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Something worse than the Swansea loss.

This is not a rant, just the result of a series of calculated thoughts!

I was sat in my living room as early as 3:00 p.m (believe me that’s early in my books), waiting for the game, waiting for my darling Arsenal to put little Swansea to the sword.

They didn’t disappoint at first, RVP got a well-taken goal as early as the 5th minute, and my mind was set on a big win, the type we had at Wigan.

For God knows how, Swansea found a way back into the game, and won a penalty (maybe it wasn’t a penalty), to draw level. Terrible defending from Arsenal then gave them the lead.

We leveled matters through Theo Walcott and amazingly, we gifted them another goal even before I was done “processing” our equalizer. We couldn’t fashion a way back into the game and we were beaten, fairly.

A few individual performances spring to mind. Miquel shouldn’t have been playing that game had we brought in a left back. Ramsey was not up for it and Mert4 made a bad decision for the winner. Bar a well-taken goal, Walcott didn’t do a thing right, Szczesny is beginning to falter and we missed Arteta really badly.

Now to what really bothers me; there I was a few minutes after the game, feeling normal. I mean we just lost to Swansea after the game and I shouldn’t feel normal, I should be livid!

But for some reason, I wasn’t! I logged into my twitter feed and I was greeted with varying reactions to the loss. While some were venting their anger, others were searching for positives in what was an abysmal performance.

We have the worst away record for goals conceded and it is as though we need to score two goals to draw games away from home!

We were beaten at our passing game, and that’s quite worrying. Swansea seemed to want it more and that’s pretty disturbing.

I think I was somewhere in the middle of those two groups; and with time I concluded that the reason I felt that way is because I was gradually becoming used to Arsenal screwing up things.

You may have heard this before but I just wish to reiterate that Arsenal finishing in the top 4 this season will be Wenger’s best achievement to date. That in itself in enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

We cannot maintain the pressure that accompanies a run of good form without messing it up. Look at this, we had a very poor start, recovered well, but the moment people started taking us seriously, we began to falter.

Injuries? Look at Man United and get back to me. I think it’s something to do with the mindset of the players, they are just not up for it, even Cesc said it!

They don’t see themselves as a team capable of winning things, and if anything that’s the major positive I see from Henry’s return to the club.

Arsenal players are like that kid in high school, who knows the pass mark is 40%, but he needs to study hard for 85% to get an A+. How well do you think he’ll perform? My guess is he’ll party hard and target 50% which in all fairness is a pass grade, and move onto the next one.

For all the talk about contending for the title, I just think they do not believe it. They just look to be in the top four every year, get into the Champions League and “do well” in the cup competitions.

Yesterday’s loss is just another on a long list of unbelievably poor results, and what’s worse is that us fans are settling for it.

Slowly, the same Arsenal fans that celebrated titles a few seasons ago are the same ones “celebrating” a Champions League qualification. Yes, that’s how bad we have become.

The club posts profits year in year out and neglects what really matters, the football. If you told me (with concrete evidence) Arsenal have no money to spend, maybe I wouldn’t have written this post. But apparently there’s some money to spend, we just don’t think it’s ‘necessary’.

“I think it will be stupid to drop points simply because we don’t have full-backs.” – Wenger, two weeks ago.

The talk of sacking Wenger now doesn’t even begin to arise. He gave a reasonable argument for why he’d rather wait for the injured players to return than bring in new faces.

Whether or not this loss will change Arsene’s stance on winter transfers will be revealed in the coming days.

That’s all I can take for today. Apologies for an unusually long post, I only felt the need to share everything I was thinking with you. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

Keep the faith wherever this post meets you!


What I learnt in Greece|Fabregas says he gave Arsenal his best|Identities of the Statues revealed

This post should have come earlier in the day but I was busy with an 8-page Literature review I just submitted. It took my whole morning, but hey, I’ve got more news for you than I would have had I posted in the morning, so it’s all good.

Following yesterday’s defeat in Greece, the boss did not have much to say. He did give credit to Olympiakos for playing a “committed game” and admitted that on the whole, they were sharper than us and wanted the win more than we did. I won’t bore you a match report, just a number of things I noticed from the game.

Arshavin and Chamakh are in the last chance salon at the club. Both men have turned in indifferent performance over and again since the start of the season and it is quite hard to see a future at Arsenal for either of them.To say Andrei isn’t pulling his weight will be an understatement, he looked like a rookie last night, like he couldn’t be bothered. It was no surprise to see a lot of fans rip into him after the game.

And while I am still one of the very few (and I mean VERY few) Arsenal fans who still believe in Andrei, time is not on his side. With Oxlade-Chamberlain already impressing, he may be pushed down further in the pecking order. Chamakh’s case is baffling; he obviously has not recovered from the fatigue he suffered last winter. This does not bode well for the club, as we need both of them in good form if we are to challenge for any honors this season.

Szczesny is more important than we imagined. Granted our defence should have done better on but we played two goalkeepers yesterday and none of them impressed me. Mannone chose yesterday to display his kicking skills and flapped at a ball my kid brother would have saved. And to think he thinks he should have had more appearance in the Arsenal shirt; performances like that won’t win you the gaffer’s trust Don Vito. And that means you won’t get to be a club legend.

Talking legends, Arsenal are set to unveil statues of three of the club’s greatest-ever heroes at The Emirates Stadium on Friday. And thanks to a leak by the Daily Telegraph, I can tell you that Tony Adams, Thierry Henry and Herbert Chapman are the chosen trio. Legendary defender Tony Adams captained the Gunners to five league titles across three different decades, making nearly 700 appearances in 19 years at the club despite years of battling his off-pitch demons.

Titi was saved from a bad spell by Le Boss, but was a huge hit at the club and scored a club record 226 goals in 370 appearances. For those that don’t know me personally, he is my favourite footballer of all time! Say a bad word about him and you’ll have me to contend with.

The third statue is Herbert Chapman, the iconic manager credited with first making Arsenal a force in the English game. He had already made Huddersfield both league and FA Cup champions, and did the same with Arsenal as he revolutionised the approach to football training and tactics. He also championing modern developments such as shirt numbers and evening matches being played under floodlights, before his tragic death from pneumonia after watching the Gunners’ third team play a match in Guildford in January 1934.

So there you have it, three men who will be immortalized on Friday and deservedly so. This is coming at a time the club is struggling and the thought of being immortalized my help fire up the current crop of Arsenal players. Who is to say Arsenal won’t be erecting a Jack Wilshere statue in the couple of decades?

Now to a player who might have had a strong for a statue had he not bailed out when we needed him the most, Cesc Fabregas. The 24-year-old made more than 300 appearances, scoring 59 times, after being plucked from the Camp Nou club’s youth team by Wenger in 2003. And after a sixth successive year without silverware, which included a last-gasp loss to Birmingham City in the League Cup final, Cesc says the time was right to move on and attempt to win honours with his star-studded hometown team. Said he,

“I thought it was the right moment. I’d given everything for Arsenal. I played with a broken leg, I played when my grandfather died. I gave everything but you reach a moment when you say: ‘I can’t give any more”

Fair enough Cesc, we do not dispute the fact that you gave us your best, we just asked you to give us a bit more, seeing as your best wasn’t good enough. But it’s in the past now, he’s enjoying life in Barcelona and we are recovering from losing him, so both parties are sort of happy now.

Onto some transfer news, Wolves are keen on signing Emmanuel Frimpong and Francis Coquelin on six-month loan deals. The two youngsters have had limited opportunities in the first team this season and Arsene is likely to be in favour of providing the pair with more football. Frimps has already spoken out that he would like to explore the possibility of a loan deal in January and it seems that Wolves could move to please the 19-year-old. Coquelin also expressed a desire to go in search of some regular footy in the winter.

I’d love for both of them to stay in the EPL, that way we get to see them often and we can measure their progress more accurately.

Coming at a time when a club on the other side of London is struggling to keep its top players, having dressing room disputes, and praising a drab win over Valencia as their best performance of the season, it’s not really a bad time to be a gooner, is it?

Keep it goonerish from wherever you are reading this and do let me know what you think in the comments!


Joel Campbell Arrives London Today|Fabregas to undergo TWO Medicals.

Adios Cesc

Adios Cesc

Morning gooners! It’s the start of a new week and it is one which sees us finally say goodbye to our captain (or ex-captain) if you like, Cesc Fabregas.

Arsenal confirmed his departure yesterday and Cesc is due to be unveiled later today. However, considering his hasmtring problems, the Catalan giants want to be double-sure they are not buying a crock! Cesc is due to have two medicals, one at 7a.m, the other at 9:30a.m.

Other things being equal, he’ll sign at around 11:30a.m and will be unveiled about an hour later. It is sad to see the best midfielder in the world IMO leave us. Wenger has made a mistake of building his teams around Fabregas, now he’ll leave a huge gap for us to fill.

Whilst his conduct could have been a bit better, he gave us his best whenever he played. I loved him, I still love him now and I always will. Despite being the heartbroken one here, I see nothing wrong in allowing his pursue his dream. Adios Cesc! Best of Luck!!

Now onto matters Arsenal (as weird as that sounds), Young Guns Blog says Costa Rican striker, Joel Campbell will arrive in London this morning to complete his £930,000 move from Deportivo Saprissa, a Costa Rican record.

Saprissa President has confirmed the deal and also confirmed a partnership arrangement with Arsenal.

“We are extremely excited about this opportunity to strengthen our organization through the sharing of best practices Arsenal. We will be visiting London next month and in due time we will provide details of this relationship, which includes close collaboration on a number of issues, as well as the creation of a Saprissa-Arsenal Academy.”

Campbell also gave his opinion about the transfer:

“I’m very happy, very proud for my family, football and Costa Rica. Arsenal is a team that I’ve liked my whole life, and gives chances to young players. It’s a good team to show myself.”

He’s not been granted a work permit yet and will continue to train with the club while that is sorted out.

So that’s another signing in the bag for us, albeit not one we craved. In the wake of Cesc’s departure, a lot of names have been linked to us from Jadson, Marvin Martin, Valbuena to even Joey Barton.

Who do you consider to be the appropriate replacement for Fabregas, that is if like me, you believe he should be replaced? We haven’t signed THAT defender too, of those linked to us, which centre back would you sign?

As usual, let us know in the comments!

Cesc Finally Gone, Nasri to follow + 2 new injuries for Arsenal

Adios Cesc

Adios Cesc

Granted, the Fabregas to Barcelona deal has not been officially confirmed by either club, but after yesterday’s reports, we know that barring a major miracle, he won’t be playing at The Emirates next season.

It had been coming, and for seasons we have endured countless disrespectful comments from the catalan camp on how the Barcelona players feel about the prospect of having the Cesc join them.

They seem to have finally got their wish; and I think for us, it marks the end of what has been an extremely humiliating episode with the Spanish Club.

He’ll move for a fee of around €40m, equivalent to approximately £35m, same amount Liverpool paid for Carroll. The height of desperation displayed by Fabregas gave Barcelona our best player for way less than we value him.

He is the best attacking midfielder on the planet, but his “love” for Barcelona blinded him and even pushed him as far as funding his own transfer from the club that made him who he is. While it cannot be argued that Fabregas gave his 100% to Arsenal every time, he has failed woefully as a captain!

Nasri’s is a different case. He’s been with us for 4 seasons, we were patient with him to come through. He’s had a big season now and he wants to leave. While it is questionable why we didn’t sign him on earlier, he is about to betray a club which tolerated his mistakes as a growing footballer.

With City reportedly ready to offer him £185k a week, it is obvious why Samir’s refused to sign a new contract till now. And if the words of his national team coach, Laurent Blanc are anything to go by, he won’t sign.

No matter what anyone says, losing Cesc and Samir, if both transfers go through is a disaster! It will be really difficult, if at all possible, to replace Cesc in particular, who brings 15+ goals and 15+ assists each season.

We have to try nonetheless. As at the end of last season, we were 3 (an attacking and 2 defensive) players short. Now we’ve lost Clichy, Cesc and Nasri to follow. We’ve brought in Gervinho, Jenkinson and Oxlade-Chambs.

Good signings in their own rights; but now we need signings of intent. If those two leave, we’ll have enough money. Sneijder’s astronomical wages mean we cannot sign him, but Mata is available. He is a Cesc/Nasri hybrid from what I’ve seen, and will really flourish at Arsenal. Get him now Arsene!

We cannot afford to wait any longer. We bombed at Newcastle last season with a better starting XI than what we currently have. We do not want to start the season on a wrong foot.

Add two of Jagielka, Cahill, Samba and Dann to Mata and we won’t look too bad. An extra attacker would have been ideal but I’m hoping on the likes of Arshavin and Rosicky to consistently bring their A-games this season.

Arshavin and Ramsey were added to our injury list after yesterday’s friendlies. I expect Arshavin to be back in no time though. We’ll also need a new captain, who should lead the team next season? Vermaelen looks like the ideal choice for me, but for some reason I hope RVP gets it.

It’s not been the best of summers for us, it even has the potential to be worse in a couple of days. But we can make the most of what fate’s thrown at us. If we re-invest and sign the right players, we will have a great season.

More importantly, we would have put out a statement, that NO PLAYER can hold the Arsenal to ransom.

Keep the Faith!

Let us know what you think.

Thoughts on a tricky UCL tie + A “Different” Members Day

It was Members Day yesterday and fans got an opportunity see the players train. It is usually a relaxed and enjoyable event, but this year’s edition had a different atmosphere to it.

Apart from the weather which almost crippled the entire event, there was some tension in the air. With rumours rife that the club were set to take two pictures, one with Cesc and one without him, the rain denied fans what they really wanted to see.

A number of “rituals” were also avoided for reasons best known to the organizers. Normally, the players would be introduced to the fans and they’d come out one by one to a rapturous applause. Yesterday however, they all came out at once.

The best guess is the club tried to avoid a controversy due to the uncertainty surrounding the future of some key players. That being said, it was great to see Cesc and other want-away stars train with no qualms.

Apparently, we rejected another bid of around £29m from Barcelona today. The drama continues and we can expect it to last until August 31st…if he has not left before then.

Meanwhile, the Champions League Draws for the qualifying phase were made today. We get to play Udinese over two legs for a place in the Group stages.

Given our options, we could have drawn a much easier team, but we didn’t and we’ve got to deal with that. Even though Udinese sold 3 of their best players this summer, they still have some really good players, Antonio Di Natale, Kwadwo Asamoah, Pablo Armero, Mauricio Isla et al.

Also, the fact that we play the first leg at home makes me a bit worried. Our home form hasn’t been the best, and we need to kill this tie at home. Anything less than a 2-goal lead is not good enough. Having said that, we have been taught that even a 4-goal lead does not assure us of an Arsenal win.

August will be a very decisive month for us, we play Newcastle away, Liverpool at home, Udinese at home, Man United away and Udinese away. Yet we are still a couple of players short and we do not have as much time as we think.

Should results go against us, we may have lost ground in the race for the EPL title and not qualify for the UCL, even before the transfer window closes. But even though we cannot rule out the possibility of such a disaster, I very much doubt things will get that bad.

I’ve watched us go to Milan twice, Turin and Roma, and we came out victorious on each of those occasions. It’s only a matter of adding Udinese to that list.

Any thoughts? Please share them below.

Wenger: We need to send out an important message.

The Arsenal squad arrived in Kuala Lumpur to an amazing welcome by the club’s Asian fans. The fans are obviously delighted that they finally get to see their heroes in flesh. The players and the manager were also pleased to be there.

Talking about the manager, Arsene Wenger has been in high spirits since the team landed. He has answered a lot of questions and he went one step further yesterday.

At a packed press conference where everyone was asking questions about Samir Nasri’s future, Wenger did not even wait to be asked about Cesc.
He just burst in:

“So does Fabregas stay? We already answered the question. I am confident he will because I hope he will see that there will be no greater achievement for him in his life than to lead this team to success and that it will not be the right period for him to leave the club.”

Wenger was in the most bullish of moods and tackled the issue head on. He was definitely prepared to answer questions about his captain’s future.

“Yes, Fabregas wants to go back to Barca. No, he’s not unhappy at Arsenal. He is torn between the two clubs.”

Arsene however confessed that Cesc may get his wish to return, but only if Barcelona stump up the required amount.

“Yes, he won’t leave unless Arsenal get the right fee. But we want to keep him and for us it’s not a question of money.”

Cesc has 4 years left on his contract and cannot force his way out of the club. But I fear that if the skipper is kept against his wishes, it may affect the dressing room and translate to poor performances.

When pressed about Nasri’s contract saga, Wenger proceeded to utter the best words I’ve heard from him in a long while.

“I believe for us it is important the message we give out… a big club first of all holds on to its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs that they just cannot come in and help themselves.”

So there you have it gooners! Wenger finally sets the record straight. He has told Barcelona to pay up or shut up. It will be interesting to see how the Spanish giants react.

Having said all these, I was thinking, should we just sell Cesc off, possibly change formation and build a team around someone who is more committed?

Or should we just add a few top defenders and hope next season will be better with an improved defensive record?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Gervinho in an Arsenal Shirt|Nasri Isn’t Leaving|Gibbs is our new LB.

Gervinho has signed for Arsenal and he will sport the number 9 jersey for next season. He is a great signing and will score lots of goals. *insert deep sigh*

I wish I could happily and confidently tell you that the deal has happened. I wish I could give you more than just a link to the above image which is probably fake.

Unfortunately, his signing has not been confirmed even after supposedly having a medical on Thursday.

French sources claim he still has some issues back in France and his signing should be announced in a few days. One begins to wonder how long “a few days” will be. I cannot wait to see him in an Arsenal shirt though and in a legitimate picture for that matter.

Meanwhile, Sky sports understands that we have agreed a fee of £22.2m with Man City for the sale of Nasri. As “credible” as this source is, it will take more than just their “understanding” to make me believe this story.

Add this to the fact that just yesterday afternoon Wenger was quoted as saying he will do everything to keep both Cesc and Nasri. There were even reports that Nasri has been offered £110k per week to keep him at the Emirates.

How Wenger made a complete U-turn in a matter of hours is what beats me. And taking into consideration how Sky sports have been “understanding” that Cesc’s deal to Barcelona is almost done, I’m not surprised this story has come up.

The team will be travelling to Asia soon and it will be interesting to see who is on the plane and who is not. Wenger expects Nasri to be part of the touring party. Said he,

…Yes, Samir is going on tour. He is not injured, so he is going on tour. We will take the strongest possible squad.”

Japanese teenage sensation Ryo Miyachi is also expected to feature at some point. And as we told you in our last post, Cesc will not be travelling. No story in here, Wenger says he’s injured and I believe him. Fabianski, Eboue and Bendtner may also miss the tour.

Wenger also suggested that Kieran Gibbs will be promoted instead of splashing out cash on a new left back. Opinion on whom our new left back should be is split, and this decision will surely anger some Arsenal fans.

I don’t think Gibbs is a bad player but I doubt he is ready to play in the EPL week in week out. Having said that, a run of games may see him improve drastically.

I expected us to bring in an experienced left back, Wenger decided to promote Gibbs. This trick worked with Clichy when Ashley Cole left; it remains to be seen if Gibbs can prove us wrong with CONSISTENTLY good performances.

Following the failures of last season, we all expected a summer of additions to an almost perfect squad; not having to replace our top players. Now most fans are wondering, will Cesc leave? Should he even be allowed to leave? What happens to Nasri in the event of Cesc’s departure?

Does Wenger still know? Why are we taking relatively long to sign players? Is our interest in Mata strong enough to bring him to London? What formation are we even going to play next season?

These are some of the questions I have asked myself these past weeks. Honestly, I am eager to see how we begin next season with a stronger team than the previous campaign. Or will we?

Keep the faith wherever you are reading this from!

Do let us know what you think in the comments.

Clichy has my blessings|Arsenal get bullied again|Cesc and Nasri to stay?

Adieu Gael

Granted, I may have popped some dopamine-enhancing pills this morning but I am in my most positive of moods. There have been a lot of paper talk over the past few days, with many of them being nothing but mere lazy journalism. We are actually tired of these stories and that may be responsible for the lack of posts these past few days. Not withstanding, our apologies!

So, first things first, news just in suggests that Gael Clichy just arrived at a private hospital in Manchester for a medical, with a view to completing his move to the Eastlands. This is bad news for us Arsenal fans, as we have just lost the last member of our invincibles team, a hard worker and an arsenal lover.

It may sound absurd praising him on the day he signs for another club; however, we cannot deny that Gael has been a loyal servant to the Arsenal cause. He gave his 100% whenever he wore the Red and White of the club and deserves every form of gratitude for his service.

Clichy came in for Ashley Cole and settled in perfectly, giving us great performance after great performance but last season, his form waned. The first person to notice this was Clichy himself. His performance dropped and he started making silly errors. He may have realised that his time at the top may not be as long as he expected. Having said that, I really do not see anything wrong in him seeking a big payday before he loses his form completely. I’m talking from a professional footballer’s perspective here, not as an Arsenal fan.

Everyone has their limits, he has been with us for over 8 years and he’s probably fed up. So I’ll put him in the category of ex-players who should get a warm reception when they return to the Emirates: Henry, Pires, Kolo Toure, Ljunberg… And now that Clichy is leaving, replacing him won’t be too difficult. We can bring in another left back, promote Gibbs, or shift Vermaelen to left back. The last option is a discussion for another day though.

To other news, Cesc should return to London today to begin preseason, and while his heart is still set on a move to Barcelona, returning to London may just be to our advantage. I believe that Wenger can meet Cesc one on one and convince him to stay at the club; tell him that Barcelona do not want him that much if they value Sanchez and Neymar more than him, tell him Arsenal will always love him more. It’s not going to be easy but if anyone can, Arsene can. Barcelona have no money, and I do not see how Cesc will leave if they cannot provide the funds.

Nasri will also meet with Wenger today to sort out his contract. For all his comments in the papers, it is imperative for me to let you know that everything Samir said, we already know. He wants to win trophies, who doesn’t? But he also added that he wants to do so playing a certain kind of football that we all know only one team in England is capable of.

He won’t play rugby, and he wants to win trophies, my feeling is he wants to push Wenger to sign top players this summer so we can compete better next season. Isn’t that what we all want?

For all our noise about Ricky Alvarez arriving, Inter Milan may just have beaten us to the signing of the Argentine ace. according to Maurizio Zamparini. The Palermo president was the man who revealed last week that Arsenal were set to win the race for the Velez Sarsfield midfielder. Palermo had also been bidding for Alvarez, which gave Zamparini his insight and now he claims that he knows Inter’s late bid for the player looks set to be successful.

It is annoying how we get bullied by other clubs; first it was Jones, now it’s Alvarez. However, we are not sure how much Wenger wanted him at Arsenal since there was no statement from anyone related to the club, and I have not really seen the lad play, so I cannot judge how much of a loss this is.

That’s it gooners, it’s past July 1st and still no action. Nothing on Samba and Cahill, Gervinho has still not been announced. I think Wenger knows what he’s doing, but for how long can he wait on other clubs? This summer was supposed to be about strengthening, but instead it’s another year of replacing.

It’s just amazing how we have these problems with money when 95% of the club is owned by two of the world’s richest men!

Wherever you are reading this from, keep believing. There’s still over a month of the transfer window left.

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See you in the commments!

Worst Transfer News yet|July 1st Approaches

On his way out?

Just a quick one gooners. This week has been dominated by the infamous Cesc story which was first run by the usually reliable BBC.

It is imperative for me to state however, that I still cannot “totally” believe the entire story; this is because there was no credible name mentioned, and that gives the BBC plausible deniability should there be any trouble.

I used the word “totally” because I believe that behind virtually every rumour is a pointer, and an element of truth, no matter how minute.

And to those basing their assumption on the photo shoot for the new away kit, let me point out to you that Van Persie was absent too. And RVP is as loyal to Arsenal as they come. Apparently, Nasri also tweeted that he loved the new kit too, so the story can go either way.

Now to the title of my post and I was not exaggerating, at least that is what I believe. Just yesterday evening, the agent of our Brazilian “winner” (Denilson), said he doubts that any deal will be made for his client and in the event of no bids, Denilson will be returning for preseason with Arsenal. Said He,

I don’t know anything about Milan at the moment they are rumours. Spanish or Italian clubs? There are no talks…The only certainty is that if nothing happens in the coming days, Denílson will join Arsenal for pre-season.

For all He said last season about this Arsenal team not having his winning mentality, Denilson would be brave to stay with us surely.

Life as an Arsenal fan is fun, isn’t it? We are struggling to keep our top players, Fàbregas, Nasri and Clichy; and also struggling to get rid of the deadwood, Denílson, Squillaci, Bendtner and Almunia. Some Arsenal fan even put Denilson up for sale on e-bay! That shows you how much we want him out of the club.

Now we’ll be probably stuck with this “winner” for another season and since he won’t get anywhere near the first team ( fingers crossed), we’ll be paying him just to train. Left to me, we could always give him away for free.

The rumours have continued as usual, and while some are reporting that we have ditched Samba for Cahill, others are making noise about a double swoop. How interesting can it get? Which brings me to this…

For some reason which I cannot explain (and I doubt anyone can), July 1st has become the day of salvation for gooners; that day we look forward to for the fulfillment of our dreams. We believe for some strange reason that our signings (God let there be more than one!) will be announced on that day.

I am as desperate as you all are for signings but a mate recently pointed out to me that we have never announced a signing on July 1st! If this is true, I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you, but what is to say we cannot begin that trend this year?

So while I’m hopeful that July 1st will be that glorious day, I won’t hold my breath though, with the knowledge that it might be like just any other day….rumours, rumours and more rumours!

It’s a wrap guys, let’s hope Wenger can surprise us all and pull something off this week. One thing’s for sure though, we won’t be starting next season with exactly the same set of players.

Have a splendid day wherever you are reading this from.

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See you in the commments!

Lay off Wilshere’s Back! Rosell’s retarded + Gervinho News.

Now I heard some of the most ridiculous sporting comments I’ve ever had the dis-honour to, this past week and surprisingly they came out of the Barcelona camp.

It’s amazing how a club that claims to ooze class can be so classless in its attempts to do business, isn’t it? This time the travesty is in form of one Mr. Sandra Rosell, now what Mr. Rosell, Barcelona’s president by the way, stated was that Cesc’s value had gone down since last summer, due to wear and tear *pause* really Sandro?

Are we referring to the same world of footie in which a certain Henderson is worth £20million and Andy Carroll,£35million?!?!

Are we speaking of a lower priced Cesc in this same world that has doled out ridiculous prices one…well…players eh Sandro? Please Sandro, do us all a favour, shattap, crawl back under that board room desk and do what board members are known for doing, sitting in box seats and watching games they know next to nothing about.

Mr. Rosell went on to say that “Cesc is of Barcelona and if I were the president of another club, I wouldn’t sign a player who holds dear the colours of another team”

Maybe I have amnesia but didn’t a certain Thierry Henry refuse to play against The Arsenal? Why did you sign a player that is Arsenal through and through Sandro?!? Cesc played against Barcelona, twice and even scored on one occasion.

Now if I were Cesc, i would have to think this through carefully.
Barcelona keep telling the world in one breath that he’s theirs and in the next that they are buying a diminishing player. Do they expect that he’d grovel at their feet anytime they are ready to come for me?

I suppose you get the picture, and I think it’s strange, and not unconnected, that these words came forth in the same week where Cesc all but said he would stay for at least another year.

Now we’ve all heard of the imminent arrival of Gervinho who’s said to have signed a 4-year contract. I do think he’s a super talent, well done Arsene….however….err….Arsene? We didn’t particularly have much of a problem scoring goals, conceding however……err….nuff said!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying an attacking player isn’t welcome, especially one of his undeniable talent but until I hear that a Chris Samba or a Gary Cahill….or both or defensive players of that calibre have signed for the club, don’t expect me to do the cat-daddy on my office desk with joy!

One more before I go, after England’s abysmal showing at the U-21 World Cup, some people (on twitter at least) took it upon themselves to blame Jack Wilshere. According to them, Wilshere’s decision to opt out of the mundial denied the England team of arguably the biggest player in the tournament.

While I understand their sentiments, it should be known that a certaon Andy Carroll also chose not to go. So why is everyone on Jack’s case? Do you get paid for hating on Arsenal??

It is worth noting that Wilshere isn’t the man who set up the academies in England which produced those inefficient players.

Also, last time I checked, Wilshere isn’t the last name of the muppet in charge of the team. I honestly cannot fathom how a team with £20m Henderson and £16m Phil Jones did not make it past the first round. They could not hold their own against their far cheaper but way better Spanish and Czech counterparts.

Yet many fans were slating Wenger for not doing enough to sign these two average players. You better thank God for what you have.

That’s it mates, it’s another Monday and I really struggled to get out of bed to prepare for work. I really can’t wait to retire!

Have a great start to the week people.
Arsene should make us happy before it runs out.

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