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What I learnt in Greece|Fabregas says he gave Arsenal his best|Identities of the Statues revealed

This post should have come earlier in the day but I was busy with an 8-page Literature review I just submitted. It took my whole morning, but hey, I’ve got more news for you than I would have had I posted in the morning, so it’s all good.

Following yesterday’s defeat in Greece, the boss did not have much to say. He did give credit to Olympiakos for playing a “committed game” and admitted that on the whole, they were sharper than us and wanted the win more than we did. I won’t bore you a match report, just a number of things I noticed from the game.

Arshavin and Chamakh are in the last chance salon at the club. Both men have turned in indifferent performance over and again since the start of the season and it is quite hard to see a future at Arsenal for either of them.To say Andrei isn’t pulling his weight will be an understatement, he looked like a rookie last night, like he couldn’t be bothered. It was no surprise to see a lot of fans rip into him after the game.

And while I am still one of the very few (and I mean VERY few) Arsenal fans who still believe in Andrei, time is not on his side. With Oxlade-Chamberlain already impressing, he may be pushed down further in the pecking order. Chamakh’s case is baffling; he obviously has not recovered from the fatigue he suffered last winter. This does not bode well for the club, as we need both of them in good form if we are to challenge for any honors this season.

Szczesny is more important than we imagined. Granted our defence should have done better on but we played two goalkeepers yesterday and none of them impressed me. Mannone chose yesterday to display his kicking skills and flapped at a ball my kid brother would have saved. And to think he thinks he should have had more appearance in the Arsenal shirt; performances like that won’t win you the gaffer’s trust Don Vito. And that means you won’t get to be a club legend.

Talking legends, Arsenal are set to unveil statues of three of the club’s greatest-ever heroes at The Emirates Stadium on Friday. And thanks to a leak by the Daily Telegraph, I can tell you that Tony Adams, Thierry Henry and Herbert Chapman are the chosen trio. Legendary defender Tony Adams captained the Gunners to five league titles across three different decades, making nearly 700 appearances in 19 years at the club despite years of battling his off-pitch demons.

Titi was saved from a bad spell by Le Boss, but was a huge hit at the club and scored a club record 226 goals in 370 appearances. For those that don’t know me personally, he is my favourite footballer of all time! Say a bad word about him and you’ll have me to contend with.

The third statue is Herbert Chapman, the iconic manager credited with first making Arsenal a force in the English game. He had already made Huddersfield both league and FA Cup champions, and did the same with Arsenal as he revolutionised the approach to football training and tactics. He also championing modern developments such as shirt numbers and evening matches being played under floodlights, before his tragic death from pneumonia after watching the Gunners’ third team play a match in Guildford in January 1934.

So there you have it, three men who will be immortalized on Friday and deservedly so. This is coming at a time the club is struggling and the thought of being immortalized my help fire up the current crop of Arsenal players. Who is to say Arsenal won’t be erecting a Jack Wilshere statue in the couple of decades?

Now to a player who might have had a strong for a statue had he not bailed out when we needed him the most, Cesc Fabregas. The 24-year-old made more than 300 appearances, scoring 59 times, after being plucked from the Camp Nou club’s youth team by Wenger in 2003. And after a sixth successive year without silverware, which included a last-gasp loss to Birmingham City in the League Cup final, Cesc says the time was right to move on and attempt to win honours with his star-studded hometown team. Said he,

“I thought it was the right moment. I’d given everything for Arsenal. I played with a broken leg, I played when my grandfather died. I gave everything but you reach a moment when you say: ‘I can’t give any more”

Fair enough Cesc, we do not dispute the fact that you gave us your best, we just asked you to give us a bit more, seeing as your best wasn’t good enough. But it’s in the past now, he’s enjoying life in Barcelona and we are recovering from losing him, so both parties are sort of happy now.

Onto some transfer news, Wolves are keen on signing Emmanuel Frimpong and Francis Coquelin on six-month loan deals. The two youngsters have had limited opportunities in the first team this season and Arsene is likely to be in favour of providing the pair with more football. Frimps has already spoken out that he would like to explore the possibility of a loan deal in January and it seems that Wolves could move to please the 19-year-old. Coquelin also expressed a desire to go in search of some regular footy in the winter.

I’d love for both of them to stay in the EPL, that way we get to see them often and we can measure their progress more accurately.

Coming at a time when a club on the other side of London is struggling to keep its top players, having dressing room disputes, and praising a drab win over Valencia as their best performance of the season, it’s not really a bad time to be a gooner, is it?

Keep it goonerish from wherever you are reading this and do let me know what you think in the comments!