King Henry Saves The Day : The Sunderland Player Ratings

It was never going to be an easy game especially with the opponents on the day going through a mini revival. Arsene made only one change with Sagna replacing Coquelin.

The game in itself was rather dull and as it looked like it was heading for a stalemate, Mertesacker gifted Sunderland the lead when he picked up an injury in possession. Wenger threw on Ramsey, Arshavin & Henry & Boom boom, two goals and 3 points followed for us. Below are the player ratings.

Made some good saves and was erratic with his distribution. Should have done better with the goal he conceded.

Koscielny 7
The best of the bunch at the back along with Sagna. Won most of his tackles and defended bravely. Played a silly back pass to Ji but it didn’t prove costly.

Vermaelen 6
Still not happy that he continues to play at Left back as we haven’t kept a clean sheet since he was moved there.

LOL. This German will finally get it right someday and have a performance without blemish. It wasn’t today however, he was brilliant but all it takes is one mistake and that led to Sunderland’s opener. If his injury is serious as it looks, then TV5 will return to CB(everyone shout Hallelujah)

Nothing to report here. Solid going forward, solid at the back. Typical.

Conducted himself brilliantly in the middle of the park. Should have done a lot better against a tired midfield.

Oh my God. Is this the real Song? Or was last week a mirage? Very poor. Lost the ball repeatedly and no surprise the 2 goals came after he moved to CB

Not a good game from the lad at all but no complaints here. All part of a learning curve.

Tied with Song as the worst player on the pitch. A bit harsh following his heroics last weekend but its the truth.

Nothing spectacular, given a free role he should have done better. Might not start the next game given ramsey’s heroics off the bench.

Van Persie6
Average game for someone of his standards even though great credit must go to the sunderland rearguard.


Ramsey – 7:Came and got a goal within 3 minutes. Added creativity to the midfield. Wonderful cameo.

Arshavin- 6: Had less than 5 touches, but still managed a peach of an assist! I’ve said this over and again, no matter the form, his class is unquestionable.

Henry- 8: When you need a goal, you need Thierry Henry. Granted, the assist was quite good, but his finish was even better! He came through when we needed him the most. His last EPL goal returns us to the top 4. How fitting?

Arsene Wenger- 10: 3 subs, 2 get the goals, one with an assist. Nuff said!

There you have it. We went a goal down but showed enough strength to turn things around.

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  1. hahahahaha… Arsene Wenger got a 10! Great.

    A “comfy” win and a comeback to be proud of, good enough pedestal to play at the San Siro… and get a good result!

    Victoria Concordia Crescit!

  2. disagree…Rosicky was brilliant…he was all over the pitch…made runs, passes, tackles, anything asked of him he did..

  3. Arshavin and Oxlade to start at San Siro?

  4. but then again.Walcott saves it for some big occasions.

  5. i enjoyed the game.. I love comebacks and the fact that all the subs contributed to both goals surprised me.. Let’s San Siro and do our best!!

  6. Fall River Gooner

    So what you’re saying is getting injured is a mistake? BFG was having a pretty solid game till HE GOT HURT, which is a “just” a tad different than making a mistake IMHO, but again since you don’t particular care for him (is it cuz he’s not English, specifically the “great” Cahill) I guess you’re saying he made a mistake getting hurt, hmm?

  7. harsh marks, sufc made it difficult.

  8. Did you watch this game @ all or where you dozing through the duration, you certainly should be stopped and barred from blogging, firstly Per had a good game till his injury, how callous of you to remark bout a guy who gives his all week in week out. Tomas adds so much fluidity into our mid whenever he’s playing, something Rambo will never ever give us. Song was brilliant in breaking up play yet you give him a rating at per with Theo- a player who looked like he is in the wrong profession. Blaming Wojo for that goal is outright confirmation you know nothing bout Goalkeeping, a fierce drive to the far post and you blame Wojo? Pls quit binge drinking. Because Rambo scores a goal, that makes our midfield sublime, you must be welsh. A team that didn’t back up the team bus from the garage playing 10 or 9 behind the ball and you blame the Prince of thieves aka cobra for lacklustre performance when he has a tjheo that cannot beat a man to save his life being supposed to supply him,COMMON. You say crap bout Verma after steady shifts @ a role he plays for his country all year? I bet arsenal live doesn’t broadcast international matches so you can’t know. Don’t know a defender as solid and consistent as Kosher this term league wide yet you blame him for Ji handling the ball? Trust me, you know nothing about football punditry, PLEASE stop misleading people, its not a must you give player rating, leave it for those who can

    • Akin, you’re either blind or filled with bitterness. read the comments again. i said Per was brilliant till the error, no matter how good you are, all it takes is one mistake. As for song, you were blind to all the passes he threw away trying to pull a fabregas. i praised ramsey because he came off the bench and started the comeback. full marks for that. If Tomas was so briulliant how come he didn’t create one chance? note i didn’t say he didn’t bag an assist. he failed to create any clear cut chances. Most people would disagree and move on but you had to write an essay, way to go Einstein.

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