Poor Outing Ends Winning Streak: The Player Ratings

Szczesny (6) – Respectable showing. Did his part. Nothing he could have done to prevent either goal.

Koscielny (5) – Average performance, reads the game well. Busy day, got bullied atimes.

Vermaelen (3) – Terrible showing. Was at fault for both goals. He’ll want to forget this one very quickly.

Sagna (5) – One cannot really complain. Did his job well.

Gibbs (5) – Decent outing.

Arteta (5) – Lacked the inspiration to move us forward. Needs to be more adventurous.

Song (4) – Poor game. That chipped effort doesn’t work out every time. He needs to keep it simple atimes.

Rosicky (5) – He was shifted to the left to accommodate Ramsey. He did not do anything worthwhile.

Walcott (6) – Good goal, did well against Taiwo. Inconsistent game though, sometimes went missing.

Ramsey (4) – Justified the fans’ complaints about him starting. Terrible performance.

Van Persie (4) – He has had better days surely. He missed a great chance as his goal drought continues.


Chamakh (2) – As Piers said “if the answer is Chamakh, the question should be changed.”

Gervinho (3) – Like Norwich away, this is the kind of game he should have started.

Oxlade Chamberlain (N/A)

Wenger (1) Terrible selection today. Ramsey adds nothing to the team at the moment, why start him? Why wait till the 70th minute to make a change when all is clearly not well?

In all it was a poor performance. QPR looked like they needed the win more. A lot of players were mere passengers today.

Let’s hope it’s nothing but an “off day”.

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  1. I’m not sure we watched d same match,cos ur rating & comment on both Arteta & Ramsey are amusing. Just 2 inform u AR16 played on the left and not in the middle.

  2. Arsene Wenger’s selection always tends to have problems more often than not. Most times, he will select a ‘clanger of a player” – sorry, but famously, denilson, sometimes diaby as well, as in the past, and now in Ramsey.

    Why was Rosicky, performing well lately, shifted out the the side? Dont expect him to perform as well as when he’s put in the middle of the park. Remember Arshavin was played out of position as well…and so now are we seeing Rosicky going back to his ‘ineffectiveness’ as before because of this?

    WHY WAS RAMSEY EVEN STARTING? AND PLAYED SO LONG? No doubting his potential but at the moment, he dont deserve to start and worse still, put in the middle and ‘disrupted’ the momentum of a team that had been doing so well lately with Rosicky playing in the middle so well. Worst, still, Ramsey seems just so uncaringly too casual whenever he missed good scoring chances.

    Chamakh? Chamakh? AW gone backwards again.

  3. Am at lost as to the inconsistency or lack of commitment by some of these arsenal players. Awfully and woefully disgusting. Why shud wenger continue playing Ramsey for gudness sake at our peril while the ox can do a better job. Both the players and Wenger have scored below average.

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