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Oxlade-Chamberlain Scores Hattrick || Wenger & Gazidis are Idiots

Feed The Ox & He’ll Score, this seems to be catching on fast with the gooner faithful, and why won’t it, with 5 goals in three competitive games, Arsenal may have hit jackpot with young Alex. He was the star performer yesterday night for the England U-21’s as he scored a treble.

The first was after he collected the ball in the midfield, embarked on a solo run beforea finishing beyond the Icelandic goalkeeper. The second came after a gaffe by the goalkeeper who could only parry it into his path for the easiest goal he might score this season. The third was brilliant as he received the ball on the wings, went past four challenges and buried it. We all know Capello is looking at him already so we could see him in the senior set up before long.

Ivan Gazidis
This man here is an idiot, and I have no idea why he’s still at the club. Yes I’m angry and with good reason. We’ve gone from a club that aims for Champions league qualification every season and then sell off our best players to a club struggling to hold on to the remaining players, struggling to put up a run of wins this season, only to have the man blurt out yesterday that the club can afford to miss out on Europe for one season. You can read about it here Guardian

How can a top club where fans pay top money to see the team play well and give them good value for their money say such. Since when did we become Liverpool & Tottenham, underachievers?? How did we go from Invincibles to Shambolic and poor?? This madness would continue until Wenger and the board with Gazidis are gone. Usmanov might not be the answer but surely he can’t be as useless as Kroenke has been so far

Look at Man United, that’s a great club with great expectations every season, to win it all and be the best at whatever cost. They’re in so much debt yet they spend & they win like there’s no tomorrow and keep getting sponsorship deals that are mindblowing, little why they’re the second most valuable sports franchise in the world. Right now I’d take Usmanov and his money and his well renowned business expertise and turn this sinking ship around before its too late.

The international games are tonight, let’s hope all our players come through them unscathed and hopefully pick up some form. Do have a swell day.


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Arsenal To Offer Fabregas Pay Rise. WHY?? | Gazidis Says Buying Not Over

Imagine the rubbish I woke up to this morning, the Daily Mirror is reporting that we’re set to offer Fabregas a contract extension and an improved contract. Again I ask WHY???. Its obvious he doesn’t want to remain at the club and it would take some divine intervention or serious brain washing to make him consider the offer in the first.

The question is why aren’t we offering Samir Nasri a better contract, afterall he hasn’t said he wants to join a particular club, or any one for that matter and he’s remained professional so far. Sometimes I wonder if my dearly beloved Arsenal is haunted or maybe some ex player put a hex on us. Who knows

Another bit on interesting news was Gazidis yesterday. He took time off his busy schedule to talk to He had a lot to say but what mattered the most, he had this to say :

    We haven’t finished our business at all, we’re just not conducting it publicly, but we’re working hard privately. We understand where the weaknesses have been, we’ve got a substantial amount of money you can invest

The pessimist would point out that he said ‘Substantial(which means Of considerable importance and size) but the average gooner would be glad to know we’re still in for at least 2 players( if you add the Costa Rican kid Campbell.

Before I go, a big welcome to Gervinho who has finally completed his transfer. I hope his French league form continues with us. Good riddance to Denilson who has gone back to Sao Paolo on loan where the new manager said he’s a fast player. I wonder if the coach meant on Football Manager or Fifa ’11.

From wherever you’re reading, have a great day and success to all our Nigerian fans writing exams. Make us proud.

UPDATE: Conflicting reports about the Joel Campbell story despite reporting earlier that he’s having a medical report. Word is, we have pulled the plug on such deal according to Gunner Blog We’ll bring you more on that soon.

BREAKING NEWS : Arsenal ‘Willing To Sell’ Fabregas IF The Offer Is Right

Breaking news reaching us from BBC is that Arsenal are willing to play ball with Barcelona for Fabregas IF the proper offer is received.
A senior officer within Arsenal, had this to say

    “The Offer was made formally in writing to our chief executive officer(Gazidis), and we said no straightaway. And if an improved offer is made, then yes, we’ll possibly have to sell

We’ll keep you posted on updates but as we reported earlier on why we should sell him, the club must realise they can’t play hard ball for so long. We are expecting an improved offer and if we get 35M + Thiago, then we should sell.


No Gervinho, Samba Begs To Leave & Vela Survives The Chop

As I said a few days ago on twitter, the ‘deals’ for Gervinho & Samba are about to rival that of Arshavin & Nasri in terms of how long they took to materialize. We’ve been linked with the Ivorian for God knows how long and yet nothing of substantial evidence to prove it. It was reported last week that we had agreed personal terms and all that remained was a few and it would all be sorted out this week. Unless my calendar is faulty, then today is the last day of a working week.

Pre-season starts in a few weeks and teams have bagged some if not all their signings and they get to blend with their new mates before the pre season starts and here we are, not one person has moved out of the club & not one has moved into the club(please don’t say Jenkinson), all is well with the world. Are we being lied to? Or are we part of an elaborate joke that will have Arsenal sign 5 players in one day and go ‘BAM!!! YOU’VE ALL BEEN PUNK’D. If only.

Unto Samba the 2nd of the only targets we’re sure the club is after, we should have gotten him in January but Wenger’s frugality & failed psychic powers(along with that of the physios,that claimed TV5 would be back soon) we failed to.

Now its proving a problem, B’burn have sold Jones and are not about to lose his defensive partner and club captain without having any suitable replacements so we’re at an impasse. BUT have no worries, he made a cry yesterday night just like Moses did to the Egyptians that he be let go if Arsenal comes along. Oh did I mention we’re the club of his dreams, nope, not Madrid or Barcelona. Goody!!! Arsene make it happen. 12M is not too much you know considering you spent 10 on the average Kozzer.

Of the many facing an exodus at the club, our curly haired doll faced Mexican has just been told he’s not one of them after using another of his many lifelines to survive the chop. I’m a big fan and I blame Wenger for his poor development, deploying a fox-in-box-striker on the wings a la Bendtner.

Going into this weekend on a disappointed note but it was premeditated so I’m not hurt, we’re about to be reduced to scrambling for transfer info for the next few days. Also there’s a report that is planning on closing the fans forum on the site, apparently the fans have hurt the feelings of the club chief Gazidis and Wenger with their cry for improvement. What a world we live in aye? Notice how I did not mention the derisory £31M bid Barca made for Fabregas. Caroll worth more than Fabregas? You must be retarded.

From wherever you’re reading, hang in there, its tough and depressing but so have the last six years. Have a splendid day.


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