Mancini: RVP will stay at Arsenal|Podolski in sight.



Morning guys! I hope your night was good. Mine was off the charts ;-). It’s been an amazing couple of days in the Goonerverse, and things probably got even better last night.

German newspaper Bild suggests that FC Cologne have accepted an Arsenal offer for Podolski. The fee is thought to be in the range of £10.9m.

Podolski has been linked with us for some time now and while there has been no official confirmation from either club, it seems a deal for Poldi is only a matter of time.

Our Mert4, his mate in the national team has been on TV saying he’s exchanged text messages with Poldi concerning a move to Arsenal.

I feel different, happy, optimistic and hopeful. It’s been like forever that Arsenal are close to signing a player this long before the window shuts. A sign of more to come perhaps?

Meanwhile, Man City boss Mancini has been mouthing off in the media, waxing lyrical over how much of a good striker RVP. He called Robin “one of the best strikers in Europe”, like we don’t already know that.

It’s however interesting to note that he think Robin won’t be leaving this summer. Said He:

“I think all good teams are interested in Van Persie. He is a fantastic striker but I think he’ll stay at Arsenal…in my opinion, Van Persie will stay at Arsenal”

We can only pray Mancini is right for once. It’s becoming boring to hear people say we need him to stay but it’s the truth. I can confidently say no player exists than can do what he does for the club at the moment.

You know why? It takes skill, class, persistence and above all, an undying and monogamous love for the Arsenal to churn out such performances week in week out!

That’s yer lot for today mates! It feels good to be back blogging. How I’ve missed it!

Let’s hope we get some official confirmation or at least some more concrete news today. Not a bad time to be a gooner, eh?

Quick question just before I go? Where does Podolski fit into all these? Will we see a change in formation next season? The 4-4-2 we’ve been begging for perhaps? Or is Poldi (dare I say) a replacement for RVP?

Do share your thoughts with me in the comments.


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  1. Podolski would play as an AMF. In a 4-3-3 and a 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 formation.. He can also act as the striker when RVP is down and he plays from the left wng too.. Bottom line we have options going forward. I see a lot of competitions for a starting shirt next season. L8r Y’all

  2. yunus,Olawale Abiola

    Get us podoski to assist RVP,I love LP and Cherish RVP

  3. Like Baazini said, the competition for starting shirts is welcome. He’s also another goal-oriented forward as opposed to our current forwards(xcept rvp, of course) who look to assist, by default. I see him on the left tho. Good signs.

  4. podolski should be a strike partner not a replacement….but lets just have our fingers crossed

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