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Record Breaking Day: £25m M’Vila bid|Hazard wants to come + Other Stories

It’s the last day of the transfer window and clubs are eagerly putting finishing touches to the business this summer.

After months of relative inactivity, the club board is finally doing what the fans want. In less than a week, we’ve signed Park Chu Young (£3m) and deals for Santos and Mertesacker (combined worth of £14.1m) are at an advanced stage.

But if the stories making rounds are anything to go by, we will break our transfer record before the end of today. So straight to the gist.

Arsenal will lodge a £25million bid to prise Yann M’Vila from Rennes. The highly rated France international is Wenger’s main target and the manager is increasingly confident he can deliver a signing that would serve as a huge statement of intent.

Le Boss has received excellent reports on the qualities of M’Vila and his ability to bring greater steel to a midfield that has been found lacking in the opening Premier League fixtures of the season. Signing him probably means Wilshere will get a more advanced role, with M’Vila and Song covering for him.

Reports late last night indicate that Eden Hazard on French TV has made known his intention to quit Lille and sign for Arsenal. This comes after days of denials of the possibility of any bid by Lille and the player himself.

Hazard forged an hazardous (pun well intended) partnership with Gervinho last season in Lille which saw them win the League. I’m sure Arsenal fans won’t mind them linking up at the Emirates once again. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you though.

There were also talks of Chamakh going on loan to France or Spain. I doubt this will happen though, as Wenger last week that said the main reason for purchasing another striker is because we’ll lose Chamakh to the African Nations Cup in January. That means the boss still sees him at the club in January.

Things can change really quickly though, so we cannot rule out the possibility of Cham29 leaving on loan. Bendtner meanwhile looks more likely to leave, and there have been rumours of a swap deal with Schalke for Klass Jan Huntelaar. I honestly don’t know what to make of that.

With the expected signing of Santos and Mertesacker, talks of Cahill and Samba have understandably died down. If Per joins, he’ll partner TV5 in centre defence and they’ll be flanked by Sagna and Santos. Koscielny and Djourou will serve as cover.

I don’t see Cahill or Samba leaving their starting positions to settle for a place on the bench at Arsenal. Anything is possible though, we do not know how things will play out, and what prevents us from having 4 top CBs at the club?

We’ve been linked to a lot of players (arguably the most for any team) and today won’t be any different. Prepare to get news of 50 player flying into London for Arsenal medicals today.

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Before I go, I’ll leave you with my idea of how today will go.

Out: Almunia, Squillaci, Bendtner

In: Santos, Mertesacker, M’Vila.

What do you think? Will we sign more players? Should we even sign more players? Do let us know in the comments!

Cesc Finally Gone, Nasri to follow + 2 new injuries for Arsenal

Adios Cesc

Adios Cesc

Granted, the Fabregas to Barcelona deal has not been officially confirmed by either club, but after yesterday’s reports, we know that barring a major miracle, he won’t be playing at The Emirates next season.

It had been coming, and for seasons we have endured countless disrespectful comments from the catalan camp on how the Barcelona players feel about the prospect of having the Cesc join them.

They seem to have finally got their wish; and I think for us, it marks the end of what has been an extremely humiliating episode with the Spanish Club.

He’ll move for a fee of around €40m, equivalent to approximately £35m, same amount Liverpool paid for Carroll. The height of desperation displayed by Fabregas gave Barcelona our best player for way less than we value him.

He is the best attacking midfielder on the planet, but his “love” for Barcelona blinded him and even pushed him as far as funding his own transfer from the club that made him who he is. While it cannot be argued that Fabregas gave his 100% to Arsenal every time, he has failed woefully as a captain!

Nasri’s is a different case. He’s been with us for 4 seasons, we were patient with him to come through. He’s had a big season now and he wants to leave. While it is questionable why we didn’t sign him on earlier, he is about to betray a club which tolerated his mistakes as a growing footballer.

With City reportedly ready to offer him £185k a week, it is obvious why Samir’s refused to sign a new contract till now. And if the words of his national team coach, Laurent Blanc are anything to go by, he won’t sign.

No matter what anyone says, losing Cesc and Samir, if both transfers go through is a disaster! It will be really difficult, if at all possible, to replace Cesc in particular, who brings 15+ goals and 15+ assists each season.

We have to try nonetheless. As at the end of last season, we were 3 (an attacking and 2 defensive) players short. Now we’ve lost Clichy, Cesc and Nasri to follow. We’ve brought in Gervinho, Jenkinson and Oxlade-Chambs.

Good signings in their own rights; but now we need signings of intent. If those two leave, we’ll have enough money. Sneijder’s astronomical wages mean we cannot sign him, but Mata is available. He is a Cesc/Nasri hybrid from what I’ve seen, and will really flourish at Arsenal. Get him now Arsene!

We cannot afford to wait any longer. We bombed at Newcastle last season with a better starting XI than what we currently have. We do not want to start the season on a wrong foot.

Add two of Jagielka, Cahill, Samba and Dann to Mata and we won’t look too bad. An extra attacker would have been ideal but I’m hoping on the likes of Arshavin and Rosicky to consistently bring their A-games this season.

Arshavin and Ramsey were added to our injury list after yesterday’s friendlies. I expect Arshavin to be back in no time though. We’ll also need a new captain, who should lead the team next season? Vermaelen looks like the ideal choice for me, but for some reason I hope RVP gets it.

It’s not been the best of summers for us, it even has the potential to be worse in a couple of days. But we can make the most of what fate’s thrown at us. If we re-invest and sign the right players, we will have a great season.

More importantly, we would have put out a statement, that NO PLAYER can hold the Arsenal to ransom.

Keep the Faith!

Let us know what you think.

Wenger Says NO To Nasri Move + No Signings Till After Pre-Season

For Arsenal, its back to training for the players, time to shed the weight gained during the summer break & get in shape. On the transfer front though, its a dull morning, a very boring one. Oh wait, no its not, Arsene Wenger has reportedly said Nasri isn’t going anywhere, not even for £50M. Way to go Arsene, don’t be bullied into selling one of your top players. So I wonder where DailyMail got their headline that says City have clinched the deal for Nasri.

I’m not going to complain and say this needs to be done, quality players need to come in & the dead players need to be expunged like rodents in a fumigated apartment. Or go on about how Arsene needs to change his approach, and how the board needs to be replaced. I’m tired of arguing or complaining for or on behalf of Arsenal because I’m sure you all know & see what’s going on and we don’t want to sound like a broken record.

Fabregas isn’t going anywhere. Daddy Wenger has spoken, unless of course Barca stump up the £40M being quoted. If Fab really wants to leave(which all we Arsenal fans now seem to want) then he should make Barca pay up or shut up, he still has 4 years, so if they don’t pay now, they can always come back. All I know is, with the right signings in the right positions Fabregas WILL STAY, Henry left only because he wasn’t ready to play Moses to a young cast. Surround Fabregas with winners and watch how his attitude would change, not fashion divas and clowns and sorry excuses for footballers.

6th July, 2011, and no significant move has happened asides from Clichy leaving us. Here are a list of what should have happened by now

    Gervinho should have been unveiled seeing how his signing might just be the tonic for Nasri’s possible u-turn

    Gary Cahill & Samba should have also signed, well at least one of them as Clichy has gone and I don’t want Gibbs as his replacement, rather see TV5 there.

    Eboue, Rosicky, Almunia & Denilson should all be frozen out of the team just like City have done with certain players or told to find new clubs. Squillaci too should be on that list.

    And most importantly, try not to lose any of our reported targets a la Alvarez.

There you go, oh before we leave you, newspaper reports have it that Alex Song might be ‘on his way out of Arsenal’ and into Fox River Prison for not assaulting a young girl in Cameroun, well from us to you out there, assault someone so as to avoid jail because not assaulting will send you to jail.

From wherever you’re reading, have a swell day and keep Arsenal in your prayers.


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Worst Transfer News yet|July 1st Approaches

On his way out?

Just a quick one gooners. This week has been dominated by the infamous Cesc story which was first run by the usually reliable BBC.

It is imperative for me to state however, that I still cannot “totally” believe the entire story; this is because there was no credible name mentioned, and that gives the BBC plausible deniability should there be any trouble.

I used the word “totally” because I believe that behind virtually every rumour is a pointer, and an element of truth, no matter how minute.

And to those basing their assumption on the photo shoot for the new away kit, let me point out to you that Van Persie was absent too. And RVP is as loyal to Arsenal as they come. Apparently, Nasri also tweeted that he loved the new kit too, so the story can go either way.

Now to the title of my post and I was not exaggerating, at least that is what I believe. Just yesterday evening, the agent of our Brazilian “winner” (Denilson), said he doubts that any deal will be made for his client and in the event of no bids, Denilson will be returning for preseason with Arsenal. Said He,

I don’t know anything about Milan at the moment they are rumours. Spanish or Italian clubs? There are no talks…The only certainty is that if nothing happens in the coming days, Denílson will join Arsenal for pre-season.

For all He said last season about this Arsenal team not having his winning mentality, Denilson would be brave to stay with us surely.

Life as an Arsenal fan is fun, isn’t it? We are struggling to keep our top players, Fàbregas, Nasri and Clichy; and also struggling to get rid of the deadwood, Denílson, Squillaci, Bendtner and Almunia. Some Arsenal fan even put Denilson up for sale on e-bay! That shows you how much we want him out of the club.

Now we’ll be probably stuck with this “winner” for another season and since he won’t get anywhere near the first team ( fingers crossed), we’ll be paying him just to train. Left to me, we could always give him away for free.

The rumours have continued as usual, and while some are reporting that we have ditched Samba for Cahill, others are making noise about a double swoop. How interesting can it get? Which brings me to this…

For some reason which I cannot explain (and I doubt anyone can), July 1st has become the day of salvation for gooners; that day we look forward to for the fulfillment of our dreams. We believe for some strange reason that our signings (God let there be more than one!) will be announced on that day.

I am as desperate as you all are for signings but a mate recently pointed out to me that we have never announced a signing on July 1st! If this is true, I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you, but what is to say we cannot begin that trend this year?

So while I’m hopeful that July 1st will be that glorious day, I won’t hold my breath though, with the knowledge that it might be like just any other day….rumours, rumours and more rumours!

It’s a wrap guys, let’s hope Wenger can surprise us all and pull something off this week. One thing’s for sure though, we won’t be starting next season with exactly the same set of players.

Have a splendid day wherever you are reading this from.

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See you in the commments!

EXCLUSIVE : Why Fabregas Must Leave Arsenal & £18M For Mata | Still No Samba & Gervinho

You’re probably wondering if I’m nuts or something and why I’d want our best and most valuable to leave the club. Well, remember the story of the Israelites that wanted to leave Egypt and how Moses kept begging for Pharaoh to LET MY PEOPLE GO. And how it had to come to ten plagues and the near destruction of Egypt beefore that happened.

What’s my point? Well, right now, we’re on the fence with this deal, Barca don’t need Fabregas but they want him. So let’s try and get the best possible deal. If he doesn’t leave this summer, at the end of next summer he won’t be worth much because he’ll have just two years left on his contract and Barca can afford to wait. Let’s face it, barring some freakish Miracle that would see us win the treble next season, Fabregas WOULD NOT sign any other contract or extension with Arsenal.

So I say, get the best possible deal for him now, if we can get 35M & Thiago Alcantara, I’d be happy. Incase you haven’t heard of or seen Thiago play, I have, and like I said on twitter a few weeks back, he’s like The Love Child Of Xavi’s Father & Iniesta’s Mother, yes, he’s that good and ready for the big time. Let’s make it happen.

Transfer news, after getting all hyped from watching clips of Ricky Alvarez who was rumored to be only interested in a move to Emirates, looks like we’re about to be dashed on that front. Inter Milan have reportedly made a better bid than ours, offered more in terms of wages & the allure of Argentine mates at Inter might prove too strong. I hope we still bag him, he’s like a cross between Kaka & Di Maria in his style of play. Nuff said.

Instead, news broke all over spanish media yesterday that we put in an 18M bid for Juan Manuel Mata who is a very exciting player than can play across the midfield. Word is, he wants to join a champions league team seeing as Valencia did not make it(which also rules out long time suitors) and with his club’s account well in red so much its fading to pink, they might sell him. 18M??? That’s not our way but I’m glad and I hope its true. That might just be the end of Nasri OR might convince the likes of him & Cesc to stay. Mata or Alvarez? You pick.

The window is not yet open officially, but where United that just won the league have already bolstered their ranks, we’re no closer to where we were when the season ended. Samba deal is still unclear, despite his public outcry to join us. Just make it happen already as Samba seems to be everyone’s preferred choice ahead of Cahill & Jagielka because of his physical attributes and his footballing ones as well.

Same goes for Gervinho, too many twists and turns, now word is, we haven’t even put in an official bid according to their president, even though the Ivorian has told the club to make something happen. So we’re definitely going to see movement this week.

From wherever you’re reading, have a splendid day and for the impatient ones, we still have 65 days till the window closes. Cheers


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No Gervinho, Samba Begs To Leave & Vela Survives The Chop

As I said a few days ago on twitter, the ‘deals’ for Gervinho & Samba are about to rival that of Arshavin & Nasri in terms of how long they took to materialize. We’ve been linked with the Ivorian for God knows how long and yet nothing of substantial evidence to prove it. It was reported last week that we had agreed personal terms and all that remained was a few and it would all be sorted out this week. Unless my calendar is faulty, then today is the last day of a working week.

Pre-season starts in a few weeks and teams have bagged some if not all their signings and they get to blend with their new mates before the pre season starts and here we are, not one person has moved out of the club & not one has moved into the club(please don’t say Jenkinson), all is well with the world. Are we being lied to? Or are we part of an elaborate joke that will have Arsenal sign 5 players in one day and go ‘BAM!!! YOU’VE ALL BEEN PUNK’D. If only.

Unto Samba the 2nd of the only targets we’re sure the club is after, we should have gotten him in January but Wenger’s frugality & failed psychic powers(along with that of the physios,that claimed TV5 would be back soon) we failed to.

Now its proving a problem, B’burn have sold Jones and are not about to lose his defensive partner and club captain without having any suitable replacements so we’re at an impasse. BUT have no worries, he made a cry yesterday night just like Moses did to the Egyptians that he be let go if Arsenal comes along. Oh did I mention we’re the club of his dreams, nope, not Madrid or Barcelona. Goody!!! Arsene make it happen. 12M is not too much you know considering you spent 10 on the average Kozzer.

Of the many facing an exodus at the club, our curly haired doll faced Mexican has just been told he’s not one of them after using another of his many lifelines to survive the chop. I’m a big fan and I blame Wenger for his poor development, deploying a fox-in-box-striker on the wings a la Bendtner.

Going into this weekend on a disappointed note but it was premeditated so I’m not hurt, we’re about to be reduced to scrambling for transfer info for the next few days. Also there’s a report that is planning on closing the fans forum on the site, apparently the fans have hurt the feelings of the club chief Gazidis and Wenger with their cry for improvement. What a world we live in aye? Notice how I did not mention the derisory £31M bid Barca made for Fabregas. Caroll worth more than Fabregas? You must be retarded.

From wherever you’re reading, hang in there, its tough and depressing but so have the last six years. Have a splendid day.


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Arsenal to miss out on Falcao and Samba?


I think it’s a fair assessment to imply that we Arsenal fans have become used to a certain calibre of players being associated with the club during transfer windows.

I know, as an Arsenal fan that when a star name is involved, say someone like Benzema or Sneijder, I expect Arsenal to be bullied by other clubs. I also respect the amount of work that Wenger has done on a shoe string budget; I mean, scouting the world for inexpensive talent, grooming them to fit, and still keeping the club competitive isn’t quite an easy task.

However, I believe there is a limit to the tightness of this budget. If we cannot attract the Neymar(s) and Pastore(s) of this world, we should at least be able to afford a player like Odemwingie (no disrespect to the Nigerian), and be able to keep our own star players.
According to a source close the player:

Peter is not happy that, while the Gunners are willing to meet West Brom’s transfer fee, there will not be much change in personal terms. The club is proposing what he considers to be peanuts for him”

While we cannot exactly judge what “peanuts” in this case means, we know the way these things are at Arsenal. Flamini left on a free because of wage-related issues; we gave arguably the best left back of his generation, Ashley Cole to Chelsea simply because he demanded a “slight” increase in wages. The top defender we got in the deal with Chelsea, William Gallas was also lost to Spurs because of difference in wages. As I type this piece, we are on the verge of losing Nasri and Clichy over the same wages issues.

It is high time Arsene realized that the world does not move the way he thinks; I mean in a world where Yaya Toure and Tevez earn over 200k a week. Even Balotelli earns more money than RVP! Would you then blame Nasri for asking for 110k? Or you think these guys do not know what their counterparts take home?

Yes, I get it, players should be committed, be ready to make sacrifices… but put yourself in their shoes; can you confidently say, you have never thought of getting a pay rise at work or even contemplated quitting a low paying job for one with a better pay packet?
It is the way the world works, footballers are in this game for two things, the glory (trophies) and the money but at Arsenal, you do not seem to be getting either of those.

Take note, I am not too excited about the idea of signing Odemwingie, neither am I in favour of over-priced players or expensive signings. I just feel the club needs to be a lot more flexible with its wage structure. A few thousand pounds here and there doesn’t mean the club will go bankrupt all of a sudden, does it?

Fans hoping we can bring Radamel Falcao to the Emirates this summer can as well forget about it. I very much doubt he’ll leave Porto this summer, but even if he does leave (assuming he moves to England), I can bet my pension it will be to Chelsea. This needs no explanation, I suppose but just to make my point clear. Last month Falcao says he is committed to the Porto cause, but when his manager Andre Villas-Boas resigns two days ago, with an eye on taking over at Stamford Bridge, Falcao suddenly becomes open to a move to Chelsea. Simple logic tells you Villas-Boas may be bringing some of his Europa League-winning players with him from Porto, same way Jose Mourinho did.

Okay, let’s assume he was undecided on whom to join between Arsenal and Chelsea, you and I know that when the bidding war begins, we’ll get pushed aside, not because we cannot match Chelsea’s bid (or can we?) but because they will offer better, or dare I say, more realistic wages. Falcao is a top class talent and is someone that will really improve our squad, but at 70 or 80k per week, with the tax situation in England? Sorry, he won’t sign!

I do not know how long it takes to sign a player but I should think we take the longest. Gervinho has been close to signing for us for over two weeks now and yet, there is nothing official. While some are reporting that the deal has been done, I won’t believe anything until it appears on

And for all the noise of being also “close” to signing Christopher Samba from Blackburn, we learnt that the club has just slapped a 12million price on his head, albeit after admitting the lad wants an Arsenal move. One begins to wonder, how close were we then? Will still go ahead to sign a player he values at 8million for 12million?

Lots of questions arise from these events but there is only a few I can take for today. A lot of names have been linked to us; from the obvious (Gervinho, Samba, Cahill), the surprising (Eto’o, Ricky Alvarez, Benzema), to the outright ridiculous (Barton, Taarabt).

But for all these, we have only signed a back up right back from Charlton. We have not gotten rid of the deadwood a la Denilson, Almunia, Squillaci, Bendtner, Eboue yet. If anything, it only comforts me, knowing that it means there is a lot of business to be done in this transfer window.

This post comes off the back of a sleepless night, no thanks to this terrible cold I have. It’s a cozy morning in Lagos today; I’ll just take advantage of that and begin my “night”.

Have a great day wherever you are reading this from.

See you in the comments!

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Lay off Wilshere’s Back! Rosell’s retarded + Gervinho News.

Now I heard some of the most ridiculous sporting comments I’ve ever had the dis-honour to, this past week and surprisingly they came out of the Barcelona camp.

It’s amazing how a club that claims to ooze class can be so classless in its attempts to do business, isn’t it? This time the travesty is in form of one Mr. Sandra Rosell, now what Mr. Rosell, Barcelona’s president by the way, stated was that Cesc’s value had gone down since last summer, due to wear and tear *pause* really Sandro?

Are we referring to the same world of footie in which a certain Henderson is worth £20million and Andy Carroll,£35million?!?!

Are we speaking of a lower priced Cesc in this same world that has doled out ridiculous prices one…well…players eh Sandro? Please Sandro, do us all a favour, shattap, crawl back under that board room desk and do what board members are known for doing, sitting in box seats and watching games they know next to nothing about.

Mr. Rosell went on to say that “Cesc is of Barcelona and if I were the president of another club, I wouldn’t sign a player who holds dear the colours of another team”

Maybe I have amnesia but didn’t a certain Thierry Henry refuse to play against The Arsenal? Why did you sign a player that is Arsenal through and through Sandro?!? Cesc played against Barcelona, twice and even scored on one occasion.

Now if I were Cesc, i would have to think this through carefully.
Barcelona keep telling the world in one breath that he’s theirs and in the next that they are buying a diminishing player. Do they expect that he’d grovel at their feet anytime they are ready to come for me?

I suppose you get the picture, and I think it’s strange, and not unconnected, that these words came forth in the same week where Cesc all but said he would stay for at least another year.

Now we’ve all heard of the imminent arrival of Gervinho who’s said to have signed a 4-year contract. I do think he’s a super talent, well done Arsene….however….err….Arsene? We didn’t particularly have much of a problem scoring goals, conceding however……err….nuff said!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying an attacking player isn’t welcome, especially one of his undeniable talent but until I hear that a Chris Samba or a Gary Cahill….or both or defensive players of that calibre have signed for the club, don’t expect me to do the cat-daddy on my office desk with joy!

One more before I go, after England’s abysmal showing at the U-21 World Cup, some people (on twitter at least) took it upon themselves to blame Jack Wilshere. According to them, Wilshere’s decision to opt out of the mundial denied the England team of arguably the biggest player in the tournament.

While I understand their sentiments, it should be known that a certaon Andy Carroll also chose not to go. So why is everyone on Jack’s case? Do you get paid for hating on Arsenal??

It is worth noting that Wilshere isn’t the man who set up the academies in England which produced those inefficient players.

Also, last time I checked, Wilshere isn’t the last name of the muppet in charge of the team. I honestly cannot fathom how a team with £20m Henderson and £16m Phil Jones did not make it past the first round. They could not hold their own against their far cheaper but way better Spanish and Czech counterparts.

Yet many fans were slating Wenger for not doing enough to sign these two average players. You better thank God for what you have.

That’s it mates, it’s another Monday and I really struggled to get out of bed to prepare for work. I really can’t wait to retire!

Have a great start to the week people.
Arsene should make us happy before it runs out.

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FABREGAS STAYING : I’m An Arsenal Player And That’s It | Gervinho & Samba Deal Close

Fabregas has come out to say he’s not going anywhere. Well he didn’t exactly use those words but you get the point. He had this to say this morning.

    ” I won’t step forward and say I want to join Barca, after 8 years at Arsenal, I won’t harm the club. That’s not my way. I’m very happy now, I’m an Arsenal player and that’s it, Wenger knows what I want, he’s the boss and he decides.

There you have it, Sagna can shut it now after declaring that Cesc wants to leave and greedy Nasri can also learn a thing or two about Club loyalty especially to the one you’re currently in. Growing unrest continues amongst Arsenal fans but have no worries, Arsene is going to spend, we are in talks with Powerful Ivorian Gervinho who looks likely to sign in the next few days. Following that should be Cahill or Samba, most sites have Samba as their guy but I heard Blackburn don’t want to let him leave. We’re also tempting Bolton with a few fringe players for Cahill, I say we toss in as many as possible because I understand why AW won’t want to spend 17M on someone in the last year of his contract.

Gazidis has assured fans there will be movement in and out of the squad even though he did not reveal his targets but I hope Benzeama is on their radar as Madrid are close to signing Brazilian sensation Neymar which would leave room for him or Higuain to leave depending on who the clubs finds more important. I see four or five players coming in and four or five leaving.

As someone told me the other day, its too early to panick, the window hasn’t opened yet and there’s still time AND money to spend (we reportedly offered Phil Jones a bigger pay packet but he had no intention of leaving the North West region). So let’s get behind the club and stick together. Its shaping up to be a wonderful summer.

From wherever you’re reading, have a wonderful day. Your thoughts?


Arsenal : The Right Players Not Superstars Are Needed

After it became clearer than a mirrored reflection that our season was going to end in ruins and possibility of not making the champions league group stage, the cries and moans for top signings and eye-popping(for Arsenal of course) amounts to be spent to get them became the favorite chant & anthem between disgruntled gooners. But like many devoted Arsenal faithful I beg to differ, allow me explain.

Ever Since the move to the Emirates, we’ve bagged the tag as the nearly men, in that we perform so good then when March comes( the business end of the season) we crumble and fail to cross the finish line. In any endeavors/sport/business no one remembers those that tried their best, its those that win or make it past the finish line that get all the adulation. So instead of going for Marquee signings, to which we have plenty of that not just in the right positions, I say we go for the right players in the departments we suffer the most.

Our defense has always been a problem ever since the Invincible’s defense retired or left and only got worse when Toure also left. Everyone says Vermaelen would have made a difference if he was fit, I say that’s arguable. He could have been a one season wonder or he could have struggled defending alongside Kozzer or Squid. The continued lack of height in our back 4 is also a problem even Vermaelen with his superhuman jumping skills can’t solve. Why? This season, we conceded over 22 goals from set piece situations which is the same amount we conceded last season with Vermalen fit. Moving on.

So what do we really need come July 1 and beyond. Here are the three important aspects that need to be addressed and the contenders I think we should consider.

    Tall bruising defender needed, someone good at both offensive and defensive set piece situations. Must be a vocal leader on the pitch and in the dressing room.

    Candidates ~ Christopher Samba, Gary Cahill, Mamadou Sakho, Phil Jones, Leighton Baines
    Most Likely to be Signed
    Christopher Samba : Fits into the role, at 26 is at a ripe age, vocal leader and no nonsense defender capable of playing as a striker also. Only flaw or worry is when it comes to Champions league football as many think he lacks the experience. So does everyone else we’re linked with.
    Leighton Baines : Had a stellar 2011 and has been linked based on Clichy’s stalling on a new contract. Would be a welcomed addition, I don’t no if he’s an improvement on Clichy defensively but he’s not error prone, his attacking play is unrivalled in the league and is a set piece threat.

    Combatant, ball winner, leader as well, can hold his own if the likes of Fabregas and Nasri are missing. Seeing as Denilson’s depature is imminent along with Rosicky and maybe Diaby we need at least ONE midfield signing with word inside the club that some youngsters would be promoted (the likes of Miyaichi, Lansbury, Emmanuel-Thomas).

    Scott Parker, Eden Hazard, Stewart Downing, Alvarez.
    Most Likely To Be Signed
    Scott Parker : on pitch leader and dressing leader, premiership experience and able to make the transmission between attack and defence. At 30 is the kind of signing we need for this young team and he wouldn’t cost much.
    Eden Hazard : has repeatedly flirted with Arsenal and at 20 and ligue 1 player of the season he might just fit well into our system. Nasri is still stalling on a contract and Hazard would be a great signing as he’s first of all, a classic winger equally adept on both wings and can play just behind the striker.

    Fit goal scorer needed, someone with quality, that can bag the goals with another striker beside him or alone. Must be consistent and not injury prone, and hardworking.

    Gervinho, Falcao, Benzeama.
    Most Likely To Be Signed
    Gervinho & Benzeama : Two players AW has highlighted as interesting and the kind of players that would fit into our style of play. Both young, both agile and capable of bagging goals. Gervinho is not what you’d call a proper striker more like an attacking forward that can play behind the main striker or on the wings in a 4-3-3 formation.

So there you have it, not superstar signings but key and important signings that just might be what we need to get us pass the finish line. With money coming in from impending departures, and at least 40M transfer budget, lack of funds cannot be used as an excuse or the lack of players. Come July 1 let’s make these deals and at least pacify the fans.

From wherever you’re reading, have a wonderful day.