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Vertonghen on Arsenal, RVP and Krul make up + Latest on Poldolski

Morning all. I hope you had an interesting weekend, considering there was no Arsenal game. For all my plans of a weekend dedicated to studying, I did zilch all weekend. It’s been a bit quiet on the Arsenal front as well, bar the usual transfer stories.

Meanwhile, I played footie with my mates yesterday and got injured yet again, so I’m not exactly in the mood to do anything. Straight to the post it is then.

Ajax’s Belgian captain, Jan Vertonghen makes Arsenal news again and he was on the score sheet this weekend which is good to know. He keeps talking up a move to North London but insists a move is far from done.

Joining Arsenal is certainly a prospect that appeals to Vertonghen, and it is believed he has already informed his Mr 10% that he would like to move to Arsenal, should the opportunity arise.

The only thing standing in his way is a fax letter carrying a concrete bid from London, and Vert hopes this letter arrives as soon as possible. Said He:

“If a club of Arsenal’s calibre can reach agreement with Ajax, then I will gladly go over.I have instructed my agent carefully…I haven’t signed anything with them yet.”

Good to know that we can still attract top quality players despite our failings this season. I would not mind having Vertonghen in my team, but the question is, will he be comfortable playing back up to Kos and Verm? Time will tell.

After last week’s dramatic Arsenal win over Newcastle at the Ems, RVP and Tim Krul made a good attempt at starting a riot on the pitch. According to The People however, both the Dutchmen have made up and put the incident behind them.

They have even gone as far as texting each other regularly. Apparently, Tim Krul did not realize he was wasting time and he felt RVP was trying to belittle him. It’s nice to know that episode is closed for good.

Onto more intersting news, Koln are to receive additional payments from Arsenal in Podolski’s proposed move to England. This is dependent on Arsenal’s performance on the fiels of play.

It is believed that the German outft will receive an extra €500,000 should the 26-year-old help us win the Premier League or Champions League during the 4 years of his contract.

There have been stories in the German media indicating that the Podolski transfer will be made official today. I’ll be over the moon if this happens as it sends a strong message to our competitors (and more importantly RVP) that we are ready to compete next season. Add two more quality players and we are good to go for next season.

That’s as it gets from me today fellas. It’s an unusally cold morning and I’m typing this in class as I cannot be bothered to learn anything this morning. There’s a possibility we’ll move the blog to a new domain today, all in a bid to serve you our amazing readers better.

We play Everton on Tuesday night, should be a good one. I’ll be here tomorrow with a preview of the game and hopefully with a link to pictures of Arsenal’s new signing.

Have fun and have a good day wherever you read this from.