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Why Wilshere comeback was delayed|Wenger fancies Sigurðsson|Thoughts on ‘new kit’.

The initial excitement that greeted news of Jack Wilshere being set to feature in a closed door reserves match got quelled when the team sheet came out and the 20 year old’s name was missing.

Word is, he has suffered a very minor setback in his quest to recovery, which one must state is a normal occurence; however annoying it can be, and thus couldn’t be part of the fixture.

At this moment though, it is anyone’s wild guess as to when we’ll have Jack back and with the reserves team having just two matches left to play this season we may well not see him play competitive football for Arsenal this season.

In lieu of that, it is being reported that a series of closed door friendly matches are being arranged for the reserves to help with his path to full fitness and ultimately give him a chance to make the Euros.

Starting to seem too gloomy there, so some bit of transfer news. This time, Swansea’s on loan midfield star Gylfi Sigurðsson has reportedly (The Sun) caught the eye of Le boss.

The Scandinavian, on loan from Bundesliga side Hoffenheim, has only been named the Premier League’s player of the month following a string of good performances for Swansea City and will reportedly cost £6m to prize from Hoffenheim.

In order words, feel free to add Sigurðsson to the shopping cart of midfielders linked to Arsenal that includes Sochaux’s Marvin Martin, Montpellier’s Younes Belhanda, Eden Hazard, Junior Hoilett… Ricardo Montolivo… Yann M’Vila… Shing… I’ll let it rest now.

Finally, some injury news from the Etihad has it that their top scorer Sergio Kun Aguero likely to face us come Sunday after declaring himself fit for the trip to the Ems via Twitter. England defender Joleon Lescott looks likely to be fit for the crunch encounter this Sunday.

That’s a must win for us, made all the more exciting by the fact that it also is a must win for them though I’m honestly hoping Man United get a win on Saturday against QPR to further discourage the City players.

If you remeber clearly, a few weeks ago we brought you a picture of what we think will be our home kit for next season. No one paid attention then; however those pictures are in circulation once again. People are showing a lot more concern this time around and for different reasons.

What do I think of the kit? I see it as change just for the sake of the word; it does not look well designed and it is not one of those that mark a historic period at the club. Let’s hope this is not our new kit or at least that the real thing looks better than the picture.

That’s all for now folks. I think I gave it my best shot conisdering the lack of ‘proper’ news. I’ll have another go at it tomorrow; just before a preview to Sunday’s visit of City.

To our Christian readers who celebrate Easter in the coming days, enjoy yourselves and remember our darling Arsenal in your prayers. We could do with some divine help in the run-in.

To those not celebrating Easter, have fun doing whatever it is you choose, as long as it’s not serial killing or dining with Spuds.

I’d love to read what you guys think of the new kit design. I think it’s however safe to assume that it may turn out to be a fake, one deliberately leaked to spur debate.

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Till we meet tomorrow!


Aguero Better Than Bergkamp? You are kidding, right?

TalkSport, or TalkShit as I choose to address them from now on have reached yet another low.

Just when I thought they could not do worse that they already have, Adrian Durham or whatever his name his wrote a laughable piece, one that compares Arsenal’s Invincibles to Man City’s current squad.

I read this article and it is obvious that this man has not even the slightest clue what he is writing about.

He picked Joe Hart over Jens Lehmann because Hart is “younger and more reliable”, but chose Campbell over Lescott and rightly so. I mean, no one can argue that an over-priced average defender is better than one of the best centre backs of his era.

Micah Richards was selected over Lauren because Richards “was inspirational in City’s 6-1 demolition of rivals United”, a game which lasted only 90 minutes. Lauren was consistent over years, Adrian!

Arsenal’s Ashley Cole beat City’s Gael Clichy as weird as that sounds. Both lads were actually Gunners in 03/04 so whichever way you look at it, we win. Durham however thinks Kompany’s “reliability and leadership skills” edge him over the Kolo Toure that play in the Invincibles team. Really?

He picked Silva over Ljunberg and I’ll let him have that just because the Spaniard has demonstrated his class. But to rate Yaya Toure over Gilberto Silva simply because “Gilberto’s talents might have gone under the radar” is extremely poor journalism. Gilberto is that player whose worth we didn’t realize until he started missing games.

Not even Durham is silly enough to pick Milner over Pires, or Dzeko over Henry. I however lost respect for Adrian Durham when he chose Aguero over Dennis Bergkamp!

Who does that? DB10 of 2003/04 is light years ahead of the current El Kun in all ramifications. This is not taking anything away from Aguero’s great start to life in the EPL, but some comparisons just do not make sense.

Aguero isn’t even the best striker in the League! He isn’t better than Robin Van Persie, yet some journalist deems it fit to compare him to DB10? One can only wonder what goes on in some people heads.

All these being said, we cannot ignore the fact that Man City have had an amazing start this season and going unbeaten is not completely out of sight.

But one thing that makes ours special, our first team cost just £47.8m, please call me when Man City (or any other team for that matter) achieves the same feat with a squad that expensive!

See you in the comments!