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I lost my previous post, an awesome one at that. Words cannot describe how pained I feel as I try to remeber everything I wrote in that amazing missive. Now I have to write another post. Here goes.

A really boring week on the Arsenal front if you ask me, all talk no action. We get to see the team play tomorrow though, so that should give us a reason to look forward to the weekend.

Since we are out of the UCL, the only thing one can read about Arsenal is transfer story after story. So I’ll just go through the stories that have caught my attention.

Arsenal have apparently enquired about the availability of Italian midfielder, Ricardo Montolivo. Boro Primorac was in attendance in Fiorentina’s 2-2 draw with Genoa to watch the 27-year-old in action, and a deal is in the offing. He’s free, mature and is a quality player.

But we said the same thing about a certain Moroccan we got for free. Let’s hope Montolivo changes my opinion on free players.

The Daily Mail thinks we are preparing a move for Udinese forward Luis Muriel. He has been dubbed the Colombian Cristiano Ronaldo by some and if he is anything close to the Portuguese machine, we should snap him up. My fear is he may turn out to be more of Nani than Cristiano. Still worth a punt in my opinion.

As if we didn’t already know, Le Boss stressed yesterday that we cannot afford to switch off as we enter the crucial stage of the season. Said He:

This is the period where what we do matters the most, so we just want to keep our focus on this and not worry about anybody else’s results.

I have said this over and again, if this season has taught us anything, it is that things can change very quickly. As at the 35th minute mark against the Spuds 3 weeks ago, we were staring at a 13-point gap. Now we are 3 points ahead of the Tiny Tots.

Even though we have games against Citeh and Chelski coming up, I’m more worried about our visit to Stoke. The Brittania has not been a particularly hunting ground and seeing what they did to Citeh, we need to be on guard for 90 mins.

Let me not jump the gun, we ‘travel’ to QPR tomorrow and I expect us to pick up from where we left off. I don’t expect a lot of changes, maybe Wenger might be tempted to bring in Andre Santos for Gibbs. Other than that, I expect the same side that put Villa to the sword. Diaby may get a spot on the bench though.

Cisse is missing for them, so that should reduce their firepower; not like he stands a chance against Koscielny or Vermaelen. Anything less than maximum points is not good enough.

I bet with my Chelsea supporting friend over whose team will finish higher on the table, come May. I’ve been teasing him for 2 weeks now, all I ask is one more week of gloating.

Robin has not scored in a while, we need him to start doing that soon. 5 halves without a goal is a drought for someone of his class. A 3 nil win and 2 RVP goals will mean a perfect weekend of football for me.

That’s yer lot for today. Don’t be like me and have fun this Friday night. Nah, I’m not a boring guy, it’s just that I have this crucial School League game in the morning. I don’t want to pull a Balotelli on my team.

I’ll be here tomorrow with a full report and player ratings. Enjoy the game wherever you watch from. Promises to be fun.

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P.S: I saw some story on twitter about a deal for Vertonghen almost done. I don’t know what to make of it. Do let me know what you think in the comments section.


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  1. u lost the original?? Hahahaha… that shit pains to the bone!!

  2. as for the transfer tales… ( ._.)

    The world loves to be linked to us… Montolivo would be surplus in my opinion if indeed we go for him especially as I think he won’t be the kinda player that’ll want to be starting from the bench.

    RvP, let’s just assume he’s keeping the goals for the games against shitty and chelshit! Oh the joy when Song lobs the ball over for the oranje lord to smash home the winners against those two!

  3. cupsui loves kozzer

    Agree with the Punk…No on Monto…

    The Colombian kid seems good and he has some sweet vids on youtube!!

    For me its Podolski and Vertonghen in the summer and no one else. And if that happens i 100% agree. Podolski will play mainly on the left and fill in for some RvP rests and Vertonghen as the perfect defensive cover as he plays LB, RB, CB and DM. Therefore he will add some much needed rest for song too. It means JD will prob have to go but i think he has stopped developing at a crucial time and it might be time to give him a run somewhere else. He is definitely not going to be a world beater where ever he ends up.

    Then is culling the deadwood. Denilson, Almunia, Bendtner, Chamakh, Arsharvin, Squid, Benayoun, (Diaby?)…that frees up massive wages for RvP, Song and Ox contracts extensions and the two new players with a lot left over, which is a very good thing too!

    This weekend is all about focus, I think they will be focussed but i worry about every game and it seems to be paying off at the moment. But I’m still worried…i see Joey Barton doing something to f#@k with us again…he is a real bad egg, jail ball is all he should be playing!

  4. nice post Yemi….

    Sorry about the initial post you lost. I can remember writing a post with my bb….After reaching up to 1,300 words…the phone restarted by itself. I went nuts mehn.

    It can cause “painment” iSwear

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