Arsenal Escape Norwich Fiasco | Bould To Be Wenger’s No 2 | New Kit Launched

Morning to you all from wherever you are, first off I’d like to apologize for not providing any post match reports or player ratings for the Norwich game for the obvious reasons. Reasons such as how inept we are as a team and how we lack ambition and how the team never ends the season well despite this being our easiest run in in years. Please don’t say we were denied penalties, we were awful, the midfield non-existent and Vermaelen, Gibbs & Szczesny were all piss poor. BUT

For whatever reason, Lady Luck smiled on us the following day as our rivals for the 3rd spot both dropped points meaning our destiny is back in our own hands and we must play the game of our lives on the final day of the season and get the 3 points. As someone said, he’ll get Ian Wright & Tony Adams to deliver team talk before the game & at half time.

We’ll come back to how our team is a very poor one and how no one else but Arsene Wenger is at fault for this. One example, United need to win a game and they throw on strikers like Welbeck/Hernandez/Berbatov, City throw on Balotelli/Dzeko, Chelsea, Drogba/Torres, even Spurs have Defoe/Saha. Who do we the Arsenal have? Chamakh & Park and even those two are never introduced. Says a lot. Arteta got injured(and we’ve picked 2 points out of 9) also, we can see how Song is poor defensively. A couple of assists don’t make you a great DM.

Pat Rice will step down end of season and despite the options available to the club, they decided to pick from within and Steve Bould the reserve team coach will be Wenger’s no 2.

Will he be like Pat Rice and just let Wenger do his thing or will he be exactly what we need in the backroom, someone that can challenge Wenger and point out his flaws. He was a former defender, will he help improve our defense? I hope so. But then again, Pat Rice too was a defender.

I’d like to start of by saying I don’t like this kit, they tried to do too much and involved all the colors on the badge. The blue and white hoops by the sleeve don’t work for me. Let’s hope the away kit is better. Have a look below.

And Finally……..

A lot has to happen behind the scenes at Arsenal come summer and buying two-three players will not be enough. We have way too many useless and detrimental players at the club. Ship them out and spend some f*cking money. City are about to win the league by doing that and yet they can’t beat us on a normal day, imagine if we had a better squad.

The jury has to be out on Wenger, he’s a failure and he has failed once again, don’t tell me how he’s done great because he put us in this mess and at the end of the day, he’ll pocket a fat cheque, we’ll sell our best players and replace them with kids/useless ones.

There’s a lot that needs to happen and I pray it happens first, but most importantly a win at West Brom would allow us know what direction we’re going in. Enjoy.

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  1. actually very well written. lots of truths there. Bottom line we r a great club but at the same time we are a bunch of under achieving players. Its simple reaaly we need 2 but at least one player who is a strong leader and who can lead at all times. Thats what is missing.

  2. Wow…..I feel the anger, deservedly though.

  3. Its always the hard way with arsenal init, and as much as I respect Arsene its all his fault. Players know what they have to do in the finale game let’s hope they get the job done.
    Totally agree we shld get rid of some players!
    The steve Bould choice was pretty obvious and doubt if he’ll challenge Arsene.
    On a brighter note Cologne where relegated Podolski’s coming!!! I know it may feel lyk we’ve been making a whole lot of noise abt him like he’s a ‘messi’ but look at it this way Arsene signed a known player which he rearly does, I really hope he delivers!
    And the home kit err not too bad in my opinion if I’m gonna get it I’ll get the long sleeves tho looks better!

  4. Believe me most of you will be calling for the wenger days once wenger goes. Write whatever you like,its doesn’t take away the fact that he has done wonders. Most blogger talk as expert yet can’t compare happening of recent history.@ highbury people like bendley,upson and co couldn’t get a shout and fans were ” the kids don’t get a chance” now its ” always kids” and u can’t get into your heads that its cos he couldn’t go for the type of player he used to go for and he had to get player and an age that had a resale possiblity. If you calm down and look @ recent happening you will notice that he is gradually going back to buying player @ the right age again(santos,arteta, per and now podolski) and no more kids. the debt forced his hands and as it eases he is going back to old ways. I tell people that RVP will be sold not cos he wants to go but rather bcos arsenal is a big sale away from turning the books to positive after that welcome back the trophy winning arsenal. finally I love the new kit its funky and looks more like a designer wear than a sports wear, though people prefer the white sleeves to be left white but hey its still mostly white.

    • in wengerwerust

      in reply to emy
      i bet that if Wengertheliar shits on you, you will eat it joyfully. And on top of that you will gladly pay to get some more.

  5. it is very sad to see Arsenal play draw with teams like bolton, Norwich , blackburn, stoke , wigan , and other small teams only to win big teams , it shows that the players lack winning mentality. Wenger should inculcate in them the wining mentalities like other big teams , Arsenal can lose to the big four home and away yet still be champions, if they can win this small teams or 34 league matches =102 points which no team had ever done in EPL . it is a shame that teams like the one mentioned above can .come to Emirate draw or even win, bcos no body had ever tried to impact in them this wining mentality, that is why they play like school children when they play this small teams.. ,

  6. Wow, so wenger is failure, i wonder what that make you MOG. Simmer down people, you won’t want to give yaself a stroke.

  7. No matter how you put it wenger is still our most successful manager EVER, So when you”memoirs” start saying the same shit with daft kids like ‘in wenger we rust’ you know the level you have reached.
    Are you so ignorant that you can’t see the fact we have been unable to spend big on players in previous years? Or you would rather go with the masses who get all their arsenal info from sky sports that ‘wenger is stingy, he hates spending money’, i thought you had a brain.

  8. Ah, shall i have my last rant – you tried to dismiss the contribution of alex song by saying “a couple of assist don’t make you a great dm” – he has 15 assists in all competitions, more than most Attacking midfielders, he has played more than 45 matches this season with many standout performances, has it occured to you that he might be exhausted? Or maybe if coquelain had been fit during the season he would have eased the burden on him, but nooo, just rant and rave.

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