About Us

MG is a blog where people, gooners and non gooners can exchange views on issues without fear of being ridiculed by other bloggers. We feel obliged to delete abusive, racist or extremist comments, but swearing (not at others) is allowed if it makes you feel better.

Proudly-Nigerian gooners, football maniacs and Arsenal obsessed. We love everything, from music to books (if it’s football related), girls, and parties; but none gives us the satisfaction derived from watching our beloved Arsenal play.

The chance to put our feelings into words was simply irresistible, and like someone once said, “watching Arsenal play is like making sweet love to a beautiful woman”.

So we guess that sums it all up. You want to know more? all you have to do is read and enjoy and don’t forget to drop your comments.

Oh yeah did we add, we’ll always choose the devil over Tottenham Hotspur!!!.


In the spirit of the Arsenal!

  1. Godfrey Ainooson

    What the f is a gooner?

  2. hey mate, a gooner is an Arsenal fan…a very true one.

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