RVP & Szczesny Steal Win for Us + Player Ratings

Yet again we come from behind to snatch all three points, this time at Carling Cup holders Liverpool in a match we failed to get a bearing for long periods as well as finish without winning even a corner kick.

Liverpool were industrious and a bit over the top with their challenges for the ball, one of which has cost us Arteta who was stretched off concussed. Hopefully he’ll be out too briefly.

In summary, Laurent Koscielny gave Liverpool the lead with a flying side footed own goal *smh* minutes after Szczesny saved Dirk Kuyt’s penalty off a non-existent foul.

Captain vantastic equalised with his first headed goal of the campaign off a sterling Sagna cross. And when it seemed we’ll gift the lone walkers the match, Song comes out of an appaling phase with a neat chip over the defence for Robin who lashed home with that left foot!

Unless Chelsea wins by a two-goal margin or more we stay in fourth place, and now we’re just four points off the neighbours who host the Red Devils tomorrow.

For now… the player ratings…

Szczesny – 8
Charismatic goalkeepers of old will be proud of this young man here. Saved penalty, and the rebound too. Made the 18 yard his own and really deserved a clean sheet though Kozzer had his ideas.

Sagna – 7
Wonderful cross to find RvP for the first. Still needs to work on tracking back though that is coupled with the winger ahead of him not helping out.

Gibbs – 7
I feel he had a good game. Got some neat tackles in, wasn’t so adventuruous yet went about his duties well enough.

Koscielny & Vermaelen – 6
Poor goal to own and had some trouble dealing with Suarez at times, Vermaelen too. Vermaelen on his part improved in the second half but both need to do much better in coming matches.

Arteta – 6
Quiet game overall before getting knocked out by that ******* ****** Henderson. Any guesses what words have been censored off, be my guest!

Song – 6.5
Error ridden game for this man until the ‘otu’ (poor footballer) makes way for the Song we’ve come to love this season and create a fantastic stoppage time assist for the captain who in return kissed the man’s boot. Vintage stuff.

Rosicky – 5
Not the best of days for little Mozart but he wasn’t poor.

Benayoun – 4
Yossi must’ve got in the Sp*rs bus that left the Ems after that win because the man wasn’t at Anfield today.

Walcott – 6
Lively when called upon though his finishing today lacked precision and confidence behind them.

RvP – 9
This man here, hardworking and all. Very well taken goals both at the tail end of both halves. He’s the sort of character that should be leading and here’s me hoping he will be next season along with a few new and assured names in. Surely, he’ll account for half or more of the league’s goals of the season…


Diaby – 5
Cursed. Just cursed Vassiriki. Came on for Arteta and got replaced under half an hour after. He did play well in his cameo, even brought a save out of Reina.

Ox – 6
He better start against Milan, we’ve got nothing to lose that day so I don’t see why he shouldn’t. Too much energy oozing off this lad, well worth every pound of the Queen’s currency.

Gervais Headband – 5
Still seeking confidence from his penalty miss at AFCON Wenger? Oh well, we’ve been alright so far with him coming from he bench lately. He too should start against Milan.

Consecutive wins against tough oppositions is something to be very proud of. This win pleases me more so as we won ‘dirty’ as have been demanded time and again in the past. More of the same Gunners!


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  1. good rating

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    The Sports Dump’s Jumbo watched the Arsenal vs Liverpool match today and enjoyed this recap of it. Check it out.

  3. Walcott can be replaced can’t he ? I know he has scored and assisted a lot this season.. But his ability to play basic football diminishes every game. He lacks almost all mental abilities . Gervinho for me is a waste of money.. We should have signed Ayew instead.. Our defence is still a work in progress. I hope we get it right soon. And finally RVP!! We must do everything in our power to keep him.. Everything .. Next up, Milan.. Let’s give it our best shot

  4. Best among al

  5. I think Vermaelen had a good game..Benayoun was soo poor! Good ratings my man!

  6. I think 5 is too harsh for rosicky, he wasn’t top notch buh he got d attack goin and I think he deserved a 6/7. Song really was sloppy today buh good he got back into d game in d 2nd half and came up wiv dat top quality pass. Most of us won’t appreciate song until he’s injured. And RVP wat more can I say?? He’s simply d BEST!! Chesney God bless u

  7. Incredible victory. I was ******* bricks all game. The liverpool midfield played with amazing intensity, but it wore them out in the second half. But i have to say i am not a fan of Dalglish. He is such a dirty old bastard english manager type. Liverpool were tackling savagely and getting away with it. Suarez is tough player to defend so all in all the 2 CB while not there best did some good work on him and limited liverpool at their best to one own goal. I didn’t really see henderson smack arteta only one quick replay and that looked very inconclusive…
    anyway amazing win…snatch and grab at its best. AND I JUST WATCHED WBA GIVE IT TO THE CHAVS 1-0. They played all over them and deserved the win 100%
    4th alone 4pts off spurs.
    Rest RvP, Walcott, Song (if possible) TV5, kozzer, against Milan, it would take a miracle and there are bigger fish to fry right now. Koz and TV5 are looking in the ‘red’ and we can’t afford another CB injury.

    • Cupsui!!!! Missed you on here mate. As much as I’d love for us to rest players against milan, wenger will never do that. Let’s keep racking up the wins. COYG

      • been a busy times lately. But still been watching every minute. I highly doubt he will rest many against milan. But I think Gervinho and The ox will start, maybe chamakh. But the CB who really need rest won’t

  8. I disagree wit u on theo…totaly poor!!! My score is 0″zero”! I kip wonderin…how d f**k he maks 1st team shirt…he is not an arsenal product…kip delivern shit performance consistently….even d spurs win….2 me! It was a shit performance 4rm him….! Clueless & easily pridicted…I belive he nids extra lessons on pitch after trainin…he sud go bak 2 basics….Le prof! B fair 2 theo & drop him 4rm d 1st team! #Gbam!

  9. I luvd d fact dat we dint ve enof chances but made use of d ones we had,even at difficult positions..am avin a feeling March will be a good mnth for us..nd as for d CB’s especially kozzer,he did well made some crucisl interceptions like wise TV5.Walcott needs to change is style of play.it was nice to ve a win of such…..playing at d Emirates wif milan,I tink we can score 5 nd even more if d lads play at dier best buh must keep heads up at d baq also..let’s play for pride even if we won’t qualify.COYG

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