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DENILSON IS GONE!!! | Fabregas Kidnapped & Barca Dont Want To Pay Ransom + Transfer Rumors

Morning gooners all over, I have some good news and I have some bad news and I also have shocking news, I’ll just hand it to you hot, or cold like the weather today. Arsenal’s much maligned and un-brazilian brazilian is leaving the club, Yes, Denilson is leaving Arsenal, finally. That’s the good news. The bad news is he’s only leaving on loan. His former club Santos have agreed to take him on a year long loan. I hope he never returns, unless he wants to sit and rot in our reserves which at the moment he’s not even good enough to play in. That’s one down, Bendtner, Eboue, Almunia to go.

Remember how we said a few weeks back that we got nominated for Best Sports blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards, that’s another good news, well we did not win,(the other bad news) I don’t even if we came 2nd or 4th or if we were leading the polls and like Arsenal we crashed just before the polls closed, oh well, it was good to be recognized in the first place. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted.

To the shocking and quite hilarious(to us gooners) news, apparently we are kidnappers as the Mayor of Fabregas’ town has decided to wade into the ongoing debate of ‘Let Fabregas Go’. He had this to say :

    ” We want him to come right away, he is experiencing a kidnapping, If the English are so honorable, they should behave properly”

First off, I think he was high when he made this comment, because if making someone the highest paid player in the club and earning loyalty of £2M a year is ‘like kidnapping‘ then I really hope they kidnap me forever. And to add to this, Arsene is not English, the club might be but the potential owner and coach are not so p*ss off. But if we are indeed kidnappers, every hostage has a ransom fee, and until Barca meets that fee, he remains a hostage.

My only disappointment in all this is that Fabregas hasn’t come out to stop all these silly and derogatory comments, instead he’s keeping mum which is disrespectful. If he really wants to leave and has told Xavi and co’ that he’s depressed, he should also tell them he’s worth £50M or at least pay the £45M the club is demanding. He’s losing respect of the fans as each minute passes.

Theo Walcott has come out pleading to be played as a centre forward claiming he’s ready to reveal his ‘Thierry Henry’ so as to be the other 15-20 goals a season striker in the club, a claim I wholeheartedly support. He gets a lot of stick for someone playing out of position and despite that he still does well. Play a couple of strikers on the wings and let’s see if they’ll flourish. I pray Arsene listens to him.

Transfer speculation has been rife in the past two days with reports linking us to Costa Rica U-20 striker Joel Campbell and we’re in advanced talks already, I just hope we bag him and avoid another Alvarez as other clubs have also met the asking price but the lad seems keen on wearing Arsenal’s Red & White. Get him Arsene, and be quick about it. Here’s a clip of him, you should enjoy it, Joel Campbell In Action

The Daily Sun also has us linked with Romelo Lukaku, the belgian starlet widely tipped to join Chelsea and seen as the new Drogba. Apparently officers of Anderlecth met with our officials yesterday after we tabled a £14M bid. Read more about it here Arsenal Bid £14M For Lukaku

It would be a major coup if we could get him, at 6’3″ and just 20 with 38 goals in 71(not sure about the stat) he could fit in well especially in January when we lose Chamakh & Gervinho for the African Cup Of Nations. Yup, some of you have forgotten about that. Imagine the horror of having Van Persie injured during that time……

From wherever you are, have a swell day, I wish I could wish the same on me. See you in the comments.


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Clichy has my blessings|Arsenal get bullied again|Cesc and Nasri to stay?

Adieu Gael

Granted, I may have popped some dopamine-enhancing pills this morning but I am in my most positive of moods. There have been a lot of paper talk over the past few days, with many of them being nothing but mere lazy journalism. We are actually tired of these stories and that may be responsible for the lack of posts these past few days. Not withstanding, our apologies!

So, first things first, news just in suggests that Gael Clichy just arrived at a private hospital in Manchester for a medical, with a view to completing his move to the Eastlands. This is bad news for us Arsenal fans, as we have just lost the last member of our invincibles team, a hard worker and an arsenal lover.

It may sound absurd praising him on the day he signs for another club; however, we cannot deny that Gael has been a loyal servant to the Arsenal cause. He gave his 100% whenever he wore the Red and White of the club and deserves every form of gratitude for his service.

Clichy came in for Ashley Cole and settled in perfectly, giving us great performance after great performance but last season, his form waned. The first person to notice this was Clichy himself. His performance dropped and he started making silly errors. He may have realised that his time at the top may not be as long as he expected. Having said that, I really do not see anything wrong in him seeking a big payday before he loses his form completely. I’m talking from a professional footballer’s perspective here, not as an Arsenal fan.

Everyone has their limits, he has been with us for over 8 years and he’s probably fed up. So I’ll put him in the category of ex-players who should get a warm reception when they return to the Emirates: Henry, Pires, Kolo Toure, Ljunberg… And now that Clichy is leaving, replacing him won’t be too difficult. We can bring in another left back, promote Gibbs, or shift Vermaelen to left back. The last option is a discussion for another day though.

To other news, Cesc should return to London today to begin preseason, and while his heart is still set on a move to Barcelona, returning to London may just be to our advantage. I believe that Wenger can meet Cesc one on one and convince him to stay at the club; tell him that Barcelona do not want him that much if they value Sanchez and Neymar more than him, tell him Arsenal will always love him more. It’s not going to be easy but if anyone can, Arsene can. Barcelona have no money, and I do not see how Cesc will leave if they cannot provide the funds.

Nasri will also meet with Wenger today to sort out his contract. For all his comments in the papers, it is imperative for me to let you know that everything Samir said, we already know. He wants to win trophies, who doesn’t? But he also added that he wants to do so playing a certain kind of football that we all know only one team in England is capable of.

He won’t play rugby, and he wants to win trophies, my feeling is he wants to push Wenger to sign top players this summer so we can compete better next season. Isn’t that what we all want?

For all our noise about Ricky Alvarez arriving, Inter Milan may just have beaten us to the signing of the Argentine ace. according to Maurizio Zamparini. The Palermo president was the man who revealed last week that Arsenal were set to win the race for the Velez Sarsfield midfielder. Palermo had also been bidding for Alvarez, which gave Zamparini his insight and now he claims that he knows Inter’s late bid for the player looks set to be successful.

It is annoying how we get bullied by other clubs; first it was Jones, now it’s Alvarez. However, we are not sure how much Wenger wanted him at Arsenal since there was no statement from anyone related to the club, and I have not really seen the lad play, so I cannot judge how much of a loss this is.

That’s it gooners, it’s past July 1st and still no action. Nothing on Samba and Cahill, Gervinho has still not been announced. I think Wenger knows what he’s doing, but for how long can he wait on other clubs? This summer was supposed to be about strengthening, but instead it’s another year of replacing.

It’s just amazing how we have these problems with money when 95% of the club is owned by two of the world’s richest men!

Wherever you are reading this from, keep believing. There’s still over a month of the transfer window left.

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EXCLUSIVE : Why Fabregas Must Leave Arsenal & £18M For Mata | Still No Samba & Gervinho

You’re probably wondering if I’m nuts or something and why I’d want our best and most valuable to leave the club. Well, remember the story of the Israelites that wanted to leave Egypt and how Moses kept begging for Pharaoh to LET MY PEOPLE GO. And how it had to come to ten plagues and the near destruction of Egypt beefore that happened.

What’s my point? Well, right now, we’re on the fence with this deal, Barca don’t need Fabregas but they want him. So let’s try and get the best possible deal. If he doesn’t leave this summer, at the end of next summer he won’t be worth much because he’ll have just two years left on his contract and Barca can afford to wait. Let’s face it, barring some freakish Miracle that would see us win the treble next season, Fabregas WOULD NOT sign any other contract or extension with Arsenal.

So I say, get the best possible deal for him now, if we can get 35M & Thiago Alcantara, I’d be happy. Incase you haven’t heard of or seen Thiago play, I have, and like I said on twitter a few weeks back, he’s like The Love Child Of Xavi’s Father & Iniesta’s Mother, yes, he’s that good and ready for the big time. Let’s make it happen.

Transfer news, after getting all hyped from watching clips of Ricky Alvarez who was rumored to be only interested in a move to Emirates, looks like we’re about to be dashed on that front. Inter Milan have reportedly made a better bid than ours, offered more in terms of wages & the allure of Argentine mates at Inter might prove too strong. I hope we still bag him, he’s like a cross between Kaka & Di Maria in his style of play. Nuff said.

Instead, news broke all over spanish media yesterday that we put in an 18M bid for Juan Manuel Mata who is a very exciting player than can play across the midfield. Word is, he wants to join a champions league team seeing as Valencia did not make it(which also rules out long time suitors) and with his club’s account well in red so much its fading to pink, they might sell him. 18M??? That’s not our way but I’m glad and I hope its true. That might just be the end of Nasri OR might convince the likes of him & Cesc to stay. Mata or Alvarez? You pick.

The window is not yet open officially, but where United that just won the league have already bolstered their ranks, we’re no closer to where we were when the season ended. Samba deal is still unclear, despite his public outcry to join us. Just make it happen already as Samba seems to be everyone’s preferred choice ahead of Cahill & Jagielka because of his physical attributes and his footballing ones as well.

Same goes for Gervinho, too many twists and turns, now word is, we haven’t even put in an official bid according to their president, even though the Ivorian has told the club to make something happen. So we’re definitely going to see movement this week.

From wherever you’re reading, have a splendid day and for the impatient ones, we still have 65 days till the window closes. Cheers


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No Gervinho, Samba Begs To Leave & Vela Survives The Chop

As I said a few days ago on twitter, the ‘deals’ for Gervinho & Samba are about to rival that of Arshavin & Nasri in terms of how long they took to materialize. We’ve been linked with the Ivorian for God knows how long and yet nothing of substantial evidence to prove it. It was reported last week that we had agreed personal terms and all that remained was a few and it would all be sorted out this week. Unless my calendar is faulty, then today is the last day of a working week.

Pre-season starts in a few weeks and teams have bagged some if not all their signings and they get to blend with their new mates before the pre season starts and here we are, not one person has moved out of the club & not one has moved into the club(please don’t say Jenkinson), all is well with the world. Are we being lied to? Or are we part of an elaborate joke that will have Arsenal sign 5 players in one day and go ‘BAM!!! YOU’VE ALL BEEN PUNK’D. If only.

Unto Samba the 2nd of the only targets we’re sure the club is after, we should have gotten him in January but Wenger’s frugality & failed psychic powers(along with that of the physios,that claimed TV5 would be back soon) we failed to.

Now its proving a problem, B’burn have sold Jones and are not about to lose his defensive partner and club captain without having any suitable replacements so we’re at an impasse. BUT have no worries, he made a cry yesterday night just like Moses did to the Egyptians that he be let go if Arsenal comes along. Oh did I mention we’re the club of his dreams, nope, not Madrid or Barcelona. Goody!!! Arsene make it happen. 12M is not too much you know considering you spent 10 on the average Kozzer.

Of the many facing an exodus at the club, our curly haired doll faced Mexican has just been told he’s not one of them after using another of his many lifelines to survive the chop. I’m a big fan and I blame Wenger for his poor development, deploying a fox-in-box-striker on the wings a la Bendtner.

Going into this weekend on a disappointed note but it was premeditated so I’m not hurt, we’re about to be reduced to scrambling for transfer info for the next few days. Also there’s a report that is planning on closing the fans forum on the site, apparently the fans have hurt the feelings of the club chief Gazidis and Wenger with their cry for improvement. What a world we live in aye? Notice how I did not mention the derisory £31M bid Barca made for Fabregas. Caroll worth more than Fabregas? You must be retarded.

From wherever you’re reading, hang in there, its tough and depressing but so have the last six years. Have a splendid day.


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FABREGAS STAYING : I’m An Arsenal Player And That’s It | Gervinho & Samba Deal Close

Fabregas has come out to say he’s not going anywhere. Well he didn’t exactly use those words but you get the point. He had this to say this morning.

    ” I won’t step forward and say I want to join Barca, after 8 years at Arsenal, I won’t harm the club. That’s not my way. I’m very happy now, I’m an Arsenal player and that’s it, Wenger knows what I want, he’s the boss and he decides.

There you have it, Sagna can shut it now after declaring that Cesc wants to leave and greedy Nasri can also learn a thing or two about Club loyalty especially to the one you’re currently in. Growing unrest continues amongst Arsenal fans but have no worries, Arsene is going to spend, we are in talks with Powerful Ivorian Gervinho who looks likely to sign in the next few days. Following that should be Cahill or Samba, most sites have Samba as their guy but I heard Blackburn don’t want to let him leave. We’re also tempting Bolton with a few fringe players for Cahill, I say we toss in as many as possible because I understand why AW won’t want to spend 17M on someone in the last year of his contract.

Gazidis has assured fans there will be movement in and out of the squad even though he did not reveal his targets but I hope Benzeama is on their radar as Madrid are close to signing Brazilian sensation Neymar which would leave room for him or Higuain to leave depending on who the clubs finds more important. I see four or five players coming in and four or five leaving.

As someone told me the other day, its too early to panick, the window hasn’t opened yet and there’s still time AND money to spend (we reportedly offered Phil Jones a bigger pay packet but he had no intention of leaving the North West region). So let’s get behind the club and stick together. Its shaping up to be a wonderful summer.

From wherever you’re reading, have a wonderful day. Your thoughts?


Fabregas, Nasri & Arshavin To Leave? What Happens Next?

The inevitable is looking all the more likely to happen this summer. From a club challenging on all fronts to one unsure of Champions League football next season and now the possibility of losing key first team players. All the pre summer talk has been about how Arsene would rebuild and bring a squad capable of completing the task. Now he has to face his worst nightmare which he’s been dreading ever since a certain 16 year old Fabregas joined the club.

Its no secret that he wishes to return to his boyhood club, and watching them lift the champions league again for the 2nd time in 3 years must have had him wondering what could have been if he had left last summer. Who can blame him? All we do is talk about how we must end our title drought while Barca continue to rack up trophies. I’d say we should let him go, there’s no guarantee we would win a major trophy next season and he knows his addition to the Barca squad even if it means bench time(which is impossible) he’s willing to do that. So I say, get a good fee for him, he’ll be a big loss but no one is bigger than a club and everyone is replaceable no matter how long it takes.

Moving on, the curious case of Samir Nasri, he blossomed into a world beater this season after 2 average seasons and became a toast of his mates and colleagues in the league. Now what amazes me is how we allowed his contract run down to this point without extending it earlier seeing that we tied down senior players and extended contracts yet we left him out. Now the ball is in his court, and he can do as he sees fit. But what I don’t appreciate from any player is greed and ungratefulness, rumours have it he’s demanding to earn the same as Fabregas which sincerely, he doesn’t deserve, what if he doesn’t replicate the same form next season? Even if he does, he’s still not worth the £110,000 he’s seeking.

This has led him to publicly say that he’s keeping his options open and a move to rivals United or any other English club is a possibility. Such disrespect. Arsene has refuted such saying if he doesn’t sign he’ll sell him but not to United or City to avoid a Flamoney situation. My guess is if Fabregas leaves, Nasri might get his wish as he would become the primary playmaker but I’d prefer he leaves, he’s already leaving a sour taste in the mouth of fans.

Arshavin is next as he’s seen as expendable, his perceived laziness on the pitch and non challant attitude continues to infuriate fans and are fed up and have called for him to leave. This I OBJECT TO STRONGLY. Yes, he’s lazy, yes he’s detached from the squad but people are missing the fact that he was a more creative force than Samir Nasri this season and even Theo Walcott, not just goals alone but by his assists as well. So even if he’s lazy and 30, I say we give him a new contract and keep him on the bench, I’d rather we have Arshavin on the bench than some inexperienced youngster, besides we can generate enough funds without selling him as well.

AW has cut his holiday short to revamp his squad, Whatever happens this summer window, I hope we can assemble a strong squad that can compete AND win something come the end of next season, with or without the aforementioned trio and that can only happen by getting the right and experienced players with a winning mentality.
A new dawn is arising at Arsenal this summer and we all hope its one that promises better and the emergence of players like Wilshere, Djourou and Szczesney only has me salivating for the new season. Let’s make it count.

From wherever you’re reading, have a swell day. Cheers

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It’s beef for Ade, Nasri going nowhere + PFA nominations

For all the doom and gloom that has been associated with anything Arsenal over the past week, last night’s Champions League game between Real Madrid and Spurs gave me enough reason to smile. I watched as Real’s £220m starting XI walloped a Spurs team that cost just above £75m, 1,2,3,4 goals to nill. And all I could do was pity a team that was not ready to be where they found themselves. Adebayor renewed his rivalry with the Spurs side and scored two fantastic headers. Not like he did not warn them. So it’s 10 in 13, eh? Well done son.

Make no mistake about it, Spurs have had a dream Champions League debut but it’s been basically trial and error for them. They topped their group but conceded even more goals than us. Then in the round of 16, they played a Milan side that was not interested in playing football. They got an away goal and cancelled each other out in London, booking an appointment with Real.

Quite a number of non Arsenal fans mentioned how far Spurs went and the point that we could not laugh at them since we did not make it that far. Even though we did not make it that far, we can be proud of our achievement; we beat arguably the best team the game has ever seen, in London and lost 3-1 at the Camp Nou. Some Spurs fans point to Peter Crouch’s sending off as the turning point in the game, but the fact is unlike our game against Barca, they were already behind and can have no complaints whatsoever about the decision.

To “more Arsenal” news, Nasri’s agent has confirmed that the French man is happy with us and will not leave during the summer transfer window. Alain Migliaccio pointed out that the 23-year old could be interested in playing in the Serie A but that will not happen next season as the player is focused to do well with Arsenal. Probably our player of the season, Samir has scored 14 goals in all competitions, 9 in the League, 2 in the Champions League, 1 in the F.A. Cup and 2 in the Carling Cup. This is a welcome development as we were already preparing for a summer full of rumours about the futures of Nasri and Cesc.

Meanwhile, the nominations for both the PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year awards have been announced and I am a bit surprised. The nominees for Player of the Year are Tottenham’s Gareth Bale, our own Samir Nasri, Blackpool’s Charlie Adam, Man United’s Nemanja Vidic, West Ham’s Scott Parker and Man City’s Carlos Tevez. I wonder why Van der Vaart and Nani are not on the list. However Nani’s name comes up in the Young Player’s category, alongside Tottenham’s Gareth Bale, Nasri, Jack Wilshere, Manchester City’s Joe Hart and Everton’s Seamus Coleman. So Samir has the chance to make it a clean sweep of both honours, following in the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo (2006/07) and Andy Gray (1976/77).

As an Arsenal fan I’d like if our players made a clean sweep of the awards, Nasri for the main gong and Wilshere for the young player award, but its rare to see the main gong go to a player whose team didn’t win any trophy unless of course the player in question was excellent all season, so I’d say Vidic is the early front runner for the gong. But everyone on the list deserves it as well.

Still a few days till our next game away at Bloomfield road against B’pool, and NO this won’t be a walk in the park, this is going to be VERY tricky seeing as we’ve stumbled against teams like this and we all know survival sometimes trumps title fight so let’s hope our players can do the deed and finally win a game. Rumours of Song’s injury flaring up again will be softened by the return of fitness to Emanuel Frimpong, the English-Ghanian youngster damaged ligaments in pre-season and played for the reserves yesterday, I hope he’s promoted immediately I really don’t want Denilson in the team again.

From wherever you’re reading, here’s hoping tonight’s game between Utd & Chelski can live up to yesterday’s with goals aplenty.

Yemi Jr

Man Utd Vs Arsenal : FA Cup Quarter Final Preview

You don’t know how glad I am that there’s finally a game to play, and its one between the two most successful sides in the FA Cup history. The fallout and noise and accusations and charges that flew around after the Barca game was getting too much. Its this simple, Barca taught us a footballing lesson. Why? We sold out our footballing values. And it was compounded by RVP’s sending off at a vital point. We all know how the rest of the story goes. Its saturday and we have our season to fight for. So too does United.

Unlike previous encounters in the cup, this one is probably the most important to us both since the 2005 final(I’d give anything for the same outcome today with us progressing) seeing as failure for us to progress leaves us with just the league to focus on while United would want to avoid what everyone is calling a ‘mini meltdown’. None of these teams likes to play weakened teams against each other but United would be keeping an eye on the UCL game on tuesday and I say they have the advantage on us seeing as they haven’t kicked ball in seven days, but neither have we kicked ball since Saturday(seeing as all we did at the Camp Nou was chase the ball for 90 mins)

To team news, like we’re used to, important players always pick up knocks around this time and they haven’t failed to deliver, Fabregas(hamstring), Song(Knee), Walcott(ankle), Chezzer(finger), Vermaelen(some mysterious ancient injury that has no cure) are all missing for us meaning we should still have a solid first 11 but a mediocre bench. Good times. We can take comfort in the fact that manure have their share of absentees, Nani, Park(our tormentor), Ferdinand, Valencia won’t feature.

I’m hoping SAF does us favour by starting say, Obertan, Brown, Gibson, then we can re-enact the murder at Anfield last week. Simply put, we have to win this game, by any means, yes its at OT, so what? Its not Nou Camp and they’re not Barca but neither were Sunderland when we drew blanks. We can afford that, drawing blanks that is, but I’d rather play this tie once and avoid a replay. We need to win something this season and even though most people want the league I want the league and cup double and a win today keeps that dream alive

Possible Formation


Sagna Kozzer Djourou Gibbs

    Wilshere Diaby

Bendtner Nasri Arshavin


Well let’s hope for a great spectacle today shorn of moronic refereeing decisions and horrific injuries. Hopefully get an early goal and see Rambo come on for the last fifteen minutes to grab the winner.

Your thoughts?


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Song Out For Barca Tie, Fabregas Returns

***UPDATE*** The post had to be tweaked a little to bring you news that just reached us from Arsenal which is Fabregas is 90% fit to face Barca while Alex Song is definitely out ouf the tie, which might see Diaby deputise for him.

Morning to all you readers out there, what a weekend. First we blow the chance to eat well into Manure’s lead and then Lady luck favours us as Manure were ‘Kuyt Napping’ at Anfield. Get the joke? Oh well unto the tie which Arsene Wenger blamed as being a distraction for the players against S’land. Its Barca at the Nou Camp.

Ever since the first leg was concluded, the odds slightly shifted in our favour to progress at their expense but in that period we’ve lost the Carling Cup to B’ham, defeated Orient by 5 goals and found Sunderland impossible to beat not to mention the injuries to key players RVP(in the form of his life), Fabregas(who is fit to start on tuesday) and Song(already ruled out by some media outlets).

I really hope we won’t have to point to their absence as an excuse should we not progress after all they have problems of their own with their first choice centre back pair (Puyol and Pique) missing through injury and suspension. Barca have never been known for their defensive prowess so it might not bother them a lot but I sense it will depending on the forward who plays for us. Should we go with Bendtner who flattered to deceive on Saturday after bagging a hat-trick against Orient, or go with the more seasoned Chamakh who looks to be returning to full fitness? Whoever gets the nod must play like Tevez or Ji Sun Park come that night.

Another scare was avoided after Wilshere picked up a knock only for him to assure Arsenal fans via his twitter account that he’s fit. Whew. Thank God for that. The midfield is where the game would be won. We don’t want to speculate on team news for now till Arsene gives his press conference but am guessing at least two enforced changes would be made with Sagna returning from a suspension, and Arshavin for the injured Theo.

Whatever the team, whoever plays must give 150% on the pitch and if there must, ‘Let there be blood‘ Fabregas for the inspiration, Nasri for the spark and creativity, Wilshere for the hardwork and doggedness and the defence for a mission impossible, which is to keep Barca from scoring. If we score first, we’ll be home and dry that I know of.

Your thoughts?


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Its NOT Just The Carling Cup + Lleyton Orient Preview

Where to start from is the question I find myself battling with as I write this post. Three days ago, we ‘had’ won the Carling Cup before even playing a minute in the final, fastforward to now, and we find ourselves in similar positions, bottled it when it mattered, injuries to key players, comedic defending that has become the norm these days and oh yeah, we lost the Carling Cup in the most irritating of ways.

Much ado has been made from how much ado was made about the Carling Cup final. Stories like its just the Carling Cup, our season is still finely poised to win a trophy, Fabregas was missing and a lot of gibberish nonsense. Its either some fans are as un ambitious as the board of directors(who had the nerve to still remind us of how rich we are as a club on the after math of the loss) or we’ve been cursed as a club not to win trophies.

We all watched the match and its been 3 days so there’s no point giving a recap of what happened. But I’ll remind you this, ITS NOT JUST THE CARLING CUP, remember when United almost went three years without any silverware, they changed their fortunes by bagging the Carlin Cup first and look how it propelled them to win three league titles in a row. When will Arsenal learn???

Unto team news for tonight’s Fa Cup replay against Orient at home, in typical fashion after players err, Chezzer and Kozzer have both been dropped for the game and to me that’s unnecessary seeing as you need them to move on quickly and what better game to that than against lower league opposition? Maybe he sees Sunderland at the weekend as a better option, who knows. Like that isn’t bad enough, Robin ‘hardly fit’ Van Persie has been ruled out for three weeks with a knee injury, ruling him out of important ties such as the return leg against Barca, the FA cup tie against United if we get there. Does anyone still think we don’t need a World Class forward come summer or is anyone of the opinion, Nikky B and Chammy can fill his shoes? Maybe, maybe not.

There has been no word yet on whether Aaron Ramsey is back at the club, barring that, the midfield is likely to remain unchanged as I doubt if Fabregas would be allowed to take part in the game. Do we go 4-4-2 with Chammy n Nikky B upfront or play just one of them to prevent injuries, one thing for certain would be Miquel who gets to keep his place from the first leg, I’m not convinced about the young man but hopefully he can do a solid job.

Pick yourselves up, dust yourselves and move on quick is the only message I can pass across to the lads and I hope they heed it, after all its just the Carling Cup, we’re gunning for bigger fish in the league and Champs league.

From wherever you’re reading, see you in the quarter final at Old Trafford. Your thoughts?


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