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Wenger: We need to send out an important message.

The Arsenal squad arrived in Kuala Lumpur to an amazing welcome by the club’s Asian fans. The fans are obviously delighted that they finally get to see their heroes in flesh. The players and the manager were also pleased to be there.

Talking about the manager, Arsene Wenger has been in high spirits since the team landed. He has answered a lot of questions and he went one step further yesterday.

At a packed press conference where everyone was asking questions about Samir Nasri’s future, Wenger did not even wait to be asked about Cesc.
He just burst in:

“So does Fabregas stay? We already answered the question. I am confident he will because I hope he will see that there will be no greater achievement for him in his life than to lead this team to success and that it will not be the right period for him to leave the club.”

Wenger was in the most bullish of moods and tackled the issue head on. He was definitely prepared to answer questions about his captain’s future.

“Yes, Fabregas wants to go back to Barca. No, he’s not unhappy at Arsenal. He is torn between the two clubs.”

Arsene however confessed that Cesc may get his wish to return, but only if Barcelona stump up the required amount.

“Yes, he won’t leave unless Arsenal get the right fee. But we want to keep him and for us it’s not a question of money.”

Cesc has 4 years left on his contract and cannot force his way out of the club. But I fear that if the skipper is kept against his wishes, it may affect the dressing room and translate to poor performances.

When pressed about Nasri’s contract saga, Wenger proceeded to utter the best words I’ve heard from him in a long while.

“I believe for us it is important the message we give out… a big club first of all holds on to its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs that they just cannot come in and help themselves.”

So there you have it gooners! Wenger finally sets the record straight. He has told Barcelona to pay up or shut up. It will be interesting to see how the Spanish giants react.

Having said all these, I was thinking, should we just sell Cesc off, possibly change formation and build a team around someone who is more committed?

Or should we just add a few top defenders and hope next season will be better with an improved defensive record?

Let us know what you think in the comments!