Arshavin Leaves Arsenal + North London Derby Preview

YES, the little Russian has finally left our club, we’ve been calling for his head all season and that reached new heights at the game against United when along with Wenger he was made scape goat. YES he showed no heart, hunger & desire and was more of a pedestrian on the pitch most times. BUT why doesn’t this move feel good in the end, why aren’t we rejoicing seeing as its what’s we wanted? Are we happy to see him leave NOW? NO!, NO!!, NO!!!

For someone that provided the goal that took us to 4th and expected to start or at least be involved at the San Siro, he not only had no hand in the game, he also didn’t play in the subsequent game.

If the transfer window was open and he left with a replacement coming in, we would all be glad, but this is a very stupid and ill thought out move by Wenger. He never really played Arshavin in his preferred position and relegating him to play for the reserves must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Andrey.

So what happens if any of Walcott, Gervinho or AOC gets injured? We started the season with 5 wide players and now we have just 3 with one seriously under performing. SMH.

North London Derby Preview……
Small matter of the derby on sunday. We’ll beat them right? We always have. Forever in our shadows Tottenham. Right?

We welcome our small brothers 10 points behind them and an inferior goal difference. This season, they’re playing like Arsenal(without the comical defending) and we are playing like Sp*rs. As much as I want to credit them for a solid season so far, they’ve not had the misfortune other clubs competing with them have had this season.

Gibbs is fit again(I think we should adopt what Spurs do with Ledley king & make him train just once a week), Koscielny is back but Andre Santos, Wilshere and Diaby are still out with Mertesacker out for the season. This is what I expect the team to line up like :


Kroenke is going to be at the game for the first time in 9months, good to see its only when there’s crisis our majority shareholder comes out. Call me crazy but I’m confident about this game, we can get away with a 2-1 victory so long we remain disciplined and the subs come in when they should.

A win would lift the mood around the Emirates and remind Spurs that despite being ahead, its just temporary & they’ll always be in our shadows. #COYG!!!

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  1. What a capital *Plonker you are.
    ‘Memoirs of a VERY modern fan’ more like.
    You wail on and on for the player’s head without considering the consequences. He’s gone and you now blame the manager for his leaving???
    You all want us to reduce the number of players on our payroll, to create cap for stars like VanP… And now you blame the manager?
    There is no pleasing some people – the sky is always falling!
    Are you even a Gooner?

    • Reading seems to be your achilles heel, or maybe its understanding english. If Arshavin had left in the winter window with a replacement coming in it would be nice, you’d be a fool to agree with him leaving when we need all the bodies possible at least till the end of the season. Bodies keep dropping and our manager is moving a good one on without thinking of consequences. You’re def an AKB.

  2. And for the record, Arshavin’s been absent since the end of his first season with us – irrespective of his position on the pitch.
    4-4 vs Liverpool is not enough – he had to go.

    • Absent? And yet you call me a modern fan. He led the entire team in assists all of last season with 18 in all competitions. Keep quiet & get behind the team & let’s get a win. We’re all after the same thing.

  3. and Escobar’s far from seething at this point *sigh*. Anyway, good thing is, he’s out on loan… maybe he was having a bout of home sickness & this move will probably sort that out, notwithstanding the option to make the move permanent at season’s end.

    As for Sunday’s match, I prayed we be behind them when they come visiting us after they won the reverse fixture. I’m kinda happy that’s the case now, leaves us with no chance to be complacent against them hence, I expect a tremendous match-up with us edging it hopefully.


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