Podolski (yesterday) : “I prefer Lazio move.”

For all the talk in the media about Arsenal having already signed him, and in a sad turn of events, Cologne forward Lukaz Podolski has spoken to the German media about where he’ll “love” to play next summer.

Podolski whom we’ve been linked to for the past few weeks uncharacteristically spoke to a group of German journalists who waited for him near the team bus after yesterday’s Bundesliga game. He was probed on his summer plans after the Euros. Said He:

“It’s no secret my contract expires this summer. I’m 100% focused on Koln at the moment but I would not turn down a move to a bigger club. The manager tells me some clubs have enquired, Arsenal, PSG and Schalke but Lazio is a special proposition.”

Poldi thinks it will be an opportunity to link up with German national team mate Miroslav Klose and says he has already instructed his agent on his choice. It remains to be seen whether a deal can be struck.

Follow this link to read the full interview in German newspaper, Bild. There he speaks about other reasons for picking Lazio and his link to Arsenal.

I’m hugely disappointed things have turned out this way. He joins a long list of players we nearly signed. Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Essien, Cech and most recently, Juan Mata.

Let’s hope it’s just a ploy by Poldi to get Arsenal to pay him more or Koln’s way of upping the transfer fee.

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  1. Unambitious

  2. This Ȋ̝̊̅§ so april fool mate.

  3. April fool PK…. The only reason/place he wud say *that* is if the writer of this article is talking about Podolski on football Manager or fifa 12 career mode (unlikely) …. Hp say no b Bosun, if na Bosun Thunder fire you.

  4. We have got enough players,let’s trust those players we have gunners.

    • We might have enough players but we don’t have enough quality, if we did we would be challenging for the title, and with the squad we have at the mo we are lacking extra quality in some areas

  5. The blame goes to the board of arsenal.they don’t want 2 support arsen with full financial standards.

  6. He never at any point said “I prefer lazio move”, he simply said it would be a special proposition, it’s amazing how stories get twisted so easily


  8. jennifer tobin

    Make way to get podoski

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