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Eboue On The Move?|Get Cahill and Mata|Forget Jageilka and Cazorla


Top of the morning to you, how was the weekend? Well, mine was spent watching Gervinho nab a brace, Jenkinson score a superb own goal and studying for a test I have this morning and exams coming up in a fortnight but I can’t leave you without one last post. I expect Yemi’ Jr & Faf to treat you well in my absence. Do pray for me. Thanks

Over the weekend, different reports had us considering a double bid for Mata & Cazorla with Jagielka also in the mix. Of all these players Mata & Cahill are what we really need. I’ll tell you why.

Mata & Cahill : YES

First things first, Mata is 23, a world cup winner, u21 winner and has bags of experience at the top after captaining Valencia most of last season. That in itself is a big deal, you don’t make a mug your captain and he’s certainly not one. He can play anywhere in the midfield and attack and has a excellent injury-free record and would fit in well with the lads.

As for Cahill, I don’t think I need to say much about what he brings to the plate, he’s 6’4″, dominant in the air and can command a defence well. Also young and at 24 can play for Arsenal for years to come and could even become the next Tony Adams for us. I don’t know why we just won’t put in a solid bid and wrap up the deal already. If I know AW well, he’s waiting for January when Cahill would be free to talk to & sign for any club as he’s in the last year of his contract. I hope Bolton caves in when we make an offer as they won’t want to lose him on a free. Imagine Vermalean and Cahill at the heart of our defense.

Jagielka & Cazorla : NO!!!

Why you ask? Let me start with Jags, he’s a brute, he’s a commanding presence and a no nonsense tackler, aerially dominant as well and bags of experience. BUT everything Jagielka just screams another Vermaelen, they’re too similar and are virtually the same height. I’m sorry that’s not what we need. Look at United, they have the brute in Vidic and the calm ball player in Ferdinand, Jagielka and Vermaelen won’t give us that. Jagielka is also injury prone and he’s 28.

As for Cazorla, each time I see that guy I just think, ‘Rescue Rangers’ in my head with his beaver/squirrel look, he’s at best a decent player, nothing spectacular, I’d rather we keep Rosicky than go for him. He’s not that bad but he’s not what we need and his injury record is also bad as he spends more time injured than fit. There are better attackers we could be looking at, Mario Goetze of Dortmund and Marko Marin of Bremen to mention a few.

I wonder why we haven’t put in a bid for Per Metesacker, he’s cheaper than what we’re being quoted for the two english lads and has more experience than both and he’s 6’6″, our setpiece problem would ease considerably. A new left back should be a priority after Gibbs’ appalling performance yesterday. Imagine him against Lennon/Valencia/Young/Nani/Kuyt, he fail badly.

Galatasaray have offered £4M for Eboue if you believe the Daily Mirror and I hope he’s gone before the end of the week. Jenkinson looks good enough despite his wonderful own goal yesterday.

Fabregas & Nasri
One is leaving, the latter isn’t. Arsenal have put their foot down on Nasri leaving and are willing to lose him for free. Foolish if you ask me. I hope the Cesc saga is completed come end of the week so we can make all our buys. If Wilshere can continue to reel in passes like the one he made for Gervinho’s goal on Saturday then we’ll be alright.