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Why RVP’s comments scare me + Details of Arsenal’s visit to Nigeria.

Fantastic Robin

Good morning gooners. How are you enjoying your start to the weekend? I mean…you’ll work for less hours today so if I were you, I’d make it count, get all the work done and prepare for a weekend of exciting footie.

The FWA awards were held last night and RVP was in attendance to receive a deserved Player Of The Season Award. It was an enjoyable evening from what I’ve read.

He gave a fine speech about how proud he is to be captain of Arsenal and he also complemented his team mates (Song and Theo especially) for the assists and support they have given him this season. He mentioned the volley against Everton as his favourite goal of the season before apologizing to an Everton fan (who groaned) in the room. Top man!

One part of his speech however caught my attention and raised my fears of him leaving this summer.

If you ask the likes of Robert Pires how he feels, what he feels like he will say ‘I feel like a Gunner’ – and whatever happens with me I will always be a Gunner.’

Okay, maybe it’s my paranoid alter ego taking over, but I just have this sneaky feeling about the portion I put in bold. It just feels like Henry 2007 all over again, reminding us of how much he loves the club, yet proceeding to break our hearts. Hopefully it’s not the case, I pray to God I’m wrong.

That being said, if he does leave, we’ll do the same thing we did when PV4, Thierry Henry and Cesc left the club, move on.

On a lighter note, Arsenal announced on the official website the team will be visiting Nigeria this summer. That’s probably the best news I’ve got all month. Excited does not even begin to describe how I feel at the moment.

The second team will arrive in Abuja in July and play 2 games. The first team arrives in August and also play one game in Abuja, then an open training session and other off-field events in Uyo. Other events will hold in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Minna and Akure.

You can bet the atmosphere will be incredible throughout the team’s stay in Nigeria. Believe me when I say Nigerians can’t wait.

I was saying I wouldn’t go home this holiday because I’ve got some business to attend to, but with my first love going to Nigeria? There’s only one place I’ll be come August.

That’s yer lot for today guys. It’s a very cold morning in Accra, Lord knows what would have become of me had I not come to school with a sweater. It’s going to be a long day for me, a 7-page project documentation awaits me. I’d better stopped rambling then.

Just before I go, there’s talk of Alex Song moving to Real Madrid in the summer. If Madrid show some interest, I don’t see him turning them down. Now, while I’ll be gutted to see his back, I wouldn’t mind receiving 15million quid for him.

With Coquelin coming through the ranks, the blow of his departure will be softened. Plus we’ll most likely sign that midfield creator we’ve always wanted, so we won’t miss his assists.

What do you think? Good business or not?

See you in the comments, where if I find some time, I’ll edit your comments to suit me. 😀

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Poor Outing Ends Winning Streak: The Player Ratings

Szczesny (6) – Respectable showing. Did his part. Nothing he could have done to prevent either goal.

Koscielny (5) – Average performance, reads the game well. Busy day, got bullied atimes.

Vermaelen (3) – Terrible showing. Was at fault for both goals. He’ll want to forget this one very quickly.

Sagna (5) – One cannot really complain. Did his job well.

Gibbs (5) – Decent outing.

Arteta (5) – Lacked the inspiration to move us forward. Needs to be more adventurous.

Song (4) – Poor game. That chipped effort doesn’t work out every time. He needs to keep it simple atimes.

Rosicky (5) – He was shifted to the left to accommodate Ramsey. He did not do anything worthwhile.

Walcott (6) – Good goal, did well against Taiwo. Inconsistent game though, sometimes went missing.

Ramsey (4) – Justified the fans’ complaints about him starting. Terrible performance.

Van Persie (4) – He has had better days surely. He missed a great chance as his goal drought continues.


Chamakh (2) – As Piers said “if the answer is Chamakh, the question should be changed.”

Gervinho (3) – Like Norwich away, this is the kind of game he should have started.

Oxlade Chamberlain (N/A)

Wenger (1) Terrible selection today. Ramsey adds nothing to the team at the moment, why start him? Why wait till the 70th minute to make a change when all is clearly not well?

In all it was a poor performance. QPR looked like they needed the win more. A lot of players were mere passengers today.

Let’s hope it’s nothing but an “off day”.

See you in the comments!

Arsenal watch Montolivo|Interesting Vertonghen news|QPR Preview

I lost my previous post, an awesome one at that. Words cannot describe how pained I feel as I try to remeber everything I wrote in that amazing missive. Now I have to write another post. Here goes.

A really boring week on the Arsenal front if you ask me, all talk no action. We get to see the team play tomorrow though, so that should give us a reason to look forward to the weekend.

Since we are out of the UCL, the only thing one can read about Arsenal is transfer story after story. So I’ll just go through the stories that have caught my attention.

Arsenal have apparently enquired about the availability of Italian midfielder, Ricardo Montolivo. Boro Primorac was in attendance in Fiorentina’s 2-2 draw with Genoa to watch the 27-year-old in action, and a deal is in the offing. He’s free, mature and is a quality player.

But we said the same thing about a certain Moroccan we got for free. Let’s hope Montolivo changes my opinion on free players.

The Daily Mail thinks we are preparing a move for Udinese forward Luis Muriel. He has been dubbed the Colombian Cristiano Ronaldo by some and if he is anything close to the Portuguese machine, we should snap him up. My fear is he may turn out to be more of Nani than Cristiano. Still worth a punt in my opinion.

As if we didn’t already know, Le Boss stressed yesterday that we cannot afford to switch off as we enter the crucial stage of the season. Said He:

This is the period where what we do matters the most, so we just want to keep our focus on this and not worry about anybody else’s results.

I have said this over and again, if this season has taught us anything, it is that things can change very quickly. As at the 35th minute mark against the Spuds 3 weeks ago, we were staring at a 13-point gap. Now we are 3 points ahead of the Tiny Tots.

Even though we have games against Citeh and Chelski coming up, I’m more worried about our visit to Stoke. The Brittania has not been a particularly hunting ground and seeing what they did to Citeh, we need to be on guard for 90 mins.

Let me not jump the gun, we ‘travel’ to QPR tomorrow and I expect us to pick up from where we left off. I don’t expect a lot of changes, maybe Wenger might be tempted to bring in Andre Santos for Gibbs. Other than that, I expect the same side that put Villa to the sword. Diaby may get a spot on the bench though.

Cisse is missing for them, so that should reduce their firepower; not like he stands a chance against Koscielny or Vermaelen. Anything less than maximum points is not good enough.

I bet with my Chelsea supporting friend over whose team will finish higher on the table, come May. I’ve been teasing him for 2 weeks now, all I ask is one more week of gloating.

Robin has not scored in a while, we need him to start doing that soon. 5 halves without a goal is a drought for someone of his class. A 3 nil win and 2 RVP goals will mean a perfect weekend of football for me.

That’s yer lot for today. Don’t be like me and have fun this Friday night. Nah, I’m not a boring guy, it’s just that I have this crucial School League game in the morning. I don’t want to pull a Balotelli on my team.

I’ll be here tomorrow with a full report and player ratings. Enjoy the game wherever you watch from. Promises to be fun.

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P.S: I saw some story on twitter about a deal for Vertonghen almost done. I don’t know what to make of it. Do let me know what you think in the comments section.


Arsenal close in on £7m deal|Mass Clearout Planned.

Welcome to another day everyone. I hope the past two days have been good to you.

The picture above reminds me of how much I’ve missed the little Russian we once loved. I still love you very much, Andrei! Nothing sexual of course!

Whew! I’m glad I cleared my mind on that. So enough with the emotional talk.

Plenty Arsenal news this morning, let’s head straight into the post.

It looks like we’ll be making an early move for Ajax captain, Jan Vertonghen this summer.

Having seemingly sealed the deal for Poldi, it is believed we are trying to tie up a cut deal in the region of £7m for Vert, who has only one year left on his contract.

Apparently, Wenger has learned from his mistakes of last summer and is looking to conclude business very early this time around.

It can also be viewed as a ploy to make RVP sign on. A statement of intent, signaling to Robin that the club is serious about challenging for the title next season.

Talking Robin, there’s been talk he’ll be offered 120k to make him stay. We all know he’s not about the money, and while a pay rise will surely help, the team’s chance of competing for trophies is the determining factor.

A major clear out is expected this summer. It is believed some fringe players will be sold or released as the case may be to give space for quality players.

Daily Mail reports that Arshavin’s loan move is likely to be turned into a permanent deal. Naturally you’d expect me to be gutted if that happened.

Arsenal are also looking to make Denilson’s move to Sau Paulo permanent. The Brazilian side are however reluctant to pay him 50,000 quid weekly, something we paid him for how many years? Says a lot really.

It is also believed that players like Nik Bendtner, Vela, Squillaci and Almunia will be sold, freeing the club of up to £23m in annual wages. 23m we hope will go into signing new quality players.

One quality player who won’t be signing for us is Mario Gotze. News broke he signed a new deal with Dortmund yesterday, one which ties him down till 2016.

I won’t say I’m disappointed because I honestly didn’t think we could sign him. I mean, he’s valued at £35m or thereabout, way out of our fishing range.

So with Gotze a no-go and Podolski as good as signed. What player(s) would you love to see at the Emirates next season? In an Arsenal jersey of course!

Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day ahead!

Vertonghen on Arsenal, RVP and Krul make up + Latest on Poldolski

Morning all. I hope you had an interesting weekend, considering there was no Arsenal game. For all my plans of a weekend dedicated to studying, I did zilch all weekend. It’s been a bit quiet on the Arsenal front as well, bar the usual transfer stories.

Meanwhile, I played footie with my mates yesterday and got injured yet again, so I’m not exactly in the mood to do anything. Straight to the post it is then.

Ajax’s Belgian captain, Jan Vertonghen makes Arsenal news again and he was on the score sheet this weekend which is good to know. He keeps talking up a move to North London but insists a move is far from done.

Joining Arsenal is certainly a prospect that appeals to Vertonghen, and it is believed he has already informed his Mr 10% that he would like to move to Arsenal, should the opportunity arise.

The only thing standing in his way is a fax letter carrying a concrete bid from London, and Vert hopes this letter arrives as soon as possible. Said He:

“If a club of Arsenal’s calibre can reach agreement with Ajax, then I will gladly go over.I have instructed my agent carefully…I haven’t signed anything with them yet.”

Good to know that we can still attract top quality players despite our failings this season. I would not mind having Vertonghen in my team, but the question is, will he be comfortable playing back up to Kos and Verm? Time will tell.

After last week’s dramatic Arsenal win over Newcastle at the Ems, RVP and Tim Krul made a good attempt at starting a riot on the pitch. According to The People however, both the Dutchmen have made up and put the incident behind them.

They have even gone as far as texting each other regularly. Apparently, Tim Krul did not realize he was wasting time and he felt RVP was trying to belittle him. It’s nice to know that episode is closed for good.

Onto more intersting news, Koln are to receive additional payments from Arsenal in Podolski’s proposed move to England. This is dependent on Arsenal’s performance on the fiels of play.

It is believed that the German outft will receive an extra €500,000 should the 26-year-old help us win the Premier League or Champions League during the 4 years of his contract.

There have been stories in the German media indicating that the Podolski transfer will be made official today. I’ll be over the moon if this happens as it sends a strong message to our competitors (and more importantly RVP) that we are ready to compete next season. Add two more quality players and we are good to go for next season.

That’s as it gets from me today fellas. It’s an unusally cold morning and I’m typing this in class as I cannot be bothered to learn anything this morning. There’s a possibility we’ll move the blog to a new domain today, all in a bid to serve you our amazing readers better.

We play Everton on Tuesday night, should be a good one. I’ll be here tomorrow with a preview of the game and hopefully with a link to pictures of Arsenal’s new signing.

Have fun and have a good day wherever you read this from.

Birthday Blues : Walcott Is VERY Important To Arsenal

Theo Destroying Chelsea Earlier This Season

Theo Destroying Chelsea Earlier This Season

GOOD MORNING!!! to you all from wherever, I’ve been told if you type in caps it means you’re shouting. Now that I have your attention, its my birthday today (and the crowd goes wild!!!) so I’m feeling very good about the day. Talking of birthday’s yesterday Theo Walcott turned 23 and my oh my has he had a roller coaster professional career so far. He’s the focus of today’s post. Before that, here’s a post I wrote 2 years ago about The Real Theo Walcott , have a read if you want.

Cometh the man, cometh the hour, James Theo Walcott(like Lebron James, my favorite basketballer) would always have the spotlight on him and has become a target for angry/moody fans and the naysayers but its easy to forget he’s just 23 and he’s continually played out of position. You can’t blame him, as a teenager Sven Goran Eriksson(the then English manager) exposed him to such and should I say, he’s “never really recovered”. And being English again doesn’t help his cause.

You can argue that he’s been played in the best position where his speed can be utilized and then you’ll slate him again for being all speed and no brain, lack of ability to cut into his marker and cause damage. I’ll always defend the lad even though he’s mighty frustrating.

I followed Theo since his Southampton & England U19/U21 days and he was dubbed the “new michael owen” because of his finishing. High praise for him you might say but it was well deserved. He played off the main striker and used his pace to devastating effect banging in the goals left and right. But since becoming a first team member he’s been forced to spend time on the sideline which he’s done his job admirably without complaints.

Yes he can’t do the simple things at times, yes he overhits a cross sometimes and yes his finishing is erratic sometimes but for all this mentioned, he’s improved and gotten better. Van Persie credits him for assisting most of his goals and his hot form as a result of Theo’s selfless play and he showed that by handing the Englishman his Man of the match champagne after the NLD derby. Even Leo Messi rates him as one of the best players he’s played against.

Is Walcott really as bad as they make him out to be? Or are the fans ungrateful and too hard on him. Here’s something you should consider next time you want to boo the lad.

English Wingers In The EPL

    Stewart Downing : 27 appearances 0 goals 0 assists

    Ashley Young : 17 appearances 4 goals 7 assists

    Adam Johnson : 21 appearances 5 goals 2 assists

    Aaron Lennon : 15 appearances 3 goals 3 assists

    Theo Walcott : 27 appearances 5 goals 8 assists

As you can see for yourself, only Ashley Young rivals Theo this season and Young is a proper winger while Walcott is a forward playing on the wings. Again, if you’re not impressed, try putting some of the league’s best strikers on the wings in a 4-3-3 formation or any kind and see if they flourish or do any good, Hernandez for example.

Look at Bendtner, he was played consistently out wide and did not like it and it did not yield positive results but at Sunderland, he’s the main man and he’s banging in goals, he has more goals than Gervinho/Park & Chamakh put together. That buttresses my point.

Get off Theo’s back and cheer him on, a player can only deal with so much abuse. He has 16months left on his contract, if he’s not that good, the club won’t be trying to tie him down to a new deal and RVP loves him so I see no reason why you shouldn’t.

We’re not in action this weekend due to FA Cup games, but we’ll be on tuesday at Goodison Park. That should be a great on. From wherever you’re reading, go on and have a nice day. I know I will. Cheers.


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Verminator delivers 3 points: The Player Ratings

Szczesny (6) -Had little to do all game. Beaten at his near post for the goal.

Koscielny/Vermaelen (8.5) -Amazing shift. Gave the Newcastle players no chance in the box. Vermaelen got the winner. Dramatic stuff.

Sagna (8) – Was full of running. Stood up to Gutierrez and helped in attack when he could.

Gibbs (6.5) – Could have done better with his tackling for Ben Arfa’s goal. Was impressive going forward. Decent game.

Arteta (7) – Back from injury and slotted in nicely. Gave a few balls away and he should have been a bit more adventurous with his passes.

Song (7) – Good game, kept moving the ball around. Didn’t get an assist today.

Rosicky (7.5) – Picked up from where he left off in the previous game. No goal this time though. Was at the middle of everything we did while he lasted.

Walcott (9) – 2 assists when we needed them the most. Was a menace throughout. Great game. Do this more often, Theo. My Man Of Match.

The Ox (6.5) – Quiet performance, not by any means poor though. It just didn’t happen for him today.

Van Persie (8) – Another top performance. Replied Ben Arfa’s opener in stunning fashion. Kept taunting the opposition defence and keeper all game. Seeing him shout “Come On” after the winner was a joy!


Gervinho (4) – Did nothing of note. He needs to get his head right.

Ramsey (6.5) – Came in and brought a new dimension to the game. Was full of running. Could have got an assist.

There you have it gooners! Our winning run continues. Just one point behind the Spuds now with 10 games to go.

Jermain Defoe should get his cheque book ready as he’ll be doing philanthropic work all summer.

See you in the comments!

Van Persie speaks, Wenger too + Newcastle Preview.

Morning gooners. How are you feeling? Fired up, eh?

A couple of surprising results over the weekend makes tonight’s game (as Arsene would say) another cup final for us.

I could wax lyrical about how lucky we are to be in 4th place (considering how poor we’ve been) this season and about how a point tonight wouldn’t hurt us much. But to what end?

We have a chance to close in on the Tiny Tots today and we should grab it. Moreover Chelski won and we need to put some daylight between us and them. Why go for one when we can grab all 3 points.

I’ll digress a bit. World’s most powerful man, Robin Van Persie has been talking, probably not what you want to hear but he’s been speaking nonetheless. This time it’s about his faith in Arsenal’s ability to topple Spurs and finish 3rd. Said he:

“I have a strong feeling we can finish third. That would be quite some achievement, something to be proud of as a club. We want to continue that record because Arsenal needs the Champions League place…”

Encouraging words from the skipper you say? I could go further to tell you that I’m confident he’ll stay if we qualify for the UCL, but I won’t. Like you, I’ll wait for him to make that decision.

There’s the small talk of a game tonight though and Le Boss is wary of Newcastle’s play-acting. Wenger hopes the lads have learned the mistakes that crippled us in the last 2 games against them.

We’ve had three or so red cards in as many previous games against them and we should be looking to finish tonight’s game with 11 men, 12 if you include the roaring fans, and equally importantly, maximum points.

The team should not change much, Arteta returns to the starting XI, to complete the midfield with Song and Rosicky. I”ll start Gibbs if he can play. Allow Santos some time.

Give Walcott and Gervinho another shot on the wings and see if they can rip Newcastle to shreds. Replace the weak link with The Ox. Yes I wouldn’t start him.

Newcastle have no fresh injury concerns so you can expect their strongest side. But we are the Arsenal, we banished Spurs, L’pool and Milan in a week; what chance does a small side from the North East stand?

That’s it from me for now, I’ll be back with a review + player ratings of a big win I suppose. Robin needs goals too, let’s hope he gets them.

Just a quick note to every Sp*d around you: “objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear”.

Drop a Comment! Spread the Word! Watch the Game! Have Fun!

Mancini: RVP will stay at Arsenal|Podolski in sight.



Morning guys! I hope your night was good. Mine was off the charts ;-). It’s been an amazing couple of days in the Goonerverse, and things probably got even better last night.

German newspaper Bild suggests that FC Cologne have accepted an Arsenal offer for Podolski. The fee is thought to be in the range of £10.9m.

Podolski has been linked with us for some time now and while there has been no official confirmation from either club, it seems a deal for Poldi is only a matter of time.

Our Mert4, his mate in the national team has been on TV saying he’s exchanged text messages with Poldi concerning a move to Arsenal.

I feel different, happy, optimistic and hopeful. It’s been like forever that Arsenal are close to signing a player this long before the window shuts. A sign of more to come perhaps?

Meanwhile, Man City boss Mancini has been mouthing off in the media, waxing lyrical over how much of a good striker RVP. He called Robin “one of the best strikers in Europe”, like we don’t already know that.

It’s however interesting to note that he think Robin won’t be leaving this summer. Said He:

“I think all good teams are interested in Van Persie. He is a fantastic striker but I think he’ll stay at Arsenal…in my opinion, Van Persie will stay at Arsenal”

We can only pray Mancini is right for once. It’s becoming boring to hear people say we need him to stay but it’s the truth. I can confidently say no player exists than can do what he does for the club at the moment.

You know why? It takes skill, class, persistence and above all, an undying and monogamous love for the Arsenal to churn out such performances week in week out!

That’s yer lot for today mates! It feels good to be back blogging. How I’ve missed it!

Let’s hope we get some official confirmation or at least some more concrete news today. Not a bad time to be a gooner, eh?

Quick question just before I go? Where does Podolski fit into all these? Will we see a change in formation next season? The 4-4-2 we’ve been begging for perhaps? Or is Poldi (dare I say) a replacement for RVP?

Do share your thoughts with me in the comments.

RVP & Szczesny Steal Win for Us + Player Ratings

Yet again we come from behind to snatch all three points, this time at Carling Cup holders Liverpool in a match we failed to get a bearing for long periods as well as finish without winning even a corner kick.

Liverpool were industrious and a bit over the top with their challenges for the ball, one of which has cost us Arteta who was stretched off concussed. Hopefully he’ll be out too briefly.

In summary, Laurent Koscielny gave Liverpool the lead with a flying side footed own goal *smh* minutes after Szczesny saved Dirk Kuyt’s penalty off a non-existent foul.

Captain vantastic equalised with his first headed goal of the campaign off a sterling Sagna cross. And when it seemed we’ll gift the lone walkers the match, Song comes out of an appaling phase with a neat chip over the defence for Robin who lashed home with that left foot!

Unless Chelsea wins by a two-goal margin or more we stay in fourth place, and now we’re just four points off the neighbours who host the Red Devils tomorrow.

For now… the player ratings…

Szczesny – 8
Charismatic goalkeepers of old will be proud of this young man here. Saved penalty, and the rebound too. Made the 18 yard his own and really deserved a clean sheet though Kozzer had his ideas.

Sagna – 7
Wonderful cross to find RvP for the first. Still needs to work on tracking back though that is coupled with the winger ahead of him not helping out.

Gibbs – 7
I feel he had a good game. Got some neat tackles in, wasn’t so adventuruous yet went about his duties well enough.

Koscielny & Vermaelen – 6
Poor goal to own and had some trouble dealing with Suarez at times, Vermaelen too. Vermaelen on his part improved in the second half but both need to do much better in coming matches.

Arteta – 6
Quiet game overall before getting knocked out by that ******* ****** Henderson. Any guesses what words have been censored off, be my guest!

Song – 6.5
Error ridden game for this man until the ‘otu’ (poor footballer) makes way for the Song we’ve come to love this season and create a fantastic stoppage time assist for the captain who in return kissed the man’s boot. Vintage stuff.

Rosicky – 5
Not the best of days for little Mozart but he wasn’t poor.

Benayoun – 4
Yossi must’ve got in the Sp*rs bus that left the Ems after that win because the man wasn’t at Anfield today.

Walcott – 6
Lively when called upon though his finishing today lacked precision and confidence behind them.

RvP – 9
This man here, hardworking and all. Very well taken goals both at the tail end of both halves. He’s the sort of character that should be leading and here’s me hoping he will be next season along with a few new and assured names in. Surely, he’ll account for half or more of the league’s goals of the season…


Diaby – 5
Cursed. Just cursed Vassiriki. Came on for Arteta and got replaced under half an hour after. He did play well in his cameo, even brought a save out of Reina.

Ox – 6
He better start against Milan, we’ve got nothing to lose that day so I don’t see why he shouldn’t. Too much energy oozing off this lad, well worth every pound of the Queen’s currency.

Gervais Headband – 5
Still seeking confidence from his penalty miss at AFCON Wenger? Oh well, we’ve been alright so far with him coming from he bench lately. He too should start against Milan.

Consecutive wins against tough oppositions is something to be very proud of. This win pleases me more so as we won ‘dirty’ as have been demanded time and again in the past. More of the same Gunners!