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Campbell as Arsenal Chairman?|Wilshere’s Euro Hopes| Wenger on Technology.

Top of the morning Gooners!! Well bummer, no football for us this weekend so I’ll be following the Chinese Grand Prix and hoping Jenson Button is first past the chequered flag on Sunday.

I’ll be rooting for the Toffees on Saturday though, while hoping Sunday’s other semi-final stretches out to penalties just so both sides wear thin ahead of the run-in to the league season.

For now, Sol Campbell had quite a bit to get off his chest regarding Arsenal’s enduring trophy drought, wondering if the club actually wants to win anything or is satisfied with life as it is now.

“You’ve got to ask yourself where Arsenal are going? Do they want to actually win?” asked our ex-defender, adding “you can have players for the future but it is about getting players that’ll make a difference now”.

It’s not hard to see where the only Arsenal player to have scored in the Champions League final is coming from, having also been part of the Invincibles of 2004 and the last team that won a trophy for Arsenal; the 2005 FA Cup.

He certainly knows what it is to win and definitely would’ve become disillusioned at the seven year drought.

“… you’ve got to have the personnel, the fire-power and edge” Sol advocated, “(and) Arsenal have great players but even with everybody fit I still don’t think it’s enough. They’ve got to get players that will make a difference.”

Campbell’s campaign isn’t new with every Gooner at one point having clamoured for a bit more aggression in the transfer market from the club, most especially after a horrid start to this season that had a lot of Mus touting possible replacements for Le professeur… I was all for Martin O’Neil or Laurent Blanc.

Anyway, Wenger in typical fashion has taken Sol’s outburst per se calm as always, pointing out jovially that “Sol has a lot of money, his gifts are welcome”.

He even goes further to say that “if he (Campbell) gives us money, we will spend it, believe me.” further stating “The best way always to give advice is to show example. Give your own money and we will spend it”. So, Sol Campbell to be Arsenal chairman? Sly man that Wenger.

Video Technology
Wenger meanwhile has clamoured once more that video technology be brought into the game to “help the referees, not question their authority”, off incidents in Wigan’s famous win over Man. United, Balotelli’s stamp on Song, Chelsea’s goals in their win over Wigan among others.

“It will give them more credit, more authority and less mistakes” said Wenger, debunking claims that the introduction of video technology will slow down the game. I just am curious to see how Wenger will react when an unfair advantage to us is rescinded due to video technology.

Wilshere’s Euro Hopes
It is unfortunate how Wilshere’s season has turned out, from playing a pivotal (breakthrough) role last season to not managing one competitive minute on the field this season.

And Wenger updates us with same of the same, ‘we’re being cautious with Jack’, ‘he’s making slow progress’, the next (now) two weeks wil decide if he goes to the Euros’. That last bit is what I’ll go in on.

Wilshere is definitely an immense talent and I always remember the Champions League quarter final second leg at the Nou Camp, a night he was in my opinion the only Arsenal player that performed.

Surely however, immense talent or not, I wouldn’t expect any gooner or fan of the Three Lions to still be hoping Wilshere is named in England’s squad to the Euros! Are you mad?!

He is only 20 years old, and has not played a competitive match this season. It will be outrightly unfair on other players not called up if he was and the fact that there are “hopes” of him making Poland and Ukraine is a bit far fetched. Well…that’s what happens when you’ve got talent like him.

Yer lot for today fellas! I’ll be at a friend’s wedding, so you can bet it’s going to be a wonderful day (if they serve the food early that is).

One last thing!

Should Wilshere be called up to the Euros if he is declared fit before the end of the season? Or should he just forget it and train to be ready to start next season with Arsenal?

It would be interesting to know what you think. Do share your thoughts with me in the comments!

Have a fun-filled weekend. Mine starts in a bit!