Why RVP’s comments scare me + Details of Arsenal’s visit to Nigeria.

Fantastic Robin

Good morning gooners. How are you enjoying your start to the weekend? I mean…you’ll work for less hours today so if I were you, I’d make it count, get all the work done and prepare for a weekend of exciting footie.

The FWA awards were held last night and RVP was in attendance to receive a deserved Player Of The Season Award. It was an enjoyable evening from what I’ve read.

He gave a fine speech about how proud he is to be captain of Arsenal and he also complemented his team mates (Song and Theo especially) for the assists and support they have given him this season. He mentioned the volley against Everton as his favourite goal of the season before apologizing to an Everton fan (who groaned) in the room. Top man!

One part of his speech however caught my attention and raised my fears of him leaving this summer.

If you ask the likes of Robert Pires how he feels, what he feels like he will say ‘I feel like a Gunner’ – and whatever happens with me I will always be a Gunner.’

Okay, maybe it’s my paranoid alter ego taking over, but I just have this sneaky feeling about the portion I put in bold. It just feels like Henry 2007 all over again, reminding us of how much he loves the club, yet proceeding to break our hearts. Hopefully it’s not the case, I pray to God I’m wrong.

That being said, if he does leave, we’ll do the same thing we did when PV4, Thierry Henry and Cesc left the club, move on.

On a lighter note, Arsenal announced on the official website the team will be visiting Nigeria this summer. That’s probably the best news I’ve got all month. Excited does not even begin to describe how I feel at the moment.

The second team will arrive in Abuja in July and play 2 games. The first team arrives in August and also play one game in Abuja, then an open training session and other off-field events in Uyo. Other events will hold in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Minna and Akure.

You can bet the atmosphere will be incredible throughout the team’s stay in Nigeria. Believe me when I say Nigerians can’t wait.

I was saying I wouldn’t go home this holiday because I’ve got some business to attend to, but with my first love going to Nigeria? There’s only one place I’ll be come August.

That’s yer lot for today guys. It’s a very cold morning in Accra, Lord knows what would have become of me had I not come to school with a sweater. It’s going to be a long day for me, a 7-page project documentation awaits me. I’d better stopped rambling then.

Just before I go, there’s talk of Alex Song moving to Real Madrid in the summer. If Madrid show some interest, I don’t see him turning them down. Now, while I’ll be gutted to see his back, I wouldn’t mind receiving 15million quid for him.

With Coquelin coming through the ranks, the blow of his departure will be softened. Plus we’ll most likely sign that midfield creator we’ve always wanted, so we won’t miss his assists.

What do you think? Good business or not?

See you in the comments, where if I find some time, I’ll edit your comments to suit me. 😀

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  1. Are you Nuts… Ud just let Song go like that.. Madrid can keep their Money.. Song to me aint for Sale.

  2. We move on after RVP leaves? Are you serious?
    And that’s it !! ER keep selling the best players, buying crap ones and fighting for 4th!
    This is arsenal ? Failed youth, useless players like Ramsy, Gibbs and jenkinson, injured glass legs like jack and Diaby and over rated failures like Frimpong and the Ox.
    Hyped up British/welsh failures that never deliver but we must always praise them cos they are British !!!
    It’s the reason why arsenal will always fail !
    Good news is if Arsene fails again this year he will leave and take all the British rubbish with him.
    A new foreign player that buys talent and sells all this home grown crap.

    Arsene has destroyed the great history he has built. What a shma

    • oxlade chamberlain a failed player? he’s 18 mate, like to see you break into the first team of a top four team at 18, most of the others are barely out of their teens aswell, ands it not like were heavily relying on any of them, there the future, Ramsey is the welsh captain for f*** sake. sort it out and SUPPORT your team, not give uneducated criticism, chap.

  3. Let’s hope the meaning being read into that RVP’s speech by the writer is actually paranoia. I would personally love to see Song stay but if he leaves for Madrid, then all well and good. Good post generally…..the first love part bringing Yemi to Nigeria……..oh well, I’d rather not comment.

  4. If song left for real madrid then getting d replacement wil take years.

  5. Nothing to do with Songs assists, Wilshore will be doing that next year anyway. Hes the best defensive midfielder in the league with vast experience in the champions league . We have to keep him

  6. Did u just say coqlin is ready? Why do u mock arsnal with this blog SO WE ARE EUROPEAN FEEDERS TEAM huh? Every season they remove the corner stone of our building how do u xpect us to become finished structure

  7. First of all, LOL @ Pierce. Chill, mate.
    Secondly, $15mill for Song is a NO. Considering what he brings to the team(asides assists) & since we’re quite comfortable financially, I’d say NO.
    Thirdly, RVP leaving would be a big blow. I’m not quite comfy with Poldi as my top striker.
    Finally, yaaaaay for Nigeria. I def wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  8. Bankole Habeeb

    Great piece bro, always excited to find Gooners blogging and writing wonderful pieces such as this. Its not paranoia cos i got the same feeling when i saw some of #RVP’s comments, its was further strengthened when #Wenger said all those wonderful things about #Podolski. Like you rightly put it, it’ll be a big blow to lose our talisman but we’ll dust ourselves up and move on cos Arsenal is BIGGER than one big player, #RVP inclusive. Once again, great piece, keep it up.

  9. Martin Marvin

    The author is clearly an idiot.

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