BREAKING: Podolski deal done.

News just reaching us suggests that a deal has been reached for German forward Lukas Podolski to sign for Arsenal.

According to German expert, Raphael Honigstein, a deal has been finalized. A transfer fee of £10.3m, and 140k in wages is being mooted. Honigstein thinks the wages will likely include a huge sign-on fee.

We’ll let you know as soon as something more concrete comes up.

Great news you say? Share your thoughts with me in the comments.



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  1. Awesome stuff! I hope this is true…

    – LDP

  2. I don’t believ ds news jst bcos of d salary mentioned,wenger can’t pay 140k/week

  3. Great news for arsenal fans!!! And what a partnership RVP and podolski up front that’s deadly.. All we need now is hazard or gotze even dare I say kaka and we will be a force to be reckoned with well up attacking wise anyway!!! We still need a quality centre back as metersacker is just way too SLOW for English football, and please get rid of the dead wood in arteta, Ramsey, chamak and all those other useless men who have the nerve to call them selves professional footballers

    • Ramsey – Deadwood. Lay of the drugs mate, they’re making you hallucinate.

      • Millz your the mug if u think he’s anything but an average player and average won’t do at arsenal, do your homework and check how many final passes from Ramsey have led to a goal this season and he’s supposed to be a creative midfielder!!!!! Google it BITCH!!!!!!

      • And Arteta as well- that guy really smokes something that’s illegal in africa too!

      • CHINMAY your another donut I see!!! Why can’t people see that arteta and Ramsey are average players!!!!! Look on YouTube arsen wenger has been qouted on a sky news interview saying arteta isn’t good enough for arsenal and this was only 2 seasons ago lol!!!! He was a panic buy and that’s all, as far as Ramsey goes like I said too that other donut Millz how many finally passes from Ramsey have led to a goal?? Google it and see for Ur self only 3
        Passes and he’s only scored 5 goals from 33 matches!!!! Wow he’s brilliant defo the next cesc!!!! When jack is back his playing days are done!!!! He’ll be a sub at best

      • Paul are u sure u know the meaning of deadwoods?Arteta a deadwood? mayb u dont no him what is his shirt number.u idiot come again

      • Arteta is a good player and played very well so far and for me he was a good signing.

      • Gr8 signing our attack is now deadly with RvP PODOLSKY OX GERV n the pacey THEO WE wil be contenders with HAZARD/GOTZE plus an xcllnt defender like BAINES to help santos n gibbs maybe arightback to help sagna

      • Lol well said

    • r u crazy ?atreta useless?

      • Paul do you really watch arsenal games,Arteta dead wood?,watever you smoke is really bad!makes you sound foolish!

  4. dat wil be a gr8 signin.jst pray let it be true

  5. Victor Akporuere

    My eyes are glued to Until then, my fingers are crossed.

  6. I am hoping and praying that this news is true; if it, this doesn’t mean that Wenger should lel Van Persie leave. Arsenal needs quality players like Van Persie and Podolski to win trophies for the team.

  7. Paul, I wouldn’t regard Arteta as dead wood! Not at all! And I wouldn’t be too hasty to judge Ramsey either. Remember he’s still young and has shown talent, in glimpses this season admittedly, and has bags of potential! Why cast out such a promising player so early? I’d be more concerned with shipping out players like; Almunia, Squillacci, Park (If Wenger still plans to not use him!), Bendtner, Denilson, Chamakh ect..

    • I totally agree with the other players you have suggested and they defi have to go too but if you look at the team that played ac Milan and got beaten 4-0 arteta and Ramsey where shocking and it’s been like that all season these are to players who are supposed to be attacking midfielders or should I say creative midfielders however I can’t class them as that bcos they have zero creativity all they do is pass the ball along the midfield in a line it’s crazy!!! Look at the RVP goal against Liverpool who supplied that brilliant thru ball SONG!!!! Our defensive midfielder!!!!! Also neither Ramsey or arteta was in the team who restored the pride back into the arsenal against A.C at home… Oh and in closing wenger has been qouted in the past saying arteta isn’t good enough for arsenal and u can look up that interview on you tube!!

      • Look at Arteta’s stats for the season… I think you’ve lost it mate.

        Ramsey is young and missed a large amount of time due to injury. RVP has shown what players can do with a healthy run under them. Ramsey is burned out at this point. He played almost every game in the first half of the season.

  8. It will be great news for the gunners fans around the the one who doesn’t know that podoski is a great player.let we pray the deal to proceed well.

  9. i believe the news to be true that podolski has signed but don’t believe arsenal will pay him 140k……

  10. Liar!!! Wenger can’t and will not pay 140k to Pod.

  11. wenger dont do zis dont pay 140 it is liar but
    if it is good

  12. i never believe it till i see the player wearing arsenal shirt

  13. Arsenal can pay 140k pwk they simply choose not to!! but, if Arshavin 80k, chamack 60k, squilaci 40k, bendtner 50k, vela 35k, diaby 60k, park 35k…. are sold then that frees up around £360k PWK….. redirect 100k of that money to Van persie whos currently on 70k and if the rumors are true about podolski then 140k isnt a problem… like i say Arsenal can pay these wages they simply choose not to!!!….

  14. If podolski is coming, I am really happy!! With his arrival, RvP would have a great strike partner.. In that case whether we use 433 or 442 we would be a force!! We only need another creative midfielder.. Hazard and gotze is too expensive.. Maybe ozil from real Madrid??

  15. odili8 lastborn gunner

    I disagree with you on Arteta,he’s way better than you rate him,am not sure about Rambo’s creative ability but he deserve’s some credit given the fact that he’s burnt out,I believe he’ll recover with time.Just offload squillaci,chamakh,park,diaby,almunia,arshavin,bendtner and djorou.Buy Gotze/Hazard,M’villa,podolski,a quality cb if not two and arsenal will have enough ammunition in the armoury.

  16. All about the deal may be true but the wage per week just cant be true. 140K/week is absolutely ridiculous. RVP will be on deserving 150k/week and Kos, TV5, Mr Chesny should all see improvement.

  17. That a good news of all arsenal fans because danger+danger =dangerous ie vanpersie and podolsky and……..

  18. Paul your smoking crack, stats show when Arteta is in the squad Arsenal retains possession of the ball, the team is more balance and poised in attacks, Ramsay is a quality player that will get better.. Chamack, Djourour, Diaby,Squilachi,Arshavin,Mannone…. thats dead wood…

    • Another arsenal fan who is happy with fighting for forth spot with a average squad god forbid RVP got injured we would be nakered!!! Ramsey and arteta are nothing special!!! We are 1 of the top clubs in Europe and need top players to compete!!! We lost nasri and cesc and replaced them with arteta and promoting Ramsey LOL big difference in quality u donut!!! Oh and would the great Aaron ramsey even get a sniff if jack was fit???? Na another bench player at best u donut

  19. I like him so much. But, wenger can never pay him 100k not to talk 140k.

  20. Afsy EEN Haikela

    That wage is impossible. But if he signed that is good news.

  21. It is crazy to say Ramsey and Arteta are dead wood not unless you are high on something.Where do you categorize Chamakh,B,V,D and the rest who enjoys being paid as footballers to walk in the park or spend time in sick bay with one touch of the ball?Acquiring an accomplished striker in the mould of Podolski is going the right away.

  22. Maxwell mwakiyolero

    Well done gunners thax wat we were looking 4,in arsenal we trust { no arsenal no football }

  23. Podogunner, greatnews. 140k/wk mmmmh…. whats for the Super RVP? Guyz, Ramsey is such a super talent. His movements are great, may be has problems with the final ball but given time can be deadly. Remember that he is still young nd still have enough time to improve. patience pays.

  24. Good news and great signing 4 we Arsenal fans.

  25. Oparinde isaac

    We really need podoski

  26. That is fantastic for Arsenal, bring in more

  27. Massive news for us d fans. Poldi Ȋ̝̊̅§ quality and he can play anywhere across d front three finally a world class signing by Arsenal. We need 3more signings lyk ds while we ship out d dead wood Arsenal will win a title next season. COYG!

  28. collins ifeanyi

    podolski is a good player i luv it

  29. I did’nt agree wit u cllng arteta dead wood,hop podols new is true bt arsen cnt pay 140k.

  30. podolski wuld b an awesome buy and since nobody is denying the rumours i thnk they r true…hopefully we spend real moneyon hazard and gotze and sell squillaci,chamakh,park and almunia

  31. Gudnews 4 gunners graet signing 4 arsenal

  32. In Arsene i trust

  33. Being arsenal as a big club in the world,is better to have the professional players.Like new signing lukas podolski,mario gutze and others players like them.

  34. I love gunners, and i’m praud with my club arsenal.Thank abaut your performance.

  35. Good news, but how true is it, ‘cos some of news you people use to write is just for your paper to sell or for people visit your site. How true is it? If you can prove it no problem I will be very happy and have believe that next season will be very positive, prove it now as I said.



  37. Let us see him officialy announce, then we believe he is our player

  38. i’m d realy arsenal fans in nigeria,is d grat signing 2 play 4 arsenal.

  39. Folorunsho Oba Muritala

    Podoski, a perfect signing for Arsenal but the wages is suspicious.

    • am surprised! anybody calling Arteta and Ramsey dead wood must be dead in the head..Ramsey is young and is clearly burnt out! Arteta has bn excellent ,so u fool dont just open ya foul mouth

  40. Chinedu uniport

    Congrats,arsenal,if RVP signs a new contract,am sure poldi + RVP partnership will be wonder ful.The MF is okay,song/arterta/wilshere/rosisky;Wings-walcott/AOC/gerv/miyachi.But in defence,we still need to sign JAN VERTONGHEN,the people’s choice.

  41. David nsoh daniel

    Guys i dt think ramsey is dat bad rememb he is stil young n 4 arteta this jst he first season n he has done well back 2 ramsey rememb sunderland game he came on n score at d end we won dat game so i 4 1 believ dat he need some time 2 learn frm d big boy like rosicky n other big name dat if we sign them.

  42. David nsoh daniel

    I pray it true

  43. Chinedu uniport

    The thing about arterta’s MF is that its not as fast as cesc’s,cesc,distributes,defends & scores a lot of goals(abt 15 goals a season)Arterta is good defensively,distributes well,but not as fast.If we can train AOC as an attacking MF,with rosisky,u will complement whats missing in artertas MF.

    • But cesc always played further forward than Arteta – he was our playmaker. Arteta has purposefully been played just in front of the defence, behind Song even, because he is better defensively than fabregas, and he helps us keep possession in tight areas. He’s brought great stability to the club following that awful start to the season, and was massively important in getting us back on track. If we’d had him from the start of the season, we’d probably at least be level on points with spurs now, and there’d be little doubt that we could finish in the top 4.
      Sometimes I think he would be more useful to us playing something like fabregas’ role because he is probably the best fit forward passer in the squad, and if he were played there, there’s no doubt in my mind he would have relatively impressive attacking stats now, but, of course, he would never be as good as fabregas – very few are! The trouble is, I can’t think of anyone else who’s been fit who could have played his role as well as he’s done (maybe Coquelin, but he’s been injured a bit, and lacks experience, so can’t be sure).

  44. Haha…good to see a lot of positive response. Guys the deal is real.

    Check BBC’s official website, the BBC does not peddle rumours last tikme I checked.
    My question is does Podolski complement RVP or is he RVP’s replacement?

    Thanks for checking in, most appreciated!

    In the Spirit Of The Arsenal.

    • Yeah, Podolski would compliment RVP brilliantly, but I don’t see him replacing Robin effectively, if it came to it. He’s more of a winger/support striker, and would be great at setting up VP and can obviously take the chances when they come his way, but I wouldn’t be happy relying on him as our new CF. Just looking at his stats for games played tells you why – he has only played half as many games as RVP so far this season, and that looks to be about average for his career!
      My first thought is that Podolski has been signed early as a signal to RVP to say “we are serious about winning things”. I believe he has Arsenal in his heart, but obviously want’s to have a successful career, and our lack of recent success is the only thing that’s led him to question his desire to stay. So hopefully this signing will be the final piece of the jigsaw that will ensure he sign’s in the summer. I could really see RVP enjoying his football with Podolski in the side. The guy is ice cold when he get’s to the by-line or when in front of goal – perfect for setting up RVP with chances and finishing the passes RVP gives to him – as was the case in his partnership with Klose in recent tournaments. I’m confident Podolski will turn out to be what people were expecting Arshavin to be when we signed him (and being totally honest, I wasn’t confident at all in Arshavin; I said he would play well for the first few games and eventually drop, and I wasn’t too wrong, although I wouldn’t have predicted such a brilliant 1st 6months from him. There’s something in his demeanour that gave me such little confidence in him, but that isn’t the case with Podolski, from what I’ve seen).

  45. it will be great if he(podolski)sign but since arsenal dont have the financial mucsle i think there will be a problem unless i see him put on an arsenal shirt(unveiling)

  46. usang elliot desmond

    It’s a great thing if arsenal should a player ℓi̶̲̥̅ke̶̲̥̅ podolski!!gunner Fø̲̣̣я̅ life

  47. u are very welcome podolski.

  48. Not sure what to believe but I certainly want Podolski at Arsenal so I hope this is true. WRT Ramsay and Arteta, come on guys…they have done well given the situation at the club. Ramsay, return from a lengthy injury and is thrown in the deep end. He has tried and done well but I feel used too often hence the burnout. Arteta also impressed many ppl so far, not bad for his first season. We still need a Nasri type player…maybe Hazard, or someone similar. Overall, we did well so far, ok no trophies, but given the injury situation, our recent performances, in 4th place, can still get 3rd and all this after a dismal start to the season….well done Arsenal

    • The joke is, Ramsey hasn’t even been that bad! He tries a bit too hard and holds onto the ball too long at times, but awas nyone seriously expecting him to come in and play like fabregas immediately this season!? To me, he’s had some good games and some bad ones, but that’s normal for a young player like him. I fully expect him to continue to improve over time. Even next year, he will be better, but really, Wilshere should have been the one to play his position this year, because he has already proven he has the ability and the mentality to play regularly in this side. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. Next year will be different, if we can get Jack back to health (and away from the Euros).

  49. i think this news is just a fallacy,cos weng cant put a huge ammoun of wages on one player

  50. HAHAHA listen to you bunch of arsholes!!!!! Do any of u think if nasri or cesc was still there arteta would even be at the club??? Or would Ramsey even be playing????? And look he’s burnt out!!!! Lol that’s laughable how a young man is burnt out by playing football hahaha u don’t see any1 else being burnt out!!!! Can any of u mugs tell me this where was Ramsey and arteta when we played AC???? And was they apart of the squad that restored the pride of arsenal the other night at home??? Why has song taken charge of feeding RVP the killer balls when he’s a defensive midfielder?? Bcos Ramsey and arteta don’t have the quality to do it u mugs!!! So come on than donuts tell me who would u rather cesc and nasri back at arsenal or arteta and Ramsey lol!!!!! Please u lot need to realise we still might not qualify for Europe and it’s another year without a trophy ur all deluded.. Podolski is a great signing but we need a special player along side jack, and that isn’t a player like ramsey and defo not a guy who spent most of his career at everton lol laughable

    • Comparing Arteta to either of those two is like comparing apples and oranges. He’s playing deeper than Song, in front of the defence, and he’s done a great job. We could have done with him when fabregas was around, and we might have been a bit better off. The awful start to the season was ended more-or-less when he was signed because he brings a calmness and protects the defence really well. Song is more of a box-to-box player for us, and has more of a responsibility in attack – and he’s very good at that too. So, I don’t see the point in asking whether we’d rather have either fabregas or nasri instead of arteta, because they aren’t similar players. If we had either nasri or fabregas now, but no arteta, our defence would be even more exposed, but as we are, I think there is a better balance.
      On ramsey – no one’s saying he’s been amazing this season. He’s a bit inexperienced and obviously most people would rather have fabregas or nasri instead of him. That said, he’s not been anything like as bad as you make out. He’s been inconsistent, but good in many games, and he shows the right attitude, and so he will get better. If we’d had wilshere, no doubt our midfield would have been him, Song and Arteta, and the side would have been stronger. As it happens, Ramsey is a decent backup player, but not ready yet to really own that midfield role.

      • Davi u are a total donut!!!!! We lost nasri and cesc and what ur saying is arsen brought arteta for defensive reasons LLOOLL!!!!!!! He thought arteta would be able to bring that final pass that nasri or cesc brought to us and he did play that role at everton so pls don’t say he’s a great defensive player lol!!!!! We will win nothing with avrage players like that yes they are good benchers but that’s it!!!! Defo not 1st team players!!! I would even rather Parker and modric and I never thought I would ever say that about those stinking yids!!!!! Our centre midfield without jack has no creativity and it wasn’t a shock when we whipped Milans arse with Ramsey and arteta out of the team!!! They couldn’t give a thru ball if the other team had no defence the useless twats!!!!!

  51. The wages is 2 much.

  52. Look if any body say that arteta is not a good player then that person is very-very stupid..
    if u want 2 say that a player is not good enough u can say Aaron Ramsay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • DJ ur obv a donut who lacks ambition!!! Ur happy with arteta and Ramsey in centre mid!!!! Lol u know Fck all about football u mug

  53. this is a great news if this is true then what a strike partner have we got for persie what a signing cant believe at last we have made a good signing hope we can sign some more good players as goetze and others

  54. Can’t belive I caused such a store today!!!!! Same time tomo ladies for sum straight talking from myself!!!!!!!!

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