, the latter has warned for the fans not to over expect a lot from the lad and just continue to praise him whenever he performs. We don’t want a burn out & another Wilshere surely.

One thing I’m looking forward to is when Gervinho returns, will Oxo get dropped or will he be paired with Gervinho with Walcott coming off the bench with pace to burn against tiring full backs?

Arsenal skipper reckons that soon enough Walcott is going to add a lot of goals to his repertoire saying missed chances which he’s often blamed for is all part of his game and if he, Messi & Cristiano can conjure up misses then surely Theo is part of the bunch.

I agree with RVP but for now let’s keep Theo on the wings, he won’t always shine all the time but on his day, not one defender can stop him(Barcelona and the entire San Siro, Maldini included can testify to that) besides he’s still only 22, let’s remember that.

When it was revealed yesterday by the Guardian that Arsenal are planning money-spinning tours to play games in Seoul, Hong Kong & Beijing to add to that of the tour in Nigeria, it became all to clear the only reason why we bought Chu Yung Park. One would have expected him to come off the bench during the game as we had won but instead he remained on the bench. Will he ever start a league game for Arsenal? Will he ever come off the bench for more than 5 minutes? At this rate, no. His agent has come out to say if he doesn’t play he’ll seek a move in the summer which means we’re likely to lose him & Chamakh. Great.

If something new comes up during the week before our next game, rest assured we’ll report it to you, till then its goodbye & have a lovely week. Cheers.


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