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Birthday Blues : Walcott Is VERY Important To Arsenal

Theo Destroying Chelsea Earlier This Season

Theo Destroying Chelsea Earlier This Season

GOOD MORNING!!! to you all from wherever, I’ve been told if you type in caps it means you’re shouting. Now that I have your attention, its my birthday today (and the crowd goes wild!!!) so I’m feeling very good about the day. Talking of birthday’s yesterday Theo Walcott turned 23 and my oh my has he had a roller coaster professional career so far. He’s the focus of today’s post. Before that, here’s a post I wrote 2 years ago about The Real Theo Walcott , have a read if you want.

Cometh the man, cometh the hour, James Theo Walcott(like Lebron James, my favorite basketballer) would always have the spotlight on him and has become a target for angry/moody fans and the naysayers but its easy to forget he’s just 23 and he’s continually played out of position. You can’t blame him, as a teenager Sven Goran Eriksson(the then English manager) exposed him to such and should I say, he’s “never really recovered”. And being English again doesn’t help his cause.

You can argue that he’s been played in the best position where his speed can be utilized and then you’ll slate him again for being all speed and no brain, lack of ability to cut into his marker and cause damage. I’ll always defend the lad even though he’s mighty frustrating.

I followed Theo since his Southampton & England U19/U21 days and he was dubbed the “new michael owen” because of his finishing. High praise for him you might say but it was well deserved. He played off the main striker and used his pace to devastating effect banging in the goals left and right. But since becoming a first team member he’s been forced to spend time on the sideline which he’s done his job admirably without complaints.

Yes he can’t do the simple things at times, yes he overhits a cross sometimes and yes his finishing is erratic sometimes but for all this mentioned, he’s improved and gotten better. Van Persie credits him for assisting most of his goals and his hot form as a result of Theo’s selfless play and he showed that by handing the Englishman his Man of the match champagne after the NLD derby. Even Leo Messi rates him as one of the best players he’s played against.

Is Walcott really as bad as they make him out to be? Or are the fans ungrateful and too hard on him. Here’s something you should consider next time you want to boo the lad.

English Wingers In The EPL

    Stewart Downing : 27 appearances 0 goals 0 assists

    Ashley Young : 17 appearances 4 goals 7 assists

    Adam Johnson : 21 appearances 5 goals 2 assists

    Aaron Lennon : 15 appearances 3 goals 3 assists

    Theo Walcott : 27 appearances 5 goals 8 assists

As you can see for yourself, only Ashley Young rivals Theo this season and Young is a proper winger while Walcott is a forward playing on the wings. Again, if you’re not impressed, try putting some of the league’s best strikers on the wings in a 4-3-3 formation or any kind and see if they flourish or do any good, Hernandez for example.

Look at Bendtner, he was played consistently out wide and did not like it and it did not yield positive results but at Sunderland, he’s the main man and he’s banging in goals, he has more goals than Gervinho/Park & Chamakh put together. That buttresses my point.

Get off Theo’s back and cheer him on, a player can only deal with so much abuse. He has 16months left on his contract, if he’s not that good, the club won’t be trying to tie him down to a new deal and RVP loves him so I see no reason why you shouldn’t.

We’re not in action this weekend due to FA Cup games, but we’ll be on tuesday at Goodison Park. That should be a great on. From wherever you’re reading, go on and have a nice day. I know I will. Cheers.


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