Sometimes the lingo used on the blog can be confusing. Below, in no particular order is a glossary of terms frequently used on the blog.

MG: Memoirs of a Gooner

LOL: Laugh out loud

IMO: In my opinion

Nikky B:Nic Bendtner

TV5: Thomas Vermaelen

Chavs: Chelsea-related

Manc: Man United-related

Man IOU:Manchester United FC

Scouser: Of Liverpool descent

Big Al: Almunia

Titi: Thierry Henry

Dudu: Eduardo

Willie: Gallas

Waakye: A local Ghanaian delicacy

Poponho: An imaginary player created by my friends and I

Alex:Song Billong

Carlito: Vela

Fish head: Silvestre

Bobby: Robert Pires

Chammy/Cham29; Marouane Chamakh

Koscly/Kozzer: Laurent Koscielny

Flappyhandski: Lukasz Fabianski

Spanish Waiter: Manuel Almunia

Squid: Seb Squillaci

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