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BlackPool Vs Arsenal : The Match Preview

Hallo fellow gooners, sorry I’ve posted nothing in a while, more out of disappointment than anything else and then my work schedule hasn’t quite been forgiving so I’ve had to take a bit of a hiatus whether I wanted to or not (I did actually) but that’s not quite why we’re here is it.

So we have a game against a team that has won just two in their last seventeen games in the league, lying in…well…seventeenth place and we’re in second place. Seems easy enough yes? Well our form’s been pretty horrid and let’s face it if Blackpool’s going to get anything out of this game, now represents their best chance doesn’t it? We’re seven points adrift with a game in hand, we win that we’re actually four points adrift. I can still see United losing two games b4 the end of the season, against Chelsea and against us, so its not all doom and gloom is it?

But then the task at hand is most important.
Now, we’re without Alex Song and that’s a pretty big loss too and Almunia’s in the line up….again so too kozzer and the squid, Samir, Walcott, RVP, and all the usual suspects seem fit and well, so also our captain.

Blackpool have played some pretty neat stuff all season, or have at least tried to, so I suppose they won’t try to park the bus and we’re hoping history repeats itself and we get to hit them for six goals again but I doubt it. Let’s hope Arsene talks major sense into the lads this afternoon and if possible a pre match hair-dryer treatment, cause there’s actually quite a bit to play for in the league still. I mean I cannot remember the last time Arsene said plainly and simply ‘We were not good enough’ after a game.

Gooners we still have an outside chance but it must start today. So let’s keep our chin up and do what we’ve done all season; support our great club
Come on you gooners!!!


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