Walcott Stars As Arsenal Destroy Spurs : The Player Ratings.

I’m way way too excited to give a brief preview. Wenger spun a surprise by starting Rosicky & Benayoun together and dropping Gervinho & Oxlade Chamberlain. Little did we know Wenger had dreamt this game up the night before. 5 goals after falling 2 goals behind. Below are the player ratings.

Something needs to be done about Szczesny. A personal coach maybe, nothing he could have done about the first goal, but the 2nd goal, despite it being a foul, he should have come out for that ball.

Koscielny 6
Was in 6’s and 7’s with Vermaelen in the opening half but grew in confidence as the game wore on.

Vermaelen 6
His partnership with Kozzer is dwindling, we keep conceding goals, but he did ok and was rarely troubled in the second 45.

Should get a lower rating for going missing for all of Spurs attacks in the first half but he started the comeback with a brilliant header.

I will get slack for this but I thought he was our best defender, for someone just coming back he did well, yes he lost the ball that led to the first goal but he was always the last defender at the back. Nothing he could have done against Bale for the penalty.

Arteta, Rosicky & Benayoun were all brilliant & excellent today. Not the most talented of players but their industry & hardworking play saw us through this game.

Very sloppy in the first half, and did little defending but his mazy run started the second goal & his lovely over the top assist for Theo was glorious.

Wasn’t directly responsible for any of the goals, but my God was he brilliant today, together with Rosicky & Arteta. His defending was top notch. Best display for us so far.

Yes. Yes. I’ll give him 10. Perfect rating. He’s gotten a lot of stick of recent which is well deserved but I had a feeling this would be his day. A lot of twitter folk insulted him & made jokes & wanted him off for Oxlade but I said he must stay on & Wenger must have seen my tweet(yes he’s on twitter & following me too). Two goals was the outcome. Lovely goals I might add. Given a rousing ovation as he went off.

Tomas Rosicky you darling beauty. How I love you. Another much maligned player but of late has been consistent & doing well. Marvelous performance from him & his first goal in two years was a welcome relief.

Van Persie8
Its often rare for RVP to be on the scoresheet & then bag an assist and not be the man of the match. His goal was topdraw and his hold up play was nice.





Great selection for the second PL game running.

Man Of The MatchArteta, Benayoun & Rosicky are my men of the match, they played well today & each contributed in ways that led to goals.

For the 2nd premier league game running, Wenger’s selection paid off, picking passing & team work over pace by dropping Oxlade & Gervinho. Result? 5 goals, the second time we’ve scored 5 this season against a London team. Let’s hear what you have to say in the comments.


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  1. First!

  2. brilliant analysis of a great game

  3. What’s wrong with Wojciech? In my view that penalty was dubious,there was no contact with Bale.

  4. Sagna deserves 8, he brought arsenal back into the game and contributed more on the attack. Wenger should’nt have brought on jenkins ,at least not at left back, stupid substitution. Rosicky was great , i could not remember the last time.

  5. Man of d match is Rosicky… Sangna should gt a better rating dan dat, an assist and a goal 4 a right back is top notch

  6. lol…..ur ratings r funny….gibbs defending was terrible…on the first goal he was out from position ..vermaelen had to cover two players …on the second goal he fouled bale….and how could u rate 10 for walcott…he was missing through out the whole game….the only two goals from him was his great finishing…other than that he did nothing…be realistic gooner…dont rate players according to ur mood

  7. Wooow wen watching da game some complained y aw dropped ox wd bennayon bt i kept tellin en dat benayoun has got xperience 4 big games n this game ws a big game wd lots of pressure n the sellection paid tribute…arteta,rosicky n benayon where fantastic n lets nt forget alex song who also stood tall.

  8. Wake up. Walcott a 10? Just because he is English? Yea he scored 2 good goals, but he can only score from open game, he is often useless when teams play tight. He scored because Spurs had to push forward to chase the game. Barca rated him highly because Barca often put on a high line, and leaving space behind for Walcott to dash. Another bias rating.

    Today we have 11 players vs 11 players, when Ramilson was not playing. That fellow needs to go into the reserve.

  9. Sagna should get more. MOTM : Undoubtedly Rosicky. Walcott was awful in the first half. 10 rating is too high for him. Jenkinson’s substitution was not required, Gibbs was quite o.K.

  10. Good game! Did everythin right today spot on even after conceding two goal.hope τ̅☺ see more of this in subsequent Matches.resillence n a winning passion

  11. I admit, the Walcott rating is a bias one & I still stand by it. Not many players can take insults for 45mins and then turn up with 2 goals. But did I give him man of the match? No. You arsenal fans are part of the problem, instead of enjoying the result & praising the lads, you’re fighting me over the marks. Does it change the result? No. As for Sagna, he was poor defensively. Very poor, so don’t tell me because he scored a goal. Just enjoy the win and stop complaining. And I’m not English if you must know.

  12. today i don’t have any word to explain how the gunners become real gooners,arsenal is always arsenal &pls gooners don’t be fast for crisizing arsenal &its manager,as i said it every time arsenal competes with almost all clubs by spending avery limit amount of pounds.so be proud by the gunners & be the real gooners forever. am tedros from ethiopia-tigray -mekelle.mean while what the gooners they have to know is that there are so many arsenal funs ,more than any club here in ethiopia even in every corner of the country,so we gooners be feel proudness of how we deserve the artstic mode of playing in europe next barca.

  13. Who’s the boss now Bale? ‘spurs are the better team…’ even diving doesn’t help now, does it? Play football the better way… The Arsenal way.

  14. Appreciate your grades and analysis. As a American Gooners fan,the result says it all.I just wanted to beat the spuds and as far as I’m concerned,we did that comfortably and showed North London is still ours.

  15. I thought Koscielny deserved better than that. He made some great penetrating runs from the centre of defence. But the whole team showed passion today. It has been my view for some time that the Wenger’s style of play works best when the players show passion and commitment and boy did they show that today. Let’s hope they all know they are playing to stay at the club between now and the end of the season – that way we might see that sort of passion all the way to the end.

  16. i luv Arsenal i kn will are going to win. I’m proud of Gunners

  17. Oh, I’m taking my wife to a second honeymoon courtesy of my beloved Arsenal. oh yes! she knows Arsenal is my first love no doubt.
    My heart sunk into the socks when we were two goals but when we got third goal courtesy of Thomas, the feeling was sweeter than an orgasm trust me.
    Thank heavens there is no spud in the neighborhood, I would be behind bars now for murder!
    Yes, talk of Theo, the lad is great, all he needs is alittle confidence in himself and bale will forever be in his shadow.
    I love you Arsenal, I do.

  18. I really can’t be bothered who deserves what in the ratings, great comeback and great win in the NLD!!

    I don’t know about anyone else but my mind’s on 3rd place now.

    Go Gunners!

  19. So happy right now,but honestly dont know where,rosicky,song,arteta n benayoun got their inspirations today,dont even know who to rate higher,thumb up ever blazzing gunners

  20. I Love Arsenal and the fans. We never ask for too much, all we need is to watch good football and a 100% devoted Arsenal Team.

  21. Your ratings and comments are crazy. Are you 12. Dumb article. Great win tho. COYG

  22. Come on, let’s rate separately, Walcott’s first and second half performance, and combine both halves. How on earth can you give Walcott a 10?

    Escobar, since you are that bias, don’t waste people’s time reading your blog. I don believe you are non English anyway. Say what u like now, I am off to this blog.

  23. If Walcott was replaced at half time, you prolly would have given him a 4 or worse. 10 is a bit too much bruv.

    You were a bit harsh on our defense and Szczesny in particular. Would you have preferred him to stay in goal then chastise him for not coming out?

    We all know that the Welsh Chimp dived to win that penalty.

    Nice post all the same

  24. Our Counter Attacks were Spot on.. We passed the ball well made better decisions .. Rosickty should be left to play that central attacking midfielder role.. He’s great there. I’m a happy gooner today let’s go play AC milan, Liverpool and so on.. Let’s win them all!!

  25. No way is walcott gettn a 10, gibbs 8 :s, sagna shld be rated above gibbs for obvious reasons~ he scored. Otherwise spot on, espicially ur analysis of BENAYOUN!!!, ROSICKY and ARTETA.

  26. Escobar, you said “You arsenal fans are part of the problem, instead of enjoying the result & praising the lads, you’re fighting me over the marks. Does it change the result?”

    That’s not the point, you talk with no sense. You admitted that you are biased to give Walcott a 10, and yet you denied that he is the MOTM, what the fuck are you talking about? A 10 will not get MOTM? In stead of justifying your ratings, you blame others for fighting you over the points.

    If you are not a English, mean you are a male that worship Walcott no matter how he perform. Don’t disgrace ARsenal fans and stop writing senseless, stupid and gayish bias opinions.

  27. Honestly bro, that 10 for Walcott is way over rated. Think ama give him an 8 or 7.5 for his overall play. Sagna deserves a higher rating for having scored the 1st goal to start the AWESOME come back. And about Kos and TV’s pairing, I seriously do think they are our BEST choice as CB. Great to see Gibbs back and with that performance tho. Rosicky and most surprisingly, Arteta impressed me cos he(Arteta) seems to be shy to get a grip on the game rather than passing sideways or backwards. And Song’s assist for Walcott? My word!!!! Hope we don’t relent on this game and forget to SMASH Ac Milan for 6 on Wednesday.
    Would love to have Arsenal faihtfuls on twitter. Follow me @iamyesboss
    God bless you guys! (Y)

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